How Can I Successfully Sneak Out Of The House Without Getting Caught

How to successfully sneak out and back into my house?

ive dealt with squeaky doors and windows. spray them with cooking spray. ;}

Also, emphasize how exhausted you are when you go to bed. Or take a benydryll/tylenol PM (not REALLY, but pretend to) They won't suspect a thing.

The body pillow under the covers works for the most part in case they open your door.

Pretend to be on the phone with a friend in front of the parents and say something like, ''nah man, im exhauuusted. I'll call you tomorrow''. haha.

leave one of your parents bedroom (or livingroom, or wherever else they hang), blinds cracked or something, at least so you can see in if they are asleep when you come home. or curtain cracked, or whatever.

If your parents know about the party and suspect you may be going despite being grounded, they'll probably be on high may not wanna risk this one.

How can I sneak out without getting caught?

Got any WD40? lol xD

Well, It sounds almost like you didn't ask them if you could go out, so if that's the case, then ask them.


First, let them know you're going to bed, then do the pillow trick. It may be old, but it WORKS.

then all garage doors, whether manual or automatic, have a manual release. if it's an electric one, you pull that and open it up, but BE CAREFUL OF THE SPRING! And seriously, FIND WD40 FIRST! Whether it is or isn't manual, you'd most likely have to spray it on the parts on the sides that move first, and then it shouldn't squeak as much.

then, in order to get your car out, put it in Neutral without turning the car ALL THE WAY ON. Look that up on the web somewhere; I drive, just not much. that way, you can also back it out without it making noise. but be sure your garage door is locked back in place; though, it should do it automatically when you push it up ALL THE WAY. After that, get it out of the driveway and a little way along the road before turning the car on, otherwise, they'll hear you.

On the way back in, do the same thing with the car, but be careful with the garage door; if you pull the string when the door is open, it'll fall immediately, making a really loud noise, so be sure you have a hold on the door before you pull the string. good luck!

And btw, i'm fresh out of high school.

How can I successfully sneak out of the house?

Why sneak out? Do you really want to lose your parents trust if you get caught? Trust me... it'll just make everything so much harder for you. I used to sneak out when I was 14 and it wasn't worth it. I also ran away and that wasn't worth it either. I lost all of my moms trust. It sounded like a great idea at the time but didn't turn out how I wanted it to.
But I guess if you really want to then you really don't need to wear all black, or have pepper spray. And the whole karate thing is uneccessary. Go out the sliding back door it'll be easier unless it squeaks when it opens, then you'll have to go out the window.

How can I sneak out without getting caught!?

So, My girlfriend lives walking distance from my house so I want to sneak out to see her..I have 12 dogs, but only a couple sleep down stairs. My parents bedroom is right next to the stairs which creek A LOT when I walk down them. I got down there last time, I got half way out the door before my dogs started barking at me so I ran upstairs and had to pretend to be asleep because I heard my parents get up. How can I sneak out without getting caught!? I always wait for them to got to bed before I do anything because they bring my dog up before they go to sleep so they check on me. But other than that, they never come in my room at night. Help!? Please? And don't tell me I shouldn't be sneaking out and stuff like that, if your not going to help then just don't post an answer.

YES!My friend and I are complete savages, so we decided to do this.First we had to find a really long trench coat, (We were both 19 at the time, so it was hard to find one that) But my friends parents got suspicious when they saw us bring it into his house. They called the theater and warned them not to let in a tall guy.But what they didn’t count on was the fact that my friend and I are really smart.We dyed ourselves black, and they let us in just fine because my friends parents described us as white.(Nobody get offended please! Its just a prank!)*dabs*

I got caught by the cops sneaking to my cuzins house?!?!?

ok so the neigbors called the cops cuz they thought i was burglarizing my cuzins house so they woke up my aunt and she went crazy on me so then she took me home without telling my grandparents(who i live with) on me cuz she doesnt want to wake em but now im stuk in a possion were im not gonna be able to hang out for a loong time first off my grandparents are jehovahs witnesses then the neigbors that told on us wer to so i no hes gonna ***** about that and we told my cuzins mom i just went to chill but shes mad and i no shes gonna tell them?!?!?! wat do i do my minds going crazy ima get kicked out again.

Am i gonna get caught sneaking out?

You aren't asking the right question. You should be asking..."if I sneak out, with someone my parents don't know I'm with, how safe will I be?" "What could happen to me that I don't expect?"

Arent' you listening to the news
today? Don't you know how many girls are being found dead when all they did was go to the store? And you think it will be just fine to live it up, trust that your friends...if they are your friends...will protect you...and "if" something happens, you can't expect anyone to know how to find you, can you...since sneaking out is such fun!

You are a very foolish girl...and many kids your age don't survive to adulthood because they were thinking just like you!

Your parents set rules to protect you, because they love you.
They expect you to use common sense and listen to them.
If you don't, the cost is on you and maybe your life.