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How Can I Take Mom Any Myself Out Of A Picture And Want To Put Us Into Some Sawing Illusion

Im so insecure over porn...i dont enjoy sex anymore!!!! please help!!!?

Maybe you are not the only one with an insecurity problem??? Is it possible that he is looking at these sites to explore and learn about ways he can improve his ability to satisfy you? Maybe there are sexual things that he wants to explore but is afraid to approach you with them because he fears they might offend you? Then again maybe he just likes the fantasy of different women (men?) or acts and is completely happy with your relationship as is? The only way that you will know for sure is either to look at the sites yourself when they pop-up to see if there is a specific theme he is regularly researching or the best way is to ASK HIM... Open/Honest COMMUNICATION (sometimes a little at a time) is the key to getting through these things that are uncomfortable in marriage... It may mean that you have to take the lead and plan out a way to explore your sexual relationship by using sessions to explore what you are comfortable with... Hopefully that will also help your confidence level (since you can sort of control the conversation and at the same time maybe you can be sure that you are getting the undivided attention you need so you can enjoy sex at your pace... Good Luck...

How can I make myself look beautiful?

Your hair and eyebrows can be styled to better suit and frame your face shape. Most hair salons can help you with this. Bring your Mom or friends along to get a second opinion as to what look best suits you. For example, not all women suit long straight hair:-)

You can also get your colours done, like at a salon or drug mart even (find an associate in the make-up section). Find out what colours to avoid - for example, I love black but it makes my skin too pale and my acne more noticeable. But if I wear blue it brings out my eyes and makes my skin seem to glow.

Fashion trends are great but they don't always suit every body type. Bring along an honest friend to a department store and find out what suits your body. Dark colours are slimming, light ones accentuate. I like to pair blacks skirts and stockings with light tops - it creates the illusion that I'm slimmer and more busty then I really am!

One more thing - I know this sounds corny, but unclear skin and unruly hair doesn't matter if you have great smile, laugh or sense of humour. If you want people to look at you on the street and say "she's pretty" and keep on walking that's one thing, but if you truly want to be considered attractive, work on your social skills. Everybody finds friendly people attractive! You seem well spoken and sweet, so you shouldn't have any problems:-) Good luck and take care!

I want to cut myself cause of parent problems?

Doing yourself damage is not the answer. That will only make it worse, believe me. Bottom Line: DON'T CUT YOURSELF OR DO ANY DAMAGE TO YOURSELF IN ANY WAY! Maybe you should try to talk to your mom about it. Be honest, and even if its her fault, don't yell back at her. When two people argue, they think that it will make them feel better, but it won't. The only way to end the vicious cycle is to be the one to turn the other cheek. Say that you're sorry. Try to do little things that your mom would like. If you respect your mom, she will respect you. Also, if you have a religion, faith is crucial in that well being of a human being. When you are faithful and pray, God will make your life better. Talk to your local priest, minister, chaplain, reverend, rabbi, etc. God always forgives you and loves you no matter what. Maybe it would do you some good to have some time away from your mother. Think a little bit. Maybe you can adopt a pet. This will give you some responsibility and help your mother to see your kind and compassionate ways. And that is what you should try to be: Kind and compassionate. There are so many alternative answers besides cutting and/or damaging yourself. Try kindness, "A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down." "You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar." BE KIND, NOT DESTRUCTIVE. I think you'll feel better. GOOD LUCK!

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I look in the mirror and I see myself chubby is it true or an illusion??????

i can aid you be responsive to why from a psychological attitude. devoid of the replicate, you notice your self as you experience. Do you experience fat? Do you experience skinny? once you're searching on your visual attraction in a replicate, opportunities are high which you do no longer experience to useful with your self. you experience which you have a affliction of a few variety. Why? using fact in assessment to the guy interior the replicate, you may actual see who's observing you, the variety you slot into an ecosystem, and how that ecosystem reacts to you. subsequently, elegance is measured internally, and your perceptions approximately your physique are created. Now once you look interior the replicate, what do you notice? you notice actual fact except you have a distorted psychological concept it rather is out of the traditional(And specific, there's a classic distortion of think of in anybody). anyhow, what do you notice interior the replicate? you notice the fact. you notice the physique shape, you notice the recognition in yet another ;guy or woman who in spite of the incontrovertible fact that it quite is you, it rather is no longer for the reason which you do no longer experience what's contained in the guy interior the replicate. you're judging the guy interior the replicate in line with visual attraction rather than based on the emotions below that visual attraction. Likewise, once you're actual no longer that beautiful, yet experience beautiful on the interior, you're able to look interior the replicate and say: "...Wow, i glance slightly fat, do no longer I?" In severe circumstances, this finally ends up in distorted perceptions of the self. Examples: fashions who opt to be skinny. So skinny that they improve anorexia using fact no count how plenty they look interior the replicate, they are actually not chuffed with themselves. occasion 2: a guy or woman who believes they seem to be a variety, even nonetheless quite they weigh 300lbs. So be conscious that this exists, and the subsequent time you look interior the replicate, say: "How does this guy or woman look?" do no longer say: "How do i glance?" as this could created a biased opinion.

Why am i so ugly and hate myself so much?

Aww you're not alone I'm the same here. I've always been so ugly at school nobody ever likes me I don't have any friends let alone a boyfriend. I've hated school so much that I actually wanted to kill myself. Like you, I'd rather stay on my laptop all day and do my school work at home instead.

One time at school this b*tchy girl called Jessica told another boy in my maths class "I feel so sorry for you 'cos you're the only boy in the class" and then she added in what she thought was a quiet voice "apart from Amy." And then everyone around her started to laugh and look at me.

The hard thing is my parents don't understand the situation and they always give me a pat on the back and say "there there, it will be all right." As if it as simple as that. But as you may know, it's not always that simple.

Try going on a special diet. It will be hard, but keep working at it and eventually you'll get slimmer and you may look a little prettier. Once then try wearing make - up, and you may actually find you'll be a lot more beautiful.

Or if you don't want to go for that option, at least try and tell your parents you're having a hard time at school. Try to persuade them to take you homeschooling. No matter what, you cannot let all the insults keep going on, you've got to tell SOMEONE, your best friend or a close relative maybe.

Don't let it carry on. I wish you lots and lots of good luck.

Amy xxx

Okay, this is speaking from experience. Yeah yeah, I get it, immature, bad, etc. But anyway, we are over that now.So here's how: You don't really need to change anything in your sex life. If your boyfriend uses condoms, just buy a needless syringe (you can get it at pharmacies like rite aid), go into the bathroom after you two do the deed, and suck out the semen from the condom using the syringe. Then, go somewhere where you won't be desturbed, like a public restroom that actually is a little room, not a stall. You know, like the ones that have at gas stations that's like a little room. Take a coat with you or something. Make sure the restroom isn't too far away, try to make it there in under 20 minutes with the semen in the syringe. (Hide the syringe in your purse or something)Lie down on the ground (maybe put your coat on the floor for comfort), put your purse or something below your butt, put your feet up against the wall, and well, insert the syringe and yeah.. push the stuff in. Make sure to put the syringe in all the way, until the pushing thingie edge. Not like the entire syringe, but the "body" of the syringe. Basically, at least a few inches in. Then push in the semen. Take out the now-empty syringe, and then lie there for at least 15-20 minutes. If people come knocking on the restroom door, just pretend you have bad diarrhea or something. You do need to lie with your legs and feet up like that, so the semen can flow in. So maybe have your phone handy so you can browse the internet or play games on it while you are lying like that.AND-- make sure to do this stuff a couple times, right before ovulation! So yes, please learn how to time ovulation as well. Basically, do research on this, and it works. Maybe do it the day before ovulation, and two days before. Up to you.Source: got pregnant like this first time trying. But this can take an emotion toll on you if you sneak around like that. I ended up telling everything to my boyfriend right away because I felt too guilty. Well, after plenty of tears and emotions, I decided to keep the baby, and here we are in the third trimester!EDIT: To answer some commenters questions: It didn't hurt to do it. And the idea actually came to me from the tv show "jane the virgin" where Petra inseminated herself, and I was curious how much of a possibility that actually has of being succesful. Well, it was!

Finally, I can't stress this enough.ShoppingI can not stand shopping, just the idea of going to the mall annoys me and in an instant I'm in a bad mood. Meanwhile my brother and mom are looking inside stores, I sit with my dad in the chairsThat would be me.CoffeeTeaSame as above.Coming from California, especially SoCal, this is like a SINIn-N-OutI was born and raised here in SoCal, the first time trying In-N-Out was around 2 years ago, I didn't enjoy it all.Regeeton and Bachata.Being a Latina, It is heard everywhere. When Despacito became a hit, I wanted to shoot my ears. Prince Royce all that kind of music that is really popular in the Caribbean. It sounds weird to my ears with cheesy ass words. Guys sound like little girls with a ton of auto tune ( I hope no Caribbean people get offended) I prefer blasting my Danish music like Rasmus Seebach, Marie Key, Joey Moe.Similar to music in Spanish , I can not stand music in English, I will hear only it if one of my favorite Danish singers makes a version in English. I didn't even know who Beyonce or Lana del Rey was until like 2 years ago.Speaking in English.The language is complicated for me even though I was born in the states , It is either Spanish or Danish for me.NutellaI don't hate it due to the taste but for the reaction it gives me.Sushi ( Seafood in general )Raw Fish? No, thank you. Next !I'm going to hate myself for this one. Mexican foodYes, I am Mexican but let me allow to explain, I don't dislike all Mexican food just a great majority of it. Few example would beTacos ( If they are not Carne Asada ,I will not eat it. You name it, Cabeza , Adobada, Lengua. )Pozole. Just NO !Agua de Sabor ( If it is not Horchata, I won’t drink it)I can’t name more because the list would be so long.MakeupYes, I understand my profile picture I am wearing makeup, but It is from 2016. I am to lazy to put it on, and I have this type of allergic reaction to it.UPDATE:I WEAR MAKEUP NOW