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How Can I Use My Iphone On A European Vacation

How much will it cost to use my iPhone in Europe?

AT&T's rates for travel in Europe are very high. If you just go over with no setup they'll bill you $1.29/minute for phone time in western European countries. Or you can sign up for their "world traveler" plan and be billed "only" $0.99/minute. Data is similarly ridiculous, starting at $25 for 20MB. That's if you sign up for a plan, I don't actually know how expensive it would be for data access with no pre-planning. If you really need full time connectivity it may be worthwhile but be prepared for a very large bill.My approach on my last trip was:Don't make phone calls over the voice network. Use Skype (Wi-Fi is as cheap and plentiful in Europe as in the USA). I kept the phone in "iPod mode" by first putting it in Airplane mode and then turning WiFi back on to avoid accidents.Handle incoming calls by forwarding my iPhone number to my Google voice account. The phone wouldn't ring but I could check voicemail via the Google voice app and the Google voice web site.

Will my AT&T iphone work with VIP? (Croatia and European)?

Yes, it will work, but the phone will be in roaming. Some bigger cities have little stores where she could pay to have the phone decoded, and then she can use it in Croatia (They are all over Zagreb) I can't guarentee that will work for an iPhone, though. Will the phone be used only to keep in contact with you, or will it be so she can use it to call/text European numbers? If it's just to talk with you, I'd say put a plan on the phone with international calling/texting, so neither of you get raped with phone charges. Or just use a free video calling service. If it's for calling European numbers, then she WILL have to get it decoded for certain. Another option would probably be to just buy a crappy go-phone at a big box store like Walmart or Target, send that to her, and hope that she can get it decoded. Again, no guarentees that it will be able to be decoded. She won't find a cell phone in Croatia for under $100. I think the best option by far is for her to ask her family/friends there if they have an unused old phone she can use and just reactivate that. That's what I did and it worked out the best (and cheapest).

I am going to Europe on a trip. What is the best international calling card option to make calls from anywhere in Europe to India?

If you are going to Europe on trip. then Call India By Best India Calling Card from Europe Now Below 1¢/min. and Best India Calling Card offers Call India now Just 1¢/min will help in International calling because Telcan is best and cheap calling card provider in compare to other like Dila91 and so on. Telcan is offering International  calling with its Quality services from Europe to India.

What is the best, most accurate, iOS weather forecast app for Europe?

Weather Mate, by far, is the most accurate and best free weather app for iPhone and iPad. This weather app retrieves its data from MeteoAlarm in Europe and provides some really authentic, accurate and reliable weather forecasts. There are some extremely useful features in this app. The personal weather stations feature helps the users get accurate weather updates by virtue of a network of weather stations set in various neighborhoods. The weather maps sported by Weather Mate a highly responsive, fluid and interactive. Severe weather alerts help the users stay updated with an irregularities and abnormalities in weather conditions. You can plan your vacation for any location in the world using the Travel Planner feature in the app while weather History allows you to get to know about the weather trends of any location in the world. All and all it is a comprehensive weather app; one which is intuitive, innovative and unique.

What should I do with my iPhone 4 and AT&T plan if I'm going to Europe for three months?

I would recommend signing up for a Google Voice account and downloading Talkatone from the App Store. It'll let you call back to the states for free on wifi networks which will save money. As for data, AT&T will cost you a ton if you keep your account live. At the very least, make sure to turn off international roaming and turn off data unless you want to get hit with a large charge. If your comfortable doing it, you can consider jail breaking and unlocking your phone to use with a European carrier but, unless you're comfortable doing it, the risk isn't worth it. You can always get a cheap phone there to use for emergency and local communication.If you're gung ho on only using the iPhone though, make sure to sign up for the AT&T world traveler plan. It'll save you money in the long run.

How much does it cost for an Indian to travel all of Europe?

I do not know how much it would cost to travel all of Europe but I can cite my euro trip plan and cost for it. I backpacked through Europe for a period of 24 days. I have visited Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, Amsterdam, Prague, Germany (just overnight stay), Switzerland. It cost me a whole of 1,60,000 approximately.The biggest advantage with Europe is you get a Schengen visa and you can travel to 26 countries of Europe. I was checking for the visa requirements list, here are the docs you need to submit:1)We need to have flight ticket bookings.2) We need to have accommodation bookings.3) Need Euro rail pass in case you are planning to travel multiple countries like I did.4) Bank account statement with a good enough balance to cover you expenses in Europe.5) Travel Insurance.  Below is the split of my expenses with a small brief and the route map:1) Visa charges - INR 60002) Air tickets (Turkish airlines) - Mumbai-Istanbul-Athens/Zurich-Istanbul-Hyderabad. - INR 55,0003) Travel Insurance - Rs 2000 (I don't remember the exact number)4) Euro Rail pass + Train Tickets - Rs 16,000 + Rs 10,0005) Accommodation charges - 45,000 - Few days I did the overnight journey on the trains, I slept outside the airports, slept in the garden near the eiffel tower and in a telephone booth to beat the cold.6) Sightseeing tickets for Colosseum, Comp Nou stadium, Eiffel Tower, Vatican City, Louvre museum, Bike rent for a day - Rs 10,0007) Food - I made it a habit to have heavy breakfast, which I get as a complimentary in the hotel I stayed. Then I used to have a burger combo in McD, this cost me about 6euros (=INR 360). A light snack in the evening worth 4 euros. I allotted a budget of 10 euros for food per day. I stayed for 24 days so 24 * 6euros = 144 euros rounding off to 150 euros. In Indian rupees, food cost me another INR 10,350.8) Misc - INR 5000. I did not do any shopping and no adventures activities in Swiss.The total cost was = 1,60,000 (rounded number).During my trip in 2012, Airbnb and couch surfing did not catch up. I used The largest selection of hotels, homes, and vacation rentals instead.My route map of the trip.​​​​PS: I did the trip in 2012. The value of euro was equal to INR 69. I felt that the trip can be done for a much lower cost if I had carried a tent with me because Europe is quite safe.