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How Can I Wear My Hair For Mc Donalds Orientation Tomorow And Dressed Help

What is the orientation process at McDonald's like?

I went for a job interview at McDonald’s. What I can tell anybody that reads this: every McDonald’s is different and some are even privately owned.For my McDonald’s orientation, I went to the McDonald’s at 10:00am, which by the way, was a different McDonald���s from the one I would be working at. Everyone in the room would be working at a different McDonald’s as me. They traveled thirty minutes just to get to this specific McDonald’s. Anyways, I went in and we all sat at the tables in the back of the restaurant until a manager called us into the back, where the office is located.We had to pass through the kitchen where all the workers were running around, preparing food. We went into this small office where you could barely fit 10 chairs and we all sat there facing each other. We were handed a folder filled with a few booklets. One of the booklets we went through with the manager; it was about cleanliness, what to wear, what not to wear, rules and guidelines to follow while working there if you want to keep your job.Then the manager just talked for an hour about what to expect, what work is expected, etc. After that, we signed papers. By the way, dress decent and bring your social security card. After signing the papers, we watched a three hour video (it was also filled with a series of questions we had to answer together as a team). We did that and then that was it. The video was over and done with and we left through the kitchen. We were told to take the papers we signed a bring them back to the store we would be working at and the general manager of our store would tell us what’s next. Also…the manager actually checked to make sure we were wearing the right shoes. My advice to you wear sneakers or flats or else you could be sent home. She was literally going to send home anybody with sandles.We didn’t learn about anything in the kitchen. We weren’t introduced to anything in the kitchen.That’s how my orientation went. Hope this gives you an idea.

What would you wear to a job orientation, or training?

Question: What would you wear to a job orientation, or training?Actually, the only person that can really answer this would be your recruiter. Ask to find out what expected dress code is for orientation.In many of my jobs, had I shown up in a suit to orientation I would have been way over dressed. Business casual was actually a bit too formal as well. The corporate culture will determine the expected attire as well the global location.Finance, banking, and consulting are typically semi formal or business attire here in the US. East Coast US vs. West Coast US will also mean that the dress code definition will be different. EC business casual is VERY different than what you would find in LA or San Francisco.   So, to sum up: ask your recruiter or new manager what the expected attire will be for orientation. This is a completely appropriate question and is likely well received.

Dress up for McDonalds job training?

So I got the job but I'm supposed to go in tomorrow for the first time to go take the computer training course which is supposed to take a few hours. And as far as I know that's all im doing then going home. The manager had me sign a paper stating proper dress code but didn't give me a uniform or anything. Do I just show up in a plain t-shirt, jeans and some tennis shoes? Do they supply the shoes? Another thing is I know where employees park but do I enter through the back or the front door? I know I should have asked the manager these questions but I was overwhelmed with excitement. I'd rather someone answer that has worked at McDonalds and not just guess. Thanks!

Are you allowed to have facial hair when working in a restaurant in PA?

§ 46.152. Hair restraints.

(a) General requirement. Employees shall wear hair restraints such as hats, hair coverings or nets, beard restraints and clothing that covers body hair, that are effectively designed and worn to keep their hair from contacting exposed food; clean equipment, utensils and linens; and unwrapped single-service and single-use articles.

(b) Exception. This section does not apply to food employees who present a minimal risk of contaminating exposed food, clean equipment, utensils, linens and unwrapped single-service and single-use articles. These food employees may include employees such as counter staff who only serve beverages and wrapped or packaged foods, hostesses and wait staff.

As they are placing me in sales, I would be excluded. If I offer to wear a beard net when doing another position, and they are unwilling to accommodate me, they might open themselves up to a law suit. And just to be on the safe side, I can say it's a religious thing XD

Does anyone know what you have to wear a uniform to your first day training at a Speedway gas station?

I start my new job at Speedway tomorrow but im just watching training videos I believe and the manager never told me if I should wear a uniform or not and I dont want to unless i have to.

Subway employees, orientation questions?

If you're talking about a Permit to Drive then yes that will work - That is a Photo Identification that proves who you are - I'd bring it. If you are still in High School bring your school ID with you too, I have been asked in the past to bring it because, it established I was still in school.

If you are going to orientation I would dress as if it was your interview - "Dress to Impress" I would wear something at least Business Casual. I know it's only Subway but it's nice to make a good impression. I would suggest may dress pants, or khaki pants, nice solid shoes, if you have a semi-casual dress shoe wear it, and a nice button shirt to match the Khaki's or dress pants. If you don't have a button up shirt wear a polo shirt (collared shirt) or something nicer than a t-shirt. Avoid anything like shorts, or anything cut above the knees, or kinds of heels, (because of the risk of falling on the kitchen or tile floors of the restaurant.) If you have worked in a restaurant in the past you will more then likely have server shoes, or non-slip shoes, I would wear them if you already own a pair. I'd also pull your hair back if you have long hair, it sounds silly but, you will have to do it anyway when you are working - it doesn't mean you can't style it just get your hair off your shoulders if it's long. Grooming, Cleanliness, and appearance can go a long way and so can a first impression. Good luck!

Slip Resistant Shoes (If there is a Payless in your area you can purchase this slip resistant shoes in store):

What should i wear to a mcdonalds interview? and tipps?

Aren't you lucky! I work there ;).
Jeans are fine for McDonald's. They hire pretty much anyone.
Put your hair up.

They just basically ask the basic job interview questions, but be prepared for things like "If there was a woman with a stroller to come in, and order food, how might you help her?" And you could respond by saying "I would offer to carry her food out to her table for her."
There's many questions like this and I'm sure they'll tell you about "Golden Moments" but don't worry about those, those are pretty much just customer satisfaction, which is what McDonald's is all about.

It is hard at first, I found fries pretty hard.. But you get the hang of it! Window (or cashier) is pretty simple but breakfast is different, it has a lot of abbreviations! And people realize you're new and they'll help you, they only get mad if you've been there forever and keep screwing up, But everyone makes mistakes.

The first training session you'll watch a movie in a small group (3-6 people) and you'll do simulation games of a real restaurant, and answer questions that are really simple. It kind of drags on, but you do get paid for it and it does help you in the long run. They'll also take your picture and give you your premium card (50% off discount card.) You'll then get your uniform, etc. And fill out paperwork and create a file. You'll also get a small sheet of paper with your first few shifts on it (the next training process)

Now, I could be wrong 'cause all this information is based on a Canadian experience. But I don't really think it could be that different.

Don't be nervous! It's a great work place, and no where near bad as everyone makes it out to be :)

Stupid wendys orientation?

It's really not that bad of a place to work. I mean it's not that great, but it's a LOT better than the other fast food places like Burger King and McDonalds.

For the Orientation, your just going to be filling out paperwork mainly. Signing stuff, going over rules and whatnot. Then depending on the place, they might give you your uniform & hat. They also might have you order your non-slip shoes. The orientation is usually like between 1 and 2 hours.

For training, they're going to have you watch a ton of videos, which will take like a little over 2 hours (which sucks) and then they'll probably just train you on register. For the first week or two you're gonna have someone there to help you with it, but they don't really "train" you on it exactly.

You basically get to choose how many hours a week you work, so if you don't want to work a ton, just tell them that. You can give them specific time frames that you would like to work also. Just give them a time frame for the hours you can work on weekdays and weekends.

For orientation, what you wear doesn't matter. When I had my orientation, I wore a regular street clothes. So did the other guy at the orientation. So they aren't super strict. But when you actually have your first day of work, you need to have black pants. They can't be super tight or loose. They need to be comfortable fitting. And if you need a belt, the belt needs to be black.

Idk if your a girl or not, but if you are- your hair need to be up in a pony. And if your hair goes past your shoulders while it's in a pony, then you need to have it in a bun. (Not a super neat bun. It can be just a messy 10 second bun if you want.)