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How Can One Listen To The Mel Blanc Routine Of Sy The Mexican On The Jack Benny Program

Whats the name of that Jack Benny Radio Episode?

Radio grew to become into huge then. The relatives might deliver jointly around the radio and hear song- and additionally there grew to become into stay actors that could act out a narrative. Radio grew to become into constantly stay. The song is stay.

I can't stop listening to music. Is that bad?

Music can be bad for you, I know the other answers tell a different story, but think about it this way. You're always having someone else's opinions shoved into your ears, and because you do this day and night, imagine how isolated your mind must feel. It can never think in peace with all the music in it's ears, you can never have your own opinions and you begin depending on music to tell you how to live, what to do, and it starts effecting you not just mentally but physically. I know this probably sounds weird, but I've experienced it and so I've tried to cut down. Try to talk to people, it'll make your dad smile, and your friends realize you still care for them, trust me, just try to think on your own. Good luck.

Can anyone help me with english?

1.How for? "I don't know. I haven't decided yet". (stay)
How long are you staying here for?

2.Jackson.........the Nobel Prize, but says she is still hoping for recognition. (win)
Jackson won the Nobel Prize

3.I'm sorry to be late. I hope you.......long. (wait)
I hope you didnt wait long.

4There .......a strike this morning, but it has been cancelled. (be)
There was a strike this morning,

5.I'm glad I've run into you. get in touch with you for ages. (mean)
I have meant to get in touch with you for ages.

Good luck. I hope this helps.

My mom won't me listen to Metal Music? HELP!?

Tell her how you feel, straight up. It's the best way to resolve something like that. You need to get the point across to her that metal is not bad in any sense of the word, it's just a different form of expressing yourself. From what you're describing, I'd say she's just got a classic case of music prejudice. I've found over the years that a lot of people are really turned off metal by the whole screaming-and-growling-and-generally- sounding-like-a-dying-animal- to-the-untrained-ear thing; that might be why she doesn't let you listen to metal while still supporting obscene rap, because at least rap always sounds like it was produced by a human voice while metal can be a bit debatable at times.

What I think you should do is 1) talk to her and find out WHY she doesn't like it, 2) decide whether or not her reasoning is valid, and then 3) go ahead and listen to it anyway. If you're into the genre, there's really nothing she can do about it, you're going to be thinking it whether she wants you to or not. Like, don't blatantly parade around her the fact that you listen to it or try to convince her to let you go to heavy metal concerts or anything. She was born in a different time, after all, it'll take her a while to warm up to the idea. But definitely keep your music buddy! I'm behind you all the way on that. Really, there's always gonna be conflicting opinions on every tiny thing you do, so there's no point giving up now. Good luck, keep rocking on \m/

..Oh yeah, one last thing. You might want to point out to her that "emo" is not bad either. As a former emo myself, I can tell you that it's a culture of its own, totally based on individualism. It's basically just a step below being a full out punk. The culture itself has nothing to do with depression, that's something that comes with being a regular normal human being. In the real emo world, there's none of that cutting yourself with razors at night and writing suicidal love song crap that the media throws out and expects us to buy into.

How do I change my daily routine from being lazy to productive?

Hi there, Here at Appfluence, we believe the key to exceptional productivity is knowing what to spend your time on. When you dedicate your time to the right things, not only do you produce, but you produce results with more value. To do so, we recommend the Eisenhower Method of time management, which promotes prioritizing tasks and projects based on their level of Criticality, and whether they must be done now, or should be saved for later. By using this method, you can streamline your work and your life to ensure you are focused on the right things, things that advance important goals forward. The Eisenhower Matrix consists of 4 quadrants. Below, I’ll describe each and give examples of what belongs in each category. Critical and Do Now: these are tasks that demand attention now, because of their rapidly-approaching due date, and their importance. For example: preparing for an investor meeting, or replacing your all-star sales team member who just quit. Critical, but Do Later: tasks in this category can be approached more calmly. Examples include: reaching a long-term goal of boosting sales by 25%, or building a new company website. Not Critical, but Do Now: these tasks are best handled by delegating them to someone on your team, because they don’t demand your expertise. Examples include: cancelling an upcoming meeting, or adding data to a spreadsheet. Not Critical and Do Later: in general, this is a place to leave underdeveloped ideas, or random tasks that don’t fit into other categories. A good rule is to get rid of these after 2 weeks if they haven’t been addressed. Divide your projects and goals into four quadrants, as shown in the diagramMake an individual 4-quadrant project from each oneThis will allow you to figure out and prioritize the tasks that will allow you to complete each project and reach your goals. If you’re looking for an app to help you with this, try Priority Matrix. Within the app you can: Create multiple projects to prioritize tasks and stay organizedEasily collaborate with your team members and delegate workSet task due dates and sync to your calendarUpload files and chat within the appManage your emails Stop losing time re-organizing your to-do list!As a matter of fact, we estimate that Priority Matrix can save you 45 minutes a day!Best of luck on your productivity journey.  For more tips, check out our blog, Productivity 101.

Is it a psychological disorder to listen to the same song multiple times for more than ten days?

nope.  especially not if you're a musician.  (but no in any case.) when i first heard _my aim is true_, i listened to the whole album 5-10 times a day, every day, for about six weeks.  then i got _this years's model_-- same deal.  and so forth and so forth through elvis costello's entire catalogue. when i am especially interested in figuring out a song-- how to play it and/or how it works compositionally-- i may listen to that single song on constant loop for an hour or more at a time. unless of course listening to this song is interfering with your life.  are you missing important activities (work, social engagements, doctor appointments, &c) due to your inability to stop listening to this song?  if so, yes, you have a disorder.  if you're functioning as reasonably well as can be expected for a human being in 21st century america (or wherever you happen to live), then that kind of listening is perfectly healthy.

Why do intelligent people listen to classical music?

I'll go out on a limb and proclaim my assertion that there IS some correlation; but not necessarily direct causation...If someone whose bright and looks inherently into patterns in everyday life, out of appreciation for the higher wisdom gained, would in my opinion enjoy classical music. This is due largely because of something that they can see and understand at a higher level than many other people. This concept goes for anything i.e., Mathematics, music, art etc. On the lower end of the 'intelligence' spectrum, we typically would find those who are more into simple and easy concepts that do not cause frustration. I can see why music would portray why -no offense, many ignorant people would rather listen to lil' Wayne, juxtaposed to Beethoven, Bach, etc. The reason would be because to truly appreciate classical music and other forms of art, or mathematics, etc you need to see beyond the clashing of mere symbols, or lines on a chalk board. If you can see how intricate and well thought out, the depth of such, then you can learn to appreciate the beauty therein. To some people, such things are only a whimsical idea that bares no depth of interest, and they pass it by because of a lack of understanding. This is just a snippet of my idea and purposely negating other factors such as cultural influence of language or heritage, or even upbringing and wealth for that matter. Now those typically not intelligent very well could appreciate such forms. This is by far not a black and white idea. However, obviously the more in depth you can understand, the more you can appreciate, therefore, the more searching you can and will do to find what else you can learn and appreciate to make life more meaningful. EDIT: I did want to mention that this can easily be supported by the notion that intelligence level can be directly influenced by curiosity -> appreciation -> knowledge gained -> repeat.

Is it possible to know if someone is listening in on your mobile phone calls?

It is “possible” but highly unlikely. The possibilities exist under the realm of children jacking around with conference calling & call forwarding … but not with the idea that some governement or criminal is snooping your mobile voice calls.It is highly unlikely that anyone legitimate called your buddy to let him know he was being ‘tracked’ & ‘tapped’.In the United States, a “lawful intercept” is something which the government can compel the phone company to perform with a court order. NONE of the people using the phone service are aware - and they have no way to know unless they are told. The investigating agency is unlikely to tell - and the phone company will be sued out of existence for obstruction of justice if they say anything. The penalties for tipping-off are pretty severe.Because of the way mobile calls are routed and transported - people on the call itself have no way to know if they are being recorded / listened to during a lawful intercept. For a number of other reasons, it is also quite difficult to ‘tap’ a mobile call unless you are the phone company. It is conceivable that you could put an app on the mobile phone that did this - but the activity would show up in your app list / data usage / phone usage logs (unless your buddy blindly accepted a phone as a “gift” I think this probably isn’t happening).I would assume a prank - and it happened more than once I would call the service provider and let them know. In the event there is more to it than just a prank, there are laws against these kinds of scams and they have procedures for dealing with it.