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Are gaydars really accurate?

Gaydar really exists, and is accurate, only for gay men in the detection and hooking up with other gay men. It works better for masculine men than for effeminate men, and it doesn't work for, or for the detection of, other genders or sexual orientations. Like "the Force" in Star Wars, the more it is used and relied upon, the stronger and more accurate it becomes. And as with most peculiarly male and specifically masculine traits it is bitterly envied and vainly emulated by women and "trans folk," who, in frustration and despite, are wont to claim that it doesn't exist, since, obviously, for them it doesn't exist.

How do we know that the 'experts' answering questions are actually experts?

As with any community knowledge site, there is no way to guarantee the validity and accuracy of all the information on it, but there are ways (both built into the platform and created proactively by users) in which it can still be a useful and credible resource. The chief example of this is Wikipedia, which relies on elements such as community self-policing, citations, and edit histories.Off the top of my head, here are some aspects of Quora that help maintain its usefulness and credibility:Community feedback: The abilities to vote, comment, thank, and mark as "not helpful" result in information that can help us determine the value of any given answer. Also, commenting allows us to pose questions to an answer-provider if we would like to further verify the credibility of an answer.Promotion of best practices: A good example of this is the request to "Write a direct answer to this question, and explain your reasoning" located under the "Add Answer" field. Quora's recommendations promote answers that are useful, clearly explained, sourced, etc.Bios: When provided, topic biographies inform us about an answer-provider's qualifications and experience, which can both lend an answer credibility and help us understand potential biases in the answer.Real names: Although anonymous answers are permitted, Quora has a culture of using real names. In addition to helping us verify claimed qualifications and seek out other background information on answer-providers (helping address your concern about experts actually being experts), this also reduces the chance of intentionally misleading or malicious answers and feedback being given.Hope that helps answer your question, at least in part. I also hope this answer is an example of how a well-explained response does not necessarily need to come from an "expert" to be useful. Also, just did a little bit more looking around and it appears that the preferred term here is "quality" rather than "credibility" (likely because many questions do not have one, or any, correct answer, and thus answer value does not necessarily rely on credibility). For more information on that, see the answers tagged Quora Content Quality. I have also tagged this question as such.

What do people set their thermostat to in the summer in Central Texas?

I can only speak to our home, not having polled my friends and neighbors. We keep ours at a constant 78. This required some adjustment on my part, the penguin in me really wanted it a little cooler. I’ve gotten accustomed to it now and quit complaining. I’m not sure all thermostats are accurate and there may be big differences in comfort levels of houses whose thermostats are set at identical levels. Our living room has a 16 foot ceiling, and we have 2 walls of double pane glass in that room, but the windows are shaded all the time. I can’t grow house plants because they just keel over in frustration or maybe from lack of sunlight. All of our floors are ceramic tile and it feels cool all of the time, (specially in winter. ) We do have one bedroom with a western wall, but we can’t decide whether to saw it off or save it for unwelcome guests.

Why does my car's temperature get high when I turn the AC on?

Assuming that the auxiliary fan (s) come on when the A/C is on, There are several reasons that the temp gauge rises….Is your temp gauge accurate? Most car companies have the dash gauge designed to go to the middle of it’s sweep and stay there, unless the engine gets really hot, they usually just goes to the middle and sits there, as long as the coolant temperature is between 70 C and 100C. They make them like that so that the consumer doesn’t see it moving around on a regular basis, that way, when it does go up, it gets noticed quicker. To determine if yours is accurate, or if it’s the kind that just sits there until something goes really wrong, an OBD2 code reader talks to the temp sensor that the engine’s ECU ( Engine Control Unit )… If the reader shows the temperature rising, but the dash gauge doesn’t budge.. then you know..Let’s assume that your gauge IS accurate… When you turn on the A/C , several factors now come into play. First, you’ve just placed a ( slightly) higher load on the engine, which is now burning more fuel, and creating a bit more heat. Secondly, that fan that just started spinning? Yup, it’s electrically powered, which means the Alternator is now needing more power from the engine.. A bit more fuel, a bit more heat created for the engine’s cooling system. Thirdly, all that energy ( Heat ), that the A/C has removed from the car’s interior .. Guess where it’s going?.. To it’s own little radiator, properly called a condenser coil, and that’s located right in front of the radiator. So now you have hotter air than before passing through the car’s radiator.Thermostats don’t “pop” open and closed, they open a bit as the coolant temperature gets to the design spec of the cooling system. They don’t open to full flow for at least another 10 C.Thermal efficiency.. As a radiator gets older, scale buildup on the inside of the tubes inhibits the transfer of heat to the air passing over the fins.Add all these together, and you have the reason that the temp gauge moves when you turn on the A/C..

Can we travel to the sun during winter?

OMG This question brought out the best of most of the Milkey Way Gang and some great humor as well!!! Thanks!

Can a unaccompanied minor travel alone withiout an State I.D?

we have a school I.D but do not have a state i.d yet and we do want to fly in the near future. we will be flying SOUTHWEST AIRLINES in DALLAS LOVE FIELD airport, i have called all their numbers and they do not give me the information i need. IF you have absolute accurate knowledge and are 100 percent sure of your answer please answer my question, please and thanks for your time.

Are yellow zucchini and summer squash the same thing??

All yellow zucchini are summer squash but not all summer squash are yellow zucchini.

For cooking purposes, squash is divided into two categories: summer and winter.

The summer squash are ones that taste best when they are harvested and cooked before they mature and develop seeds. Zucchini and scallop squash are the most common summer squash found in stores.

Winter squash are those that have good flavor and (this is very important to the category) good keeping qualities when they are mature. As they mature, squash develops a hard rind and usually large seeds. Usually, the most common varieties of winter squash you'll find in the market are spaghetti, acorn, butternut.

There are some varieties, like zuchetta rampecanta, that are good for both fresh eating and long keeping.

There are hundreds of varieties of squash, both summer and winter, but very few ever show up in the store.