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How Can We Get A Good Job When All Places Ask For Experience

How do I get a fast food job with no experience?

Sent?Sent?Print out your resume and carry it to the places you want to work. Ask for the manager.Most fast food places have a lot of turnover and are constantly looking for staff. If you are mailing or emailing your resume, it is not getting read.The manager will want to see if you are clean, confident and able to answer questions. She’s not looking for brilliance here, just trainability and customer service.So get off the chair and away from the computer and hit the streets.Pro Tip: don’t do this over the lunch hour. Two in the afternoon is usually pretty quiet.Pro Tip: If you know anyone who has worked there before (and isn’t a total burnout) mention that they said it was a good place to work.Pro Tip: Do NOT go with a friend. And NEVER go with a parent.Pro Tip: Don’t apply to places that you will find difficult to get to.Pro Tip: You will do best at places that have a Help Wanted sign in the window. Carry a few resumes with you in case you happen across one of these.ProTip: Before applying, use the washroom. Not only will you be more comfortable during the interview, but the state of the washroom says a lot about how the restaurant is run. A filthy washroom is a sign of an unhappy workplace.

How can a teenager with no work experience get a job?

It's an obvious question I know, but I'm finding it rather difficult to acquire employment. I'm 17 years old, NO WORK EXPERIENCE (I know that's 99% of the reason), in college, and still living with my parents. I need to find a source of income. Having to depend on my Mom and Dad to buy me things is getting old. I've been applying everywhere that seems appealing for teenage jobs (grocery stores, fast food restaurants, gas stations, game stores, etc) for the last year and have not gotten one call for an interview. What am I doing wrong? I have no piercings, no tattoos. It's like a catch-22, you need work experience to get work experience. I've applied at most of these places several times (filled out 5+ applications)... What else can I do?!?!

How should I pick my next job when my work experience is all over the place?

Your resume is NOT about the jobs you had. Optimize your resume for the job you want. Step 1 - Ask yourself where you want to be. Forget about your skills. It doesn't matter at this moment. You don't want to do something you hate because you know how to do it. Step 2 - List out all your skills and ask yourself which one will be useful in the new direction and which skills you don't have.Step 3 - Put together an action plan. Figure out how you are going to improve yourself for the new career.Step 4 - Turn it into realitySkills are cheap, passion is priceless.I have never known what to do when I started a new job, but I have always managed to be better than people who have been doing it for years. It is not hard at all.Whatever you do, make sure you are happy with your decision. Life is too short to do something you hate.

What are the Best Places for a 17 year old, non-experienced teenager to work at?

Work anywhere you can. I applied to my local amusement park and didn't get a response for 3 months. I then called and asked if anything was going on with my application and BOOM got an interview scheduled by email. What businesses want and what I've witnessed is that they want to see if your really inclined to wanting a job. Give the places you applied a call and ask politely if they can check over your application. I can guarantee the more you're on top of your game, the better chance you are of getting picked over someone else.

Is it necessary to have a work experience to get into IIM even if you crack the CAT?

Not at all!! work experience can never be substitute for a good percentile and vice- versa. both are altogether two separate things. in normal scenario the panel/ Evaluators look for a mix in a batch having people from diverse backgrounds, work experience and academics disciplines. at the same time mix of freshers and work experience is also kept in mind so as to maintain the balance in the batch. all in all looking at the batches in recent years as per my knowledge all IIM's have many and here many means a substantial number in any batch join IIM as freshers. All in all the only criteria is to crack CAT with awesome percentiles and convince the interview panel as to why you deserve a seat in the prestigious institutes! moreover Freshers have advantage when it comes to placement of the batch since marketing, analytics firms need freshers and not others having the same background! Freshers actually are in  a advantageous position since they can apply for companies as per their wish wherever there is no experience criteria and can shape their carrear in the direction they want, which is not the case when any ABC candidate having a previous experience can't do since he/she is labelled with his previous area of experience but again this is not true all the time. Varies sometimes...prepare well and Bell the CAT. Don't go half hearted . just fasten your seat belt and let the time decide the fate. All the best

How can I get a job as a bartender when most, if not all, places only hire from within?

The best approach to becoming a bartender is showing up to bars at the right time (a few hours before they open in proper work attire), and ask about bar back and bartending positions. A really great way to get in, is offer to work for free for a few nights, in order to get experience. This shows great initiative and interest in the field. The only courses really useful in my opinion are a TIPS/Serve Safe Certification, the "Barsmarts" course offered online by Pernod-Ricard if you're looking into serious cocktail bartending, and Cicerone Beer Server Certification if you're looking to work in craft beer. Cheers!

What to reference If I have no previous job experience?

-Hey Guys thanks for the anwsers so far all have been really helpful.

(to the person who said i should have an academic reference).

I have a teacher from 2 years ago that I was really close to+ loved me, but i haven't seen him in like 4 months, I do have his e-mail address, but i dunno i think it'd be kind if rude or just not right if i emailed him. Anything else for another reference? Church I might do that, anything else!? Keep em coming

Is it ok to fake work experience?

hello people

i just send a couple of resumes this week, but waited to call back a couple of days later to follow up. so today i called a couple of places i applied and i asked them if they were still hiring and they said yes. They told me they had looked at the resume and that it was good, but that i had no prior experience in the job so i wasnt qualified.

In the jobs i applied they needed bilingual who could write and speak solid spanish and english, fast typing, good with word, good with customers and all that. well i have all that except that i havent worked for anything like that before. SO what i was thinking was to fake work experience so i could land a job easily, does this sound ok to do? would you guys fake it if you guys knew u could do the job?

i need some advice

Marine job vacancy for a 20 years experienced man???

i have been serving as 3rd engineer for the 20 years on steam and motor vessels.
i am holding 2nd assistant engineer (steam and motor) certificate.
please reply if any vacancy.
work experience:
Ex- Indian navy1972 to 1983
Wallem Ship Management1991 to date
thanking you