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How Can You Descreatly Buy Undergarments

Yes why not. It’s actually interesting that the incontinence wear doesn’t have a line for men but since it’s mainly a women’s problem, the products are marketed for women but there is nothing there that says men can’t use them. But I would urge you to buy a small pack to try it out first to see which fits best.If you are in the Netherlands, there is a line for products for men.

Where do you buy mormon underwear at?

Yes, there is a site online. No I won't share it. Why? Because if you needed to buy them because you've been through the temple then you would know they only come in white, and you would know where to buy them. Curiosity doesn't cut it.

EDIT: Ok, so you don't want to buy them. And there was no offense intended in your question. Ok. Sorry I jumped to conclusions. This question is asked quite often around here and is usually asked by those who want to make fun of things we hold sacred. I get a little defensive about it sometimes. Sorry.
Yes. There are places online to order them, as well as stores located in many of the same cities where temples are located.

How can I send underwear through the mail being discreet?

Lol. Just go buy a small box and wrap up the underwear and put it in. Then seal the box. Seriously, they're not supposed to open the packages. Lol. They might have a machine that can look through it just incase there could be harmful things, but they might just think it's for a baby or someone kid or anything. It's just undies, lol. It doesn't really matter that much. Think of how happy the person will be when they receive it. :)

This could actually mean anything. Most commonly, men buy lingerie for their female partners after they have had vanilla sex before and wish to spice up their sex life more. But this could also mean that the man is an experienced sexual partner while he is having sex with a girl for whom it is the first time and he is buying lingerie for her. So mostly, men who have had sex before or are confident of their own sexual desires go to buy lingerie for their female partners. However, it would be wrong to make a generalisation. This situation could many multiple things which you are not considering. He could be buying it for a friend (yes, I have seen my friends buy lingerie for their friends- both male and female) or he could be buying it for himself if he likes to wear women's innerwear. Do not rush to make judgements, know the person and the situation clearly before trying to understand anything.

How can I discreetly buy a vibrator?

A great site for vibrators is they have great prices, and they're great quality. You can use the code FL0104 at the checkout for 10% off and a free gift. If you order from them it will come in a plain brown box, very discrete and no labeling from where it's from or what's in the box. So if it comes to the door they'll never know, plus you can track your package to see when it will come.

As for hiding spots, your underwear drawer is always a good place, parents don't usually go in there. Or maybe wrapped in a sweater in a drawer? Something like that is always good.

I hope this helped! :)

How can i (a boy) buy women's underwear without others thinking weird?

ok with this i know its weird so don't answer with your weird or any thing like that
im a 16 year old boy who, due to something in my childhood i can't remember; but anyway i have thought about wearing girls underwear like bras and panties since before i remember. one day while i was home alone my curiosity got the better of me and i tried on a pair of panties and a bra so for a little while i tried on different pairs while no one was home different pair every day then finally i found a pair that fit me and i took it. the next day she asked if anyone had seen the pair and i denied taking it. that afternoon when i was home alone again i put it back deep in her draw and left it
so now im 16 can drive and home alone quite often. i really want to get my own pair but every time i drive to the store without them knowing i did so and walk around the women's underwear only to get weird looks from the crowd and i am to self conscience to buy it
what r some excuses i could use that would make sense to anyone in the store that asks or gives me weird looks?

lets get two things straight im not gay and girls wear guys clothes all the time so whats the difference

What is a discreet way for a guy to buy women's clothes?

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A lot of this depends on where you live. If you live in a large city, you can shop anonymously for yourself, and try on the clothing in the privacy of your home. Don't cut the tags off, and keep the receipts until you have tried everything on and made a final decison as to whether or not you want to keep the items. If not, simply return them to the store for a refund or a credit (depending on their policy). If anyone asks, simply tell them that the woman you bought the things for decided she didn't want/like/need them. You can wear certain garments under your regular clothes, like lingerie or other un-bulky things, still be discreet, and maybe this will be enough of a "venting" for you. If not, you may have to seek out others who share your passion, online, for further advice. Most people ignorantly assume that transvestites are homosexual. This, as you know, is not true. Nevertheless, especially if you live in a small town, it will be important for you to remain as discreet as possible, for the sake of your family and your own peace. Sorry to say, but, this lifestyle choice is not widely accepted. Sorrier to say, there is little you can do to make your family "understand". Many families - in fact, MOST families - are, unfortunately, more concerned with things like "what will the neighbors say?" than the happiness of their own family member (when it comes to rather unconventional lifestyle choices). You will just have to accept this. I'm not a cross-dresser, but I have had a friend who was, and it broke my heart to see him so conflicted. If you find that this lifestyle choice is one that is extremely important to you for your core happiness, you may need to consider moving to a larger, more accepting city, where most people have a "live-and-let-live" attitude. Places like NYC, where I'm from, are extremely accepting and tolerant of just about anything. As long as you're not doing anything criminal, other people will not be in your face about how you choose to live your life. I wish you luck. My lifelong motto is, "To thine own self be true".

Of COURSE men can buy panties! In my opinion men should be encouraged to buy and wear panties - along with all other items of lingerie - as often as possible *giggles*Most men who want to buy panties tend to do it online or in very specific shops where they won't be judged or risk being seen shopping for panties. Online shopping provides anonymous browsing and almost infinite choice, but sizes are often wrong. Specialist shops can have poor quality and choices can be hit or miss.I'm a bisexual submissive slutty sissy gurl, complete humiliation addict and enthusiastically chastised cuckold. (So definitely not your typical hairy panty wearing guy.) I absolutely adore making going shopping for lingerie into an enormous, attention-grabbing, emasculating, embarrassing, adventure for everyone involved. I honestly think that every man should buy a full set of beautiful, ultra-feminine lingerie but only after humiliating herself by showing what wearing it looked like to every salesgirl, every female customer and every bored boyfriend and asking their opinion of how her sissy ass looked wearing it.