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How Can You Find A Career You Enjoy

“Working for money is wrong, and working in a career you enjoy is more important.” What are your thoughts on this belief?

This concept has evolved over many years.Let's go back to the time when people had no concept of jobs. Everything revolved around hunting a few animals, getting a couple of fruits and keeping oneself safe from the wild animals.After some time, one person decided to trade some of his pebbles in exchange for his favourite fruit that the man in the neighbouring forest had. And it was a fair deal between them. Five other people noticed this and started exchanging whatever they had for whatever they wanted.Everything was going okay, until one day, a person pointed out that initially the pebbles were bigger, now they're smaller and this is extremely unfair. So they decided to build a place to make pebbles of uniform size and shape from raw material like rocks. Thus the pebble industry came into being.Things were fine for some time, until another person started collecting identical pebbles from the neighbouring seashore and started trading them in the black market.People suffered losses. So they started regulations for the pebble industry. People were specifically employed by the forest chief. 1 pebble could get you 1 mango or 1 hen.The ones that had the mangoes and hens now started demanding more and more pebbles in exchange for their goods. Hungry people could no longer hunt or pick fruits from forests. They had to “earn” their pebbles.Some of them found this ridiculous. A generation ago, everyone seemed to be happy and free to do what they liked. One particular person who was quite hungry and desperate to earn his pebbles, decided to do something about it. He could fix the thatched roofs on huts or he could work for the pebble industry to cut the rocks. He found the latter very taxing. He chose to do the former because he had a natural talent with roof fixing.His children saw his “passion” for roof fixing and got inspired by this. They started following their passion too.The end result of all this was that they would get enough pebbles to have unlimited chicken and unlimited mangoes.We've evolved from this stage. Ultimately what I feel is, everyone works for the money. That's the truth. But the catch is, you need to decide if you can live your entire life doing that work. That's where the question of passion arises. If you're passionate about something, you find it much easier to do on a day to day basis. Maybe, even if it gives you lesser pebbles ;)Hope this answers your question.

What is the best career to choose if you want to enjoy life while working?

Get a government job/ public servant under government .After intermediateApart from the normal streams according to the present trend “Degree +IAS “is also a good option for the students who aspire to be in Government sector Like IAS, IPS, IRS, IFS…. It can be also useful for writing all other competitive exams.( 3 years integrated program)To be straight it saves lot of time (4–5 years) when compared with students who complete their other graduation programs and start preparing for competitive exams.

Need help finding a career thats right for me...?

I strongly suggest a career assessment for people in your situation. You can find a free one at Try to dedicate at least an hour to exploring yourself and completing the questionnaire. Also, be as honest with yourself as possible to get the best results. Undoubtedly, you will come up with a selection of careers to choose from. Do your homework on these occupations. Seek out the wages and the outlook for the job over the next 5 years or so. Identify the amount of education necessary and whether or not you are willing to go there.

Good luck to you.

What do you enjoy about being a Nurse?

I love almost everything about it. Helping patients, and their families, teaching, and learning something new almost daily.

Nursing can be a fun career, you get to see the stupid things people do, believe me some times you wonder how people can be so stupid. It's never boring!!

It can also be tough emotionally, you will see horrible things throughout your career. Physically, it's a hard job, some days I'm literally shaking by the time I get home because I'm so tired, and even then I still LOVE BEING A NURSE!

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My parents tell me "It doesn't matter if you enjoy a job. Try to get a job that pays a lot of money". Do you think that's good parenting?

That is awful advice, don't listen to them. Find a job that pays you for what you know you are worth AND that you are happy with. It took me almost a decade for me to find a job just like that. In the past I had jobs that were horrible and paid very little that I hated, and jobs that I didn't hate so much but still paid me very little. After that I decided I had enough and went back to school so I could get a job that I knew I deserved. It also makes me happy.

The worst advice you can take is to stay at a job for 30 plus years just because people are afraid of getting a bad reputation for job hunting. I never would have been where I am today if I didn't job hunt. My advice is not to woek at a 9-5 office job just so that you can get benefits. Also, you don't live to work. You never asked to be on this earth to be someone else's work slave so find a career that you can love and pays you for the work that you do.