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How Can You Make Yourself Fall In Love

Is it possible to fall in love with yourself?

Actually, in recent years classic "Narcissism" has been discredited as merely a personality trait or symptom of a deeper psychological predisposition.

It is not possible to "fall in love with yourself" because you're already in love with yourself unless there's something wrong with you (e.g. clinical depression). Everyone loves themselves. There's no "falling" involved.

Entertainers are a good example of how "Narcissism" can be a healthy thing- by taking excellent care of your appearance, realizing that you are a personality to whom others are attracted, and focusing with extreme intensity on your own skills, life, and individuality, "stars" show us how self love can help us in life.

But probably the simplest and most poignant way to express this can be found in a Whitney Houston song..."Learning to love yourself is the Greatest Love of All." Cliche, yes, but as with most cliches, it is, quite simply, true.

How do you make yourself fall in love with someone?

I agree that you shouldn't and probably can't, but I'd suggest that your best shot is to spend a ton of time with them (over a long period of time).A huge number of college students' best friends are their freshman year roommates. Is this because colleges carefully match students who are compatible? No. It's because if there is any level of compatibility, the time spent together leads to shared memories and a deepened bond.Some people are fundamentally bad, and getting to know them extremely well will lead you to dislike them. However, most people have basically good intentions and end up being more likable (or even lovable) after you're able to break the ice and really get to know them.

Is there a way to make yourself fall out of love with somebody? Particularly when you're in a committed relationship with somebody else?

What, exactly is "a committed relationship"?It seems you have an agreement of monogamy that has lasted for six years, a partnership, some kind of fellowship -- or you wouldn't be 'together' -- that is, you ARE together as a couple and you presumably love and enjoy one another's company.Yet you dream of something else, with someone else?Here is my advice: focus on the here and now. Live one moment at a time with the one you are with, until your moments in time together have ended. If you want to end them, do end them as soon as possible to minimize the pain for everyone. The longer you wait, the more painful it will be. If you do not want your time with the person you're with to end, allow all of it to continue.If you elect to continue with the one you are with but want to forget about your dreams or being 'in love' with someone else, focus on the one you are with.Our actions and intents follow our focus. When you focus on your current companion, you may:Do everything you can to learn how to make her or him glad to spend time with you.Learn about what s/he was like as a child.Take a class together doing something neither of you have done before.Explore new places together.That is, focus on your current relationship and do what you can to improve it with your focus, your interest, and your enthusiasm.Imagine if the one you're with had similar feelings about someone else. How would you want her or him to act toward you? To feel toward you?If you want to stop pining for someone else, every time you think of this other person, stop your thoughts, because they may just be the immature yearnings of someone who is not willing to do the work that a committed relationship requires.On the other hand, if you want to explore this relationship that you're dreaming about and pining for, be honest. Do tell the one you're with that you're having intrusive thoughts that won't go away, and give the one you're with the right to decide how s/he would like the relationship with you to unfold. And be prepared for all consequences.

Can we force ourselves to fall in love?

nope we can’t force ourselves to fall in love with someone, because we want someone to love.We can fall in love with the only person our heart says.Your heart pounds when you see them…when everything was empty before. The thought of them makes you smile without any reason.Ridiculous songs seems touching, every call will be disappointing if its not from can not fake with anyone or not to yourself by acting like you are in love. In the end atleast you will be knowing its not a love.Ask yourself why you want yourself to love someone forcefully. I bet you its not gonna happen. Everything looks fake if you do so.Becoz love does not happen in first sight always, it not jus needs an eye connection or physical connection, It needs an emotional connection.people say Fake it untill you Make it, BUT here if you fake it you can’t make it

How can I make myself fall in love with a girl?

First of all, loving someone and being attracted to them are not the same thing. You can be attracted to someone and hate them, and you can be repulsed by someone and love them. Love is personal in nature, and therefore, if love rises out of attraction, it is either by later interacting with and getting to know someone, or by foolishly insisting on it for no good reason. Love is not, and cannot arise apart from a consious act of the will, for love consists of actively serving others for their benefit, and thinking only the best about them, with full knowledge of the worst.You seem like you love the person. What you want is too feel that love. To do that you have to spend time with them, build your relationship, and do things that demonstrate your love. Then, your heart will become softer and you will begin to feel it. Someone said that romantic love is friendship on fire. There is nothing wrong with physical attraction, but the fire should have its root in the fulness of the person.And physical attraction is not entirely lustful, because it can stimulate the emotions apart from the thoughts of lust, when the countenance is the principle stimulator. However, if one is to base their emotions entirely on the image they see at a certain age and condition, and not on the person it veils, (for the face is no reflection of the person), then having no affection for the deeper image, he will be alienated by her mind, and hence, we find in the attracted person a certain strong repulsion, which he tolererates because he thinks she's pretty.But in your case, we find personal concern, which is a precious component of love, though we do not find amazement at the countenance. Yet, if one is pleased with the object of his love without the looks, what need of looks is there? Looks are an invitation to the person, which, when they have faded away, will effect much deeper amazement in the one who loves, if he attended what the card described, and did not fall for the phrasing on the card.

Can you force yourself to fall in love with someone?

LOVE is a big word, with many different aspects. For your question, I’ll assume you mean romantic, head-over-heels, storybook love with all the wonderful feelings.Some of the aspects of what we call LOVE are biological, and others are psychological, or emotional, or perhaps even spiritual.Physical attraction towards someone is heavily influenced by your biology, which is difficult to change. Your entire awareness of them - their looks, voice, smell, feel, and taste, all register with you on a level that you either LIKE, DISLIKE, or aren’t affected by. Your physical senses are part of that - just as you may or may not like coffee, your tongue, physically, is part of that that process.In my experience, “core values” are another essential element that is pretty unchangeable. If you are a deeply Compassionate person, and the other person is not, you will experience frequent conflict, confusion, disruption, anxiety, anger when you’re interacting with them. None of which are likely to build a lovey-dovey connection.Those two areas are fairly fixed, I think, and there’s not much you can change.However there are other factors that strongly affect how you feel towards someone, which can be changed.I know of two…Social validation / de-validation. What do the people around you think of this person? Subconsciously, your mind is always gathering information that influences your thoughts and feelings, about everything. If everyone likes this person, chances are, they will be more appealing to you. If no one does, they score a strong negative vote. Changing the people you surround yourself can change how you feel about this person.Your behavior towards this person. Most people think of love only as a feeling, without understanding that first, it’s an action. You can feel attraction towards someone, without doing anything. But love is something different- in my experience the real feeling of love doesn’t happen until I am investing my time and attention in someone. The more time and attention and care I invest, the more love I feel. If they also return that time, attention, and care, then the love can grow quickly and deeply.

Can you make yourself love someone?

I think many people confuses what love is. Some people say that love can be defined by the person in love. But I have my doubt.I think some of these people are in lust. Which is not wrong. Lust can bring you to finding love. You see a beautiful woman, average height, beautiful eyes and she’s slim and beautiful curves. Now most men, we are not blind. We will label her as beautiful. Now most men tend to be either in a relationship or are married. And also in contrast to popular belief a great number of men are loyal to their family.With that being said married or not we can still say she’s beautiful. But are we in love? Nope. You still love that woman that’s been by your side for 20 years because she’s been through a lot with you. But if you were not married you asked her out. She’s breathtaking and within 3 months you’ll tell her you are in love with her. And a year later you guys broke up. So what happened to that love?So back to the question can I convince my self to love someone back? I can’t convince myself. I can work on strengthening my bond with her and make our love stronger. But for me to convince myself to love her… there are so many things wrong with that ideology. Ok… I convinced my self and I’m now crazy about her so what then? What about her. No communication with her. Love is like electricity. It takes two to make a connection. You need that negative and positive polar attraction to stick and let love flow.So I can’t convince myself to love her. But we can together communicate, work hard, be supportive of each other and convince and show to one another that we love each other. It’s all give and take. And that’s one way I believe we can become a world that’s equal and live in long lasting relationships.

How to make an aries man fall in love with you?

Aries men are into the CHASE. And I mean it unequivocally. Once they catch you, they're bored with you. So... my advice is to keep him running after you. Don't make yourself so available to him, make him wonder what you're doing... and with whom!

Once he does get with the program and you guys have a relationship, you have to keep that 'chase' thing going, so get used to it. DO NOT under any circumstances give-up your girlfriends; your night's out with them; your trips to the shopping mall with them; even go on little vacations with them like a weekend in the mountains... just the girls. Oh, and don't always be 'right on time' with your Aries either.

Stuff like this keeps him on his toes, keeps him intrigued, and keeps him wanting to possess what he's not sure he possesses, *lol*.

If you give-in to an Aries... if you make it too easy for him... he knows he's got you under his thumb and will look elsewhere to get that stimulating chase.

What's the meaning of 'don't sell yourself to fall in love'?

I think it means that you shouldn't change yourself to please the guy or girl you're interested in. You can't become the ideal person for someone else. You owe it to yourself to become the ideal YOU, not what another person sees as ideal.