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How Come My Mom Keeps Making Fun Of My Weight Or Any Chub On My Body

Losing weight off all the wrong places?

You can't pick and choose where you lose weight/fat. It's pretty much genetically predetermined. Look at your mom, aunts, older siblings, etc. You probably share a similar body type.

Personally I've found that stomach and thighs were one of the LAST places I lost weight. You know, women are supposed to carry more body fat than men; it's one of the things that allows us to bear children. We need the extra body fat.

This is not to say that you cannot reduce your belly and thighs. The more weight you lose, the more fat you will lose on those areas. But you cannot make it go away any faster in one area over another.

For example if you try to really focus on your belly area by doing hundreds of crunches of situps, you are going to have very strong abdominal muscles....but until you burn off the fat covering the muscles, no one is going to be able to see them! That doesn't mean you don't want to work those areas -- but you need to be patient and understand that you want to burn fat AND build muscle, and that takes times.

The key to fat burning is cardio cardio cardio! And time. As you get closer to your goal weight, you will begin to see the results you want; but your stomach and thighs may be the last areas to shrink.

Hang in there! You will get there eventually.

My dad is obsessed with my weight?

He's being very unfair, and sounds like he is a control freak and has OCD. He must, with that kind of obsessive behavior. Tell him it's not healthy for EITHER of you to worry that much about it. YOU could end up with an ED, and HE could just get worse and worse. Tell him patiently, calmly, but firmly to please leave you alone, and that your weight is ABSOLUTELY FINE! He is presenting as a danger to you. He is in the wrong here, not you, but this doesn't give you license to disrespect him, and you need to be patient, or HE'LL never give you the respect you deserve, he'll only get angry. Just communicate with him. He may very well have issues of his own. Ask him about what he is saying without insulting him. Talk to your mom about it. Where's she? Maybe she could help you as well.

Can losing weight make your feet smaller.?

Eh. I'm not totally skinny and could bare to lose a few pounds. But my feet aren't the main reason, but it's just a random question that came up. I have realllly wide feet, and I was just wondering: Can losing weight make your feet smaller in width?

Why do my grandparents keep body shaming me when I feel fine and there is nothing wrong?

Thanks for the A2A.Only two people have opinions that matter about your weight — you and your doctor.If both you and your doctor agree that your weight is perfectly healthy, then you’re fine, don’t worry about it.If you and your doctor agree that your weight is perfectly healthy, my first thought about your grandparents is that they grew up in a different time. Back before junk food was incredibly cheap, one of the signs of poor people being poor was that they didn’t get enough to eat, and got skinny. Back then, being too thin was a serious and widespread problem; it meant you were starving. Richer people had more meat on their bones, and more rounded physiques were admired as healthy and beautiful and admirable. Being fatter meant you always got enough to eat, and this was generally admired. (This is true at one time or another in many cultures around the world.) So your grandparents might be judging you by a standard that was common when they were growing up, but is no longer generally accepted.Nowadays, poor people are more likely to be fat than thin. Someone has to be seriously poor to be actually starving because of it. Rich people are more likely to be thin than fat, because they can afford the more expensive healthy food, as well as a gym membership, a personal trainer, exercise equipment in their home, etc. So the standard has changed, and now we admire thinness. [shrug] It’s just culture and fashion.What matters is what you and your doctor think.

I weight 108 lbs. Is that overweight?

I just turned 12 about a month ago. I weight 108 lbs and my dad just called me fat and so did my sister. My dad said he didnt mean it and he was sorry, but this is the second time this has happened. My mom didnt even seem to care. I am bawling my eyes out locked in my room and I dont wanna go out in public because i think im fat. Is 108 lbs fat?

How do I get my girlfriend to lose weight?

Step 1: Pass the "Are you a controlling douchebag" test.Part 1: Are you the only one who thinks she is chunky?I once had a friend who was on the verge of being underweight who had a boyfriend who called her chunky, wouldn't let her eat ice cream and made fun of her if she sat with her head tipped down creating a "double chin" effect.  [It ended badly, one year later, with bulimia and a restraining order.]Questions:Does any of this sound like it could be you?Have any of her friends told her that she should stay away from you?Would an objective medical height/weight or BMI test consider her to be average or underweight?Key: 1 or more "Yes" answers = 100% Douchebag. Dump your girlfriend immediately. You have lost your right to be in a relationship. It'll be better for everyone if you stick with (fully consensual) one-night stands.Part 2: Does your girlfriend want to lose weight? If your girlfriend is, in fact, overweight, she is painfully aware of this fact. Trust me. Most likely, she is reminded of this fact every time she leaves the house, watches TV or looks in a magazine. Questions:Does she ever make comments about wanting to be skinnier?Has a medical professional ordered her to lose weight for health reasons?Is she considering (or involved in) a diet or exercise program?Key:3 "No" Answers = 50% Douchebag.If you can't find her attractive in her current body, either get over yourself or dump her. You certainly don't have to encourage her unhealthy habits. But you don't get to change her body to suit your preferences.Step 2: So, you aren't a douchebag, and your girlfriend wants to drop a couple pounds...Support her and be her cheerleader.If she's trying to get motivated to exercise: offer to be her workout buddy, "reward" her for time at the gym, suggest dates that involve physical activity.If she's trying to eat healthier: help her stock her fridge with healthy foods, suggest alternatives to takeout and dessert, offer to cook.Instead of "you look chunky" try "you look fantastically sexy after a workout."Don't be sneaky and try to corner/brainwash her into healthy choices.This is manipulative and insulting to her intelligence. I'm assuming that if she's too chunky to be your type physically -- you must be attracted to her mind. In which case you should show her some respect and knock off the transparent "Hey! Let's eat healthier For No Particular Reason And Certainly Not Because I'm Trying to Manipulate You Into Losing Weight" ploys.

Is 30lbs overweight for a one year old?

My 16 month old is 32lbs and 33 1/2 inches long. What his Dr said is he is fine. With Dr's you listen to what they and take what you can from the Dr and discard the rest.

My 16month old was born two months premature so going from barely 5lbs and 18 inches.

All babies are different. If you feel like she is good then just keep an eye on her. Make sure she has lots of fruits and veggies etc. Make sure it's a well balanced diet.

Weight loss fast! PLEASE HELP!?

You can't lose 10 - 20 lbs in six days. It's impossible and EXTREMELY unhealthy. You're not fat, you're average.