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How Come No One Reports And Deletes N Words On Facebook

If you click the "Delete Request" button for a Facebook friend request, is the requestor able to send you another friend request?

Yes, unless you try to take some action that will prevent user from sending you the request again.Like you can block that person if he is irritating you by sending you shit loads of messages and friend requests again and again if you are not even interested to do the same.Or just change the permissions in your settings to who can send you the friend requests like only friends of your mutual ones, but this case might also probably lead to that person who is sending you requests because eventually every person is connected to every another person by minimum 1 or 2 friends as of the case of mutually exclusive. This arise the probability of this case of person sending you the friend request will be 50% if you take this step.So blocking him right away will help you the most in this case.Hope it helps!

Why this aquarius girl deleted me from facebook?

thas why she deleted you once you ignore us there's no turning back what goes around comes around

Why would my Pisces ex be upset that I deleted him off of Facebook?

We broke up 3 weeks ago. He initiaited it after he was acting inconsistent and I backed him into corner (maybe not the smartest thing to do, but he was driving me crazy). Anyway, he claimed it was due to the long distance but I suspect it was also due to some other things, like me not trusting him because he's a serial Facebook flirt. We loved each other a lot, and still do. But with the distance and the flirting and the mistrust, it was just too much for the both of us.

Anyway, I didn't want to keep seeing all of the many girls on his Facebook page (esp now that we are no longer together), so I deleted him last week with an email to explain. He was so upset by this and asked me why I would do such a thing. Why would he be so upset about it if he broke up with me? I don't friggin get it. Has this happened to anyone else? Any psychological reasons why someone would feel/behave this way?

Why do I keep getting disabled on Facebook?

The logic is easy, and simple. Stay by the rule or you get kicked out of the community. Here are most likely reasons you're been disabled each time:You keep creating accounts whereas an individual is only eligible to have one account. In such situations, both account might be disabled, not just that but you'll be targeted.You misuse the community either by spamming, posting explicit contents, fake news or all sorts of stuff that Facebook is totally against.Also, Facebook takes reported accounts issue seriously and you might get disable if your account has been reported so many times.You're not too real: Imagine using a fake name, fake address, picture, fake everything meanwhile Facebook wants you to provide real information as much as you do in real life.Religious, Crime and all sort of other things.Too much of everything: accepting friends request, sending friend request. I mean using automated methods.Why do Facebook Disable accounts?To keep community safe and clean. So everyone of us can have a nice time using Facebook rather than just seeing spam, getting added to groups we don't want and so on.How do Facebook Find Out?Easy: big companies like Google, Facebook spends a lot on tracking each users, they save your sessions, they know what you like, what you can do and can't do through how you behave online even when you're not on Facebook.Most websites have Facebook pixel (for tracking) and you don't even need to be logged in before they find out who you're are. Even incognito tab doesn't make you free from this.FixAvoid using proxy, VPN apps while browsing Facebook, use your normal IP address.Read the community rules.Always visit your support inbox.I hope that helps!!!Brainslodge - Be a tech nerd!

What does Facebook mean by "content not available" when I click on a user's name?

There are a lot of possibilities when it shows there “content not available” page is displayed!It Would Happen To you if you are violating Facebook Policies | Facebook, Also It means that profile was deleted, deactivated or removed by Facebook.when Some one Deleted that Account:When someone removes their account on Facebook, all of their web content is gone however they still may be identified in remarks, teams, and so on.So if you try clicking on them after a person erased their account, you will see "Content not available"Deactivated Account:Really just like removing an account, if somebody decides to deactivate their account the same mistake will certainly take place.The only distinction is a user can re-activate their account to recover all web content, close friends, and so on as well as this mistake will no longer happen.Account Or Page Removed by Facebook :When a Facebook accounts goes against the regards to service the account is most likely to be permanently shut down.If this takes place, it's very challenging to obtain "un-banned" and also nearly impossible unless it was a real error.A couple of typical reasons accounts are prohibited are:.Developing a fake profile (that isn't truly you).Sending thousands of spam messages to people you do not know.Publishing malicious, violent or unlawful content (since May 2017, they are beginning to punish this ).

When a Facebook Group Admin removes the owner and all other admins, is there a way for the owner to retake the page?

There is actually no way that you can retake the page without the permission of the existing admin as Facebook doesn’t care about who is the owner of the page. Anyone with the rights of Admin can remove each and every admin of the Page.Only thing that could work right now is to talk to that admin and ask him politely to add you as an admin again. Once he adds you, its the time to teach that traitor a lesson :D *Just Kidding*I hope it helps ;)If you want to know anything else in future, feel free to contact here or through our website:Tech Devout | Digital Marketing Agency

What does null mean on facebook?

Null can mean allot of things.

But one of the meanings for "null" on facebook means nothing.

I mean null = nothing

Here's some other meanings in the links below.

Add me if you want :)

Remember there is lots of definitions for the word "null"

Is deleting my deceased husband's facebook account a crime?

My husband past away a few weeks ago. I proceeded to deactivate his facebook account. His parents are now threatening to have me arrested for tampering with someones facebook, which they say is a felony. Could I actually get in trouble for deactivating his facebook?