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How Come Progressive Europe Prospers While Conservative Areas Like Africa Mid East Mexico

I need some help for a test coming upon the progress era, my book doesnt have alot of info so anything helps?

I was out of school for a while with shingles and need some help

1. What did progressives believe was the proper function of the govt in regards to society

2.How did progressives differ from the populists in the 1890s

3. What was a muckraker, what did they try to accomplish, who were some leading muckrakers

4 What types of reforms did the progressives want to make

5. what problems did cities typically have at this time, how did progressives want to solve thes problems

6. what political problems existed at this time, what political reforms did progressives want to acomplish

7 what did progressives want to accomplish for women? workers? how succesful were they

8.what was the progressive position on prohibition, how succesful were they in promoting this position

9.what was the progressives position on African-Americans, what was the impact of this position

10. who were 2 great African-American leaders of the progressive period, explain their differences

Wath do you think or know of argentina?

Argentina is a South American country, which speaks spanish. They have beautiful beaches and places to visit and pretty ladies. They have a very insteresting cultures that spaniards brought during their expeditions. Economically, they are stable compared to other latin american countries. They are the makers of Bersa line of firearms (I own one, Bersa Thunder Cal. 40). They lose the battle for the Falkland Island to Great Britain. Que pasa? Muchos Gracias.