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How Come When I Plug In My Iphone And Sync It Says

Why isn't my iphone syncing my music?

I put in my iphone with its usb connection in my labtop and this box comes up and says something about pictures. I clicked next and then those pics from my iphone are added.Then I go to windows Media Player and press sync. Eventhough my iphone is connected the computer says no devices are connected.How do I make my computer find and sync to my iphone?

When Bluetooth syncing your iPhone to your car audio, does plugging in the charger mess things up sometimes? Why?

The charging port of an iPhone is also a data port. If you plug the phone into a dedicated charger, nothing should happen. However, if you plug the phone into the car’s USB port, the car audio system will attempt to redirect the audio stream to the phone’s Lightning port instead of the Bluetooth “port.”Since the audio stream can go out the Bluetooth or Lightning (USB port) you should only have a problem if the “charger” attempts to claim the audio stream.

Why won't my iPhone sync?

When I go into iTunes it shows that my phone has 1.52 gigabytes of free space on my phone, but when I try to sync my phone a message comes up saying "The iPhone cannot be synced because there is not enough free space to hold all of the selected items (additional 7.07 GB required)." I'm not trying to add a lot of songs maybe a few, but I want to delete more.

How do I sync contacts from my iPhone to my Mac?

Howdy!  I would suggest this process:*do not connect iPhone to computer*1. Open iTunes->Edit->Preferences, Click on tab "Devices" and check "Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically.2. Connect iPhone to computera. Select the device from left hand paneb. Go to "Info" and check mark "Sync Contacts" and choose the correct type of contacts from the drop down. If your laptop and iPhone contacts are different and the phone is up to date vs the laptop you may want to back up the laptop and purge it. If it were me, that is what I would do. I would backup my contacts on the laptop first then purge the address book, then sync my phone back into the contact list. I would do this mainly so nothing was lost/duplicated or any other possible problem that could arise. From there I would then merge the backup into the client again. I have done this previously and then used to remove/merge duplicates. I didn't really want to export to xls and clean up the contacts on 2900 or so entries!

Can you sync music from iphone to itunes?

they do this so you cant go to someone's computer and download their music to your iphone then take your iphone, plug it into your computer, and put the music up there. They don't want anyone getting free music. If I bought a son by Gorillaz that you didn't have and didn't want to buy, you would be able to sync with my computer, take the song, and put it on your computer for free although there are third party programs that allow you to transfer from your device to your computer. just google it.As far as purchased music, you bought it with your account so naturally it would transfer to your computer that has your account on it.

What would happen if i plugged my iphone into someone Else's computer?

When you plug you iPhone into another person's computer, iTunes will ask you if you would like to clear photos etc. and replace them with the contents on the other person's computer (Computer 2). If you say no, nothing will happen.
Note: Take precautions and read the warning extremely carefully, as it might be very confusing to certain people.
If you wish to upload videos and photos to your borother's iMac here is how you do it:
MUSIC (Putting onto your iPhone only)
Go to iTunes and say no to all warnings. Click on your iPhone and click 'add files manually' or the third checkbox in the summary. Then all you have to do is drag your bro's music or any other iTunes user's songs on your iPhone.
PHOTOS (Exporting from your iPhone to the iMac)
Unfortunately, I don't have a Mac, but if you go on a normal computer you just have to go to the 'Computer' file, click on your iPhone, click DCIM and just select the photos you want and copy them to anywhere. From here you can get a USB and transfer the photos from a PC to Mac, you could email or Bluetooth even.
Videos are the same as photos.

I really hope I helped you.

Iphone wont sync to itunes!? Error (0xE8000065)?

I really need help. i just got my iPhone for christmas and i plugged it in. at first it was working fine. today its not. when i plug it in it says. "you cannot connect this device because error itunes cannot connect to this iphone an unknown error occurred (0xE8000065) has occured. and if i exit out of that box itunes freezes but my internet works and if i click out of itunes it wont work but then right when i unplug my iphone it exits out. and i have iOS 6.0.1 and everythings up to date.and below this box is a thing that says product info and operating system and ios 6.0.2 shows up but it doesnt show up on my iphone! i looked online and it said to turn wifi sync off so i went to it in my iphone settings and i dont know how to shut it off, and of course i cant do it in itunes because I WONT WORK! im getting really mad and i dont know what to do. can somebodyy help me soon PLEASE!!! i really need it. thanx:)