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How Come When My Sister Called My Mom It Called My Mom And Me At The Same Time On The Iphone 5

Should my sister of called the cops?

I dont know the details that trruly led up to why he hit her but of course there are always other ways to deal with situations versus being violence. The police and family is never a good look.
On the other hand, though you should be commended for staying to help out your family, the truth is if you want to avoid thses types of problems the best solution is to move out. Unfortunately when you live in someone elses house you have to put up with a certain amount of crap. it does not matter that you pay any bills it is still their house, with their name on it. I am sure your dad is going through his own issues because of his employment situation, that can be such a stressful, depressing and difficult time and often we abuse the ones closest to use when all they are trying to do is help and be supportive. Alot of people do not know how express and channel their anger appropriately. Regardless ( and I know you may not like it or agree) he is still your father and you still have to treat him with respect. He may not be acting the best right now but he is still your dad and you are still living in HIS house. And like I said before, if it is that big of a problem you can always move out.

My sister broke my iphone & my mom is making me pay 4 it! What can I do?

My nana bought me a iphone so I could stay in touch w my friends because I moved to this crappy little town six hours away from the city & my laptop never ever works & I'm lonely & it was the ONE nice thing I owned. My nana paid the $99 (actually like $150 w the taxes & fees) & my mom signed the 2 yr contract & I agreed 2 pay her the monthly fees 4 the iphone data stuff. So last week my sister who KNOWS to not play w my iPhone went into my room & took it down to the basement (best recepeption there when its raining) and dropped it on the concrete floor so the front screen looks totally crappy now! It's horrible! There's not even a store here that sells them so I had 2 go all the way to this other town n AT&T told me that it would cost more 2 fix the phone than what we paid for it. I had money w me & wanted to just buy a new one but they said no that the $99 price was only for when u get a brand new 2yr contract & w/out the contract it's over $500!!!!!
Even tho the phone is broke I still have 2 pay for the data fee $30 per month plus taxes = like $37 per month for two years. My mom is still making me pay her that money every month even tho none of this was my fault. She said it was partly my fault cause I didnt keep a better eye on my sister. My sister is 11! I was taking a shower when it happened. She's not retarded or anything, she's in gifted classes actually so I mean its not like she needs to be watched every second.She got in big trouble that night 4 breaking my phone but thats it. For the next 2 yrs I have to pay 4 her mistake. How is that fair? What can I do?

My mom called me a loser?

It is your Mum that is a loser here, because as a Parent she should be motivating you, but it is obvious she does not know how to do this. However, you are a bright kid and obviously you are feeling down because of her attitude. So prove her wrong, I used to do this, whenever something like that was said to me, I would say in my mind....really well we shall see. Let this go over your head because really you have nothing to prove to her or to anybody, all you have to do is please yourself. Whatever has happened to you in the past has gone, you need to live in the moment and you now need to create or think what goal you want, and just go for it.
You don't need to try to change her or please her, just be polite because one day this will all change when you have achieved your goal you set out. Your Mum has problems that you cannot solve, all you can do is understand that she is very unhappy and when she calls you a loser, she is really calling herself. So try your best to keep your head in a different place and go about your business with compassion, because you have the advantage....that is you know that you can do anything you want if you work hard, and you know you have the ability to achieve...let nothing get in the way of your goal....Next time your Mum says this to you here is what you should say......thanks Mum, but I still loves ya.....That might shock her, try it and see.

My mom just called for the 3rd time today...?

are you in college? Us mom's worry alot and ask alot of questions because in this day and age schools are not safe anymore!! All the school shootings, robberies and murders lately with college students is scary as hell!!!! Recently in NC two college students were killed for no reason and they both were very smart and some low life jerks took their lives just because they felt like it!!! One of these scumbags is up on murder charges for 2 murders and he is sadly only 17 years old!!! This is why your mom is so worried and bent on every move you make sweetie. It's not that she doesn't trust you or that she is trying to bug you!! Us parents tend to be more overprotective these days because the world has gone crazy!!! When I was in school we never had to worry about shootings or stabbings and now my high school has metal detectors and students have to wear an id tag. It is crazy!!!
I agree with what evan said about telling her your grown up and not a little girl anymore but keep in mind what I said and how schools are not that safe anymore and this is definately why she worries about you. I don't agree however with the person who stated that you should just turn your phone off!!!! That will make your mother worry more that something has happened to you and will make her freak out!!!!Always answer it and let her know your safe!!!! One of the girls shot and murdered here in NC was the student body president and she was only one year older than you are!! It can happen to anyone and listen to your mom about never going out alone. Stay ina group with your friends!! Be safe and not sorry!! You should talk with your mom about how you feel and maybe ask her to call you at certain times of the night or day!! Don't get mad at her because you should feel lucky that you have a mom who cares and loves you and only wants what's best for you!!!

Unless some other people who answered that question, I don't think that a fact that she is your mother is relevant here.Relevant question would be that:Does your mother provide sex service for money?In that case, by saying that she is a whore you stated a true. The only think is that this specific term is not politically correct, usually people use it as an offence.You are guilty at least of a bad wording.Also why would you tell your mom something that she already know?It's like if I would tell my mom "you are small business owner". I don't see much sense.However if your mom is not a sex worker I don't have an excuse for you. The only reason why you used that world was to hurt her. You have no right to do that.If she is emotionally abusing you too, you have other ways of helping yourself, you don't have to pay an eye for an eye.You asked if you should regret- no, don't. Regretting is a stupid waste of time. Use it to look for a ways to be a be a better human being in a future or how to make up for a damages that you have already created.

My mom called me gay?

This sucks, i feel for you. I'm in the same boat, i feel like I'm the only person i know whos not prejudice against people for stupid reasons. Just be happy that your smarter then they are, and get the hell out of there as soon as possible. There's nothing disgusting about being gay. People that think there is can't even comprehend why they think it, it's just something ingrained in them, like extremist religious views. Please don't let this get to you, people call my gay because i see nothing wrong with it. It doesn't make me gay, and i know it. So i do my best to not let there obvious attempts to get at me, get at me. Don't feel bad, just know that some people are to stupid to comprehend simple things, so they take it out on undeserving people.

My mom called me a b*tch, what do i do?

properly in the adventure that your have been nevertheless doing all your laundry whilst all this became occurring then definite, your no longer displaying her appreciate. How would you experience if somebody you wanted to have a extreme communique with became caught to their telephone and texting decrease from side to side to a chum? you like them to pay attention you out yet they by no capability placed the damn element down for 5 minutes. i in my opinion hate this and experience I deserve their undivided interest on a extreme count. as some distance as a results of fact the rest room paper is going it sounds like this is one among your chores to ascertain there's a clean place on whilst the previous one is out. in case you knew it became out then why did no longer you merely exchange it out? And what became with the reaction of, "ok, what do you like?"? Why could no longer you merely make an apology and tell her you will safeguard it? You knew o.k. what she wanted and that became to do a chore so why the clever assertion. you may hate the chore you ought to do and experience like a slave yet she places a roof over your head, foodstuff on your abdomen and garments on your decrease back together with her money. except your waiting to pay your guy or woman own loan or lease, water, electric powered, gas, telephone, cable invoice, scientific coverage, a motor vehicle and vehicle coverage or a public transit gadget or taxi in case you no longer old adequate tocontinual, carry down an entire time interest whilst additionally going to college then by capability of all capability clever mouth her all you like yet till then comprehend each and all the failings she incredibly does for you and how it could no longer harm you to supply her some appreciate and help her out with the chores.

Should MY Sister have Called the Cops on Me to try to Destroy my life?

Re your Sister, you may not believe it but in my opinion she is definitely worried about you, probably all day she was working herself up and by the time she got into your room she let fire. She just doesn't know how to help you. my sister was the same.

Re. your depression. Get out of your room believe me it is not the way. Make a decision to one job each day and do
it well the best you can, simple thing like cleaning and tidying the living room, sounds mad you say, not mad, it
is to show you that your mind can be changed and lifted
by what you do physically. while you are thinking about
say, changing around the furniture you have your mind
on something else, and when you are finished you will
like what you did and feel better.

re your meds. I don't know how long you are on your meds
but I would go back to the GP and tell him how you feel
and they are not working that is, if you are on them longer
than 6/8 weeks. You don't have to be like this.

I have said a lot and it probably doesn't make sense I prefer
face to face, but I wish you happy happy days!

p.s. if I was talking to you I would ask you to try and pin point when and why your low feelings started.

Finally believe me your Sister is frustrated because she
does not know what to do to help you, please help her
that would be a start, that will be a fab start.

Throughout all of my childhood, all of my mums family lived alongside mine in the same road. No one house belonged to anyone and we shared them all. Growing up, I was the eldest grandchild but only ever heard my mums mum being called mum so that’s what I called her. So I had two mums which did turn heads when we went out together as I spoke to them. Somehow we all knew who was speaking to who though. My actual mum was touched that I called her mum, mum too. There was no finer accolade for the head of our family who loved her brood and we were all so happy that no one ever wanted to leave. She adored my dad and with my mums help, put his miserable childhood in the past and welcomed him as one of her own. Every generation since, has gone on to raise fine and much loved children, we all say it’s a bit of my mums mum in all of us, it’s what makes us good parents.As for my dads mum, nothing much. She didn’t like children and tied her own to chairs whilst she read and ate chocolate. Fortunately, my dads sad upbringing made him want to be a better dad and he was one of the best.Both my grandfathers had died before I was born.

My mom called me disgusting so I carved the word into my arm?

My mom has always called me terrible names and I got used to it, until my dad died and my dog died in the same month and I don't have any brothers or sisters, so I live only with my mom. I sunk into a deep depression and I let my room get dirty and I didn't really care about anything, not even myself. My mom is always angry about something and always stressed over stupid crap and calls me names and one time she went too far, she said I was a disgusting piece of **** and I don't remember why. Anyway she pretty much embedded that in my brain so I went a little crazy and carved the word "disgusting" into my arm and it's still there today. I haven't been right in the head since then. Am I weak?
The rest of my family gives me weird looks now because of it, and they ask why but I'm too embarrassed to tell them. Is the scar going to be there forever?