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How Could I Be Getting Visits From My Own Ip That Do Not Exist

Poll: If you could exist within any movie ever made... literally becomes your reality, you'd choose which film?

Star Trek.

Not that I'm a huge Star Trek fan, but it represents a Universe where space travel is relatively easy (too easy, from my fictional perspective), humanity has learned to live together in peace and is trying to extend that beyond its planetary boundaries, and while there is room for adventure in this fictional universe, there is also room for peace and quiet as well.

My daughter's way of "getting even" is to take away my visits with my grandsons.?

Couple of things.. for fairness, it depends a lot on what she "thinks" you are doing wrong, and MAYBE it has to do with what you call extreme attachment. My daughter's mother in law was obsessed with the grandchildren to the point of hysteria.. when the parents moved to calm things down, she instigated her son to file for divorce (which he later withdrew).
If (as you say) she IS doing this, just to get even, then you have a real problem, and I can totally understand your depression. If possible.. you need to define if you are overly involved with the kids.. or do you have a vindictive daughter? It can be hard to figure out.
As for taking her to court.. I firmly disagree with that. Many states did pass "grandparent" laws, which EVENTUALLY were overruled by the US Supreme court in Troxel vs Granville. You can file against a parent ONLY if you have solid proof that the parent is unfit. If she is not unfit, but this is a family disagreement, she has the Constitutional right to make choices about her children.. even if that means cutting you out entirely. Federal law takes precedence over state law.. and they have ruled that grandparent rights do not exist.
I really do understand. The vindictive grandmother filed false allegations against the parents, and tricked them into giving up custody. She is well aware that I know what she did was illegal.. but I am the target of her retaliation, for sticking up for my daughter.
I pray that your situation is solved easier than mine.

I wouldn’t say a virus but you can run a piece of code (without notice it) that may be an open door to viruses. Some sites are full of popups and ads (like you said) and, accidentally, you may just click on it and install something you usually wouldn’t install. And yes, unstrustable sites can get accounts details when your logged into them, including cookies information, but not your password (unless they’ve installed something that are tracking you).All I can say is: be careful with websites that lead you to lots of popups. But If you didn’t click on anything, it’s very unlikely you have got any kind of virus or malware. Anyway, try to delete your cookies and your temporary internet files. Also, check if your web browser has any add-on you haven’t wittingly installed. If you find something weird, just remove it.

That is not really possible unless you are running a tracking service yourself (and have lots of customers). Assume that you run the site and the user visits your site. You can note the IP adress of the user and can also set a tracking cookie on your domain. Now the user goes to (not by clicking on a link at your site but e.g. by going to google first). othersite isn't run by you obviously so they do their own tracking. You will never know what the user is doing unless he returns to your site and in this case you will only know the site immediately before your site (e.g. google) and nothing else.If you are running a tracking service (and you are abusing your position), the service collects data from any domain that the service uses, so you would know what the user is doing on each site that incorporates the tracking script. This is of course a major abuse of the service (which doesn't mean that it isn't done) and this is the exact reason why people are wary of tracking services.

If you could design your own coffin, what would it look like?

Don't need a coffin. My body is going to a medical learning facility because I have a rare disorder and perhaps they can learn from it. Why plant a person and use up space? If you feel the need to plant something plant a food crop! Much more benefit!

DO crystal balls exist?

yes of course they do.
I've been wanting to buy one, but they are very expensive.... and you know, being a Christian I really don't want alot of unnecessary questions flung my way.
I just think stones are awesome! you should see my collection. Also - I have the most amazing story about a crystal rock I found... I should really get a picture of it and post it on my blog. It's a miracle in itself - totally God.
AND I have another one plus some polished rock crystal that I've found.
Story is too long to type here.

Hey you just gave me a great idea for my blog though.... I've been wondering what to write about....

((((rae again)))))

You would have 30 sessions but one user, this then helps you track return rate of your users over time.A Unique Visitor = UserVisits = SessionsIf it is your own website I would recommend blocking your IP with Google Analytics so you do not dilute your data.

If the website wants to, then it can get details about you you might not even know was accessible.For instance, the ip address of the website users are easily available to the server, So if the website wants, they could just save it . For people with static IP addresses, it may become great security flaw in very bad hands.Then some browsers could access webcam, and could capture everything you do infront of a webcam with audio….Even a logged in social network details can be fetched using respiective APIs .And to worsen, some browsers trick you to inject malware into your system which might even include keylogger, which you won't even know exist in your system.Overall, if you don't know what you are doing, a website can have access to your whole system and its contents

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