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How Could I Convince My Grandparents To Allow My Boyfriend To Move In

How can I convince my parents to let my boyfriend move in?

I knew very conservative parents who would take their kids' significant others on overnight vacations with them even as early as jr high (separate bedrooms or tents, etc.) I know this is more than a vacation of camping trip but my point is that it's not horribly taboo even in religious, conservative families.

You sound like really good kids (teens, sorry - I only say "kids" because I'm old lol); you're clearly very articulate and intelligent which puts you above a lot of the teens I know these days. If you have good communication with your parents, you should be able to talk to them about this.

Make plans to really talk with them, set aside some time so that it's not like you're in the car on the way to the store and just blurt it out :) Set up a plan, first though: what will you do to ensure that they (your parents) will be comfortable with this? Are you two willing to, say, sleep with your bedroom doors ajar? Can your bf commit to putting in a certain number of job applications per week to show he's putting forth good effort? Will he be willing to pay some sort of nominal rent once he has a job? Stuff like that.

Offer to sign a contract with your parents - you, your bf and them - that outlines guidelines and such. Be willing to put forth more effort than usual around the house. Ultimately, come at them like an adult and don't beg or anything. I think you can all can work this out if they're willing to be a little flexible, and if my assumption is right and you're both really good, level, responsible kids :)

How do I convince my boyfriend to keep convincing his parents for our inter-caste marriage?

Who else can better understand than someone in exact situation . Yes , I am in the same situation months before and still in. We've been in a relationship for 2 years when we had everything perfect towards each other. Being an Indian girl I guess you can understand the pain of postponing marriage with silly reasons for 2 years. And when it comes to the BIG day of revealing the parents and start convincing them he said his parents are completely against and they might give up their lives if he does chose me. I was dumbstruck , like it wasn't a major discussion or fight he had told them( or he didn't at all!!) once and this heartening answer came from him . On my side I have told my parents and with lot of pain I convinced them to at least meet him. And then he said when we don't  have any future whats the point in meeting them. Please move on in life. Dont make me feel guilty , am sorry and etc etc. So what I finally understood was if a boy has commitment and wants to get you in his life, he will do it no matter what. If he doesn't show any efforts my dear sister its high time to make a move. In my case he moved abroad and sometimes whatsapps me saying Happy Independence day and Happy Diwali !! And he doesn't want to talk on the same topic because he made up his mind and there will be no change. I know I dont have any reasons to keep hope and wait . But still my heart silently aches for him . Sorry for my story.. All I want to say is when he failed in convincing he failed in love. So better understand the fact quickly and move ahead in life. If you both decided for yourselves and moved out , I'd very happy for you. But if he still have the same mindset please double think.  Once you start balancing your life without him , you will know youre worth of more better things.

How to convince my parents to let me live with my boyfriend?(Kinda long but help would be really appreciated!)?

How about telling your dad first about the college your boyfriend goes to, and how much cheaper it is, then tell him about living with your boyfriend and how you two plan on helping each other pay for it.

Your sister didn't tell him anything and went ahead to live with her boyfriend without his permission, don't be like her. Talk to him, if he sees how much you have planned this out, he might let you live with your boyfriend.

Take you boyfriend to have dinner with you and your parents, then when all of you are done eating, the both of you talk to your dad and tell him of ya'll plans. He has to see that you AND your boyfriend are serious about this. If only you talk to him about this, he might believe that only you want this to happen. Your boyfriend has to be there with you when you try to convince him!

Hoped this helped. :)

Boyfriend's parents racist? Convincing him to leave me?

I grew up in a white world so I can't say I know how you feel. I also have a hard time understanding why people are judged by their skin color instead of who they are. I don't know if this will help you but try to understand that the grandparents were brought up in a different culture and that is what they were taught. Often older people are stuck in their ways and their opinions.

I'm more concerned about the boyfriend's reaction, though. You say you want to marry him. Did he stand up to his grandparents and let them know that he loves you for the person you are? If the two of you are to build a life together, there may come a time where he will have to choose between you and his family. Hopefully it will never come to that but you never know.

Most importantly, you have to be confident in who you are. The color of your skin does not define the person you are. Never let anyone dictate to you how you should feel about yourself. If you do end up marrying this man, you will have a lifetime of comments and inuendos from relatives who may not approve of the marriage. The bottom line is the marriage is between the two of you. Is your boyfriend sufficiently supportive of you and how you feel to be able to stand up for you to his family if that becomes necessary?

If at all possible, you may want to make a special effort to let the grandparents get to know you as a person instead of as a Dominican. This will take time and only you can decide if your relationship is worth the extra effort. Hopefully they will eventually come around and settle down. If not, they may just have to be relegated to being the annoying in-laws.

How to convince your parents to let you move in with relatives?

Why do you hate it so much where you are? I don't think moving out of your mom's house is something you should push for unless you have a really good reason for it.

I don't know what your grandparents have said about you moving in with them. If they've told you they think it's a good idea, then they might be able to convince your mom. Parents tend to listen more to older people than they do to their own children. Your mom might think you are just being a whiny teenager if you complain, but if your grandparents make the argument that moving would be beneficial to you, then your mom could take it more seriously.

If your mom still doesn't want you to move out, there's not too much you can do. After all, she is your mom. Most parents aren't too keen on their kids living away from them.

Please try to be positive about whatever decision is made. You'd try to cheer up a friend who was stuck in an unhappy place, wouldn't you? You owe it to yourself to do the same thing for you. I wish you the very best! :-)

How can i convince my dad to let my boyfriend move in?

in my house, what dad says, goes. Respect his decision and step into his shoes. If you had a 16 year old daughter, would YOU let HER boyfriend move in the house? Where they would be co-habitating and Lord knows what else. Explain his situation to your dad, but don't throw a tantrum if he says no. He only has your best interest in mind.

How can I move in with my grandparents when I am 17 and my dad disapproves?

JayJay is wrong, you can't just do what you want at 17. You are still a minor, which means the designated adults are responsible for you. I'm assuming that your Dad currently has custody. Because you are 17, however, your wishes will carry a great deal of weight when you do go to court. Maybe when your Dad's attorney tells him this, he'll back off and allow your grandparents to have custody until you are 18. I hope it works out for you. But, besides telling the court what you prefer, there's not much you can do, so leave it to the adults.

How do I convince my parents to stand up for themselves?

It all started when my uncle aunt and cousins and grandparents moved to the flat we owned. At first everything was normal but it started when my dad hired my uncle to help him paint houses and such. A month later my uncle fell off the ladder and when he was painting a house even though he didnt even break anything he sued my dad for millions of dollars. Then they started leaving the T.V on and such to waste electricity sine we payed the electric bills. When my grandma died they blames on my parents. Because of all this my parents are planning to move to an apartment for awhile until we find our new home but the apartments that we live close to me and my sisters school do not allow pets and that means my dog can not come and has to be put in a shelter. My dad also will have to quit his job which payed 60$an hour. I keep telling them that they have to stand up for them selves but they would not listen to me because they think Im to young to understand. What should I do?