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How Did Slaves Become Slaves

How did the slaves become free?

In 1863 Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation proclamation freeing many slaves (but not all)on intention of preserving the union. Because the northern American states did not depend on the slaves like the southern states did. You are so correct about the small percentage of white people owning slaves. However many of the people who did not own slaves and couldn't afford had this hope that one day they could own a slave themselves and is why they weren't in favor of the abolition of slavery. White and black people fought to end slavery and racism and white and black people have both made judgments. It is our duty to keep fighting for the good and just and it's our duty to make judgments based on character.

Where did most roman slaves come from?

The slaves of Rome were of all races that the Empire had conquered. Slaves were considered part of the plunder when these countries came under Roman control
It started when Rome started plundering the known world of the time and it ended when the slaves revolted and helped invaders come into Rome and burn it almost to the ground.
It happened when the slaves outnumbered the captors and when the slaves insinuated themselves into all levels of society. The Romans let them do it because it was so easy to let them do all the thinking and work.
The sililarities would include: 1. they were sold as a commodity.
2. They had no civil rights 3. They were considered a disposible asset.
4. They had no right to food or a place to sleep or even to their own children. In fact there was no such thing as a family among the slaves. The children were sold. They were forced to mate with whomever the master demanded.
All of these things occured in slavery in the US and in Rome
The differences were......1. The romans educated some of their slaves. In the US it was illegal to educate a slave and could cause them to be killed if found out. 2. They were allowed in some cases to work and earn their own freedom.This did not happen until late in US slavery 3. It was legal to kill or maim a slave in the US, In Rome it was generally considered a bad thing for an owner to do this often. However some returning Generals would send slaves ahead and have them killed while he rode in over their bodies. This was stopped because the slaves were worth so much money to the state who had paid for the expedition.
HOpe this helps and hope u also will realize that ALL societies have utilized slaves especially in the beginning of their society. It never lasted long because the slaves would always become much to powerful

How did Africans become slaves in America?

Slavery was a common practice in many cultures. In Africa, when groups fought, the losers would often be taken captive and would then either be ransomed or kept as slaves. In this situation, the slaves were often freed after a period of time or became almost like members of the family. They could also be purchased back by their families or rescued in small skirmishes.

Europeans began exploring and trading in Africa at approximately the same time that they began settling in the West Indies. Larger African kingdoms who captured many slaves traded their captives to the Europeans (primarily Dutch) for goods and the Europeans valued the slaves as a source of cheap labor who were essentially disposable. The diseases of the New World could ravage them and their new masters didn't care.

Many Europeans regarded Africans as subhuman and uncivilized so they were mistreated. In later times, American slave owners came to justify their continued enslavement of an entire race based on that belief. They often believed that because the Africans were less than human, they needed to be enslaved and civilized and taken care of.

Edit: I believe that you might be thinking of indentured servitude. This was sometimes an option for the very poor to find work in the new world. They committed to work for 7 years to pay their passage and when they landed, their indenture was bought by settlers. When their servitude was up, they could work freely, but until then, they were essentially slaves. This was not an option "chosen" by Africans but by Europeans who were either too poor or forced to leave their home country because of crimes they had committed.

Why did black people become slaves?

This question has been asked tenfold...

to say they 'sold their own people' is not quite true. I will show you how using the argument that black people were racial sellouts is misleading.

For example: During the Roman Empire, the Roman army fought tribes from Europe. Let's say the Romans defeated the Visigoths and made them prisoners or enforced Roman rule over Visigoth towns.

Let's imagine that along comes an Arab ruler who wants slaves. The Romans 'sell' the Visigoths to the Arabs. Now mind you, BOTH THE ROMANS AND VISIGOTHS ARE EUROPEAN, I.E. WHITE. However, it should be noted that they are from totally different ethnic groups and cultures. They are also at war! The Arabs then take a vast number of Visigoths and any other neighboring tribes into slavery, courtesy of the Romans.

Fast forward to 2008. If the following case were true (I only made up the slavery part to prove my point - Arabs didn't have Visigoth slaves), people would say...

"Why did white people become slaves? I heard that white people sold their own people into slavery".

You would then have the same thing happening: people arguing that white people sold their own people --- WHEN IN FACT ROMANS AND VISIGOTHS ARE TWO DIFFERENT CULTURES.

The Africans giving others away for slavery DID NOT SELL THEIR OWN ETHNIC GROUPS OR TRIBES. Many were of neighboring or rival groups. In their minds, these were not their 'own people'.

Africa is not a 'country' with one ethnic group, one language, and the same customs and culture. If Spanish people kidnapped some Norwegians and sold them into slavery, is that 'selling their own kind'? Of course it's not, even though they are from Europe they are very different.

It's a shame that we still have to argue this point again and again.

Did African slaves want to become Christians?

Many slave owners prevented their slaves from learning to read, and converting to Christianity. To do so would have humanized them, allowed them to petition for their liberty, and would have made them their presumed brothers. But most of the slave holders justified mistreatment of the Africans because they believed that they were unlearned, ruled by the passions - rather than reason, and that they were cursed to Hell. Many slaves became Christians though, holding services in secret. The Africans who become believers today, do so because they want to.
p.s. People have misused the following verses, including the United States Government, Romans 13:1-7; 1Peter 2:13-16 etc.