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How Did The Italian Renaissance Influence Shakespeare In His Views On Human Nature

What was Shakespeare's view on human nature ?

He wrote about every possible human action, social intercourse, betrayal, envy, usurpation, tragedy and more besides. The plays transcend time and are as relevant today as they were back then.

Did the Renaissance really occur?

As a Medieval Historian, I would disagree with you.Your reasons for thinking otherwise are indeed sound, but they overlook some important things.The word ‘���Renaissance’’ means ‘’Be-Birth.’’ In order for there to be a ‘rebirth’ there has to have been a ‘death’ of sorts. Indeed, in 1348 -1350 the most culturally shocking event happened to the peoples in Europe, and it began in Genoa and Venice. These were two important trading cities of the growing Italian city-states and had just begun to flush in their own right. Then, on an August afternoon in 1348, a number of rats made their way down the rope line from the merchant ships and into one of the worst moments in human history.The three forms of the Plague were Pneumonia, Septis, and Bubonic Plague wiped out 25-million people in a stunning turns of events. One in three people died, and the other two-thirds were forever affected by the loss of loved ones and the need for civil reform.Europeans across the continent were affected. Plague hit almost all of Italy and France, southern Spain and northern Africa. It was a devastating event in time.The timeline you brought up has a valuable merit to it. I can see why people think the way that they might concerning this time period. Consider the economic impact of having banks full of money of the dead? All of this money in the hands of a population that was 2/3rds the size it was before meant that the Middle classes were now impacted in a positive way. So it wasn’t just the wealthy who benefitted.Moreover, certain painters began to view the world of religion in a different way. Giotto’s painting of Jesus from the perspective of the feet first. The craftsmen who were painting had become full-fledged artists and they began to sign their own names to their work. It was the beginning of a humanistic movement where the individual was celebrated.You are correct in saying that there was a vague time-period. That was something that later generations assigned to it. The rebirth of Europe touched ALL the classes of people and it was a much more broad Renaissance than simply in the arts. The 12th century Renaissance was also a wide array and the lessons learned there were a catalyst for what would become the period of time known as the Renaissance.

Where can I find info on William Shakespeare?

Im a 5th grader struggling to fing good information, pictures, ect. for my 4-H project. Can anyone help me or lead me to a good site?
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How did Italy become the center of the Renaissance movement?

01. D
02. B
03. A (guess; not C or D)
04. C
05. D
06. A
07. C
08. D (guess; not A or B)
09. D
10. D (guess; definitely not C and not A)
11. C
12. B
13. D
14. C
15. A
16. B
17. Answer choice D is missing; possibly B

Can someone explain the Renaissance. What? When? Where? Signigicance?

The Renaissance (or Rebirth) was a rebirth for Europe because they rediscovered education, science, and arts after living without those things for many years. It opened up trade, discovery, and arts throughout Europe. Some of the Western World's classic art and literature derived from this period. Research it at