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How Do Bad People Like Lois Lerner End Up In Positions Of Power To Hurt Americans

Will the House Intelligence Memo hurt and/or stop the Russian investigation?

Of course not. The very short time left in Mueller's investigation will not end because of the unethical partisan manipulation by the JD and FBI. Mueller still needs to interview Trump, at which point it will be case closed.We can use an analogy to make it clear:Let's say, hypothetically, that I get into a serious car wreck, by running into a moving train. The police think they smell alcohol on me. Mind you, I wasn't drinking, but the police take me to a hospital to draw blood to do a blood alcohol check.While in the waiting area, in walk all the people that I had spent the entire day and night with, prior to the wreck. Who was with me 24/7? There were three local ministers, the mayor of my city, SC Chief Justice John Roberts, all 635 US Congressmen, Queen Elizabeth II, Barack Obama, and the Pope.Also, this guy, who found $221,510 dollars in the back seat of his cab … and returned it to the owner:And this gentleman, in jail for a DUI offense, who was mistakenly released after 3 months of his 2 year sentence. Why him? Because he drove himself straight back to prison on his own when he learned it was a mistake:All these people will sign an affidavit, under oath, saying I had no alcohol.What's the point of all this? The hospital and the police are still going to complete the blood test anyway, even though they know that I'm innocent. Propriety must be maintained.Mueller will complete his own train wreck of an investigation for the exact same reason. Propriety must be maintained.To answer the question, the memo will be rendered unnecessary very soon. When Mueller is finished, with no charges against Trump, he'll no longer need proof of FBI corruption. Soon, we'll be watching that investigation with avid interest.

Would congress move forward with an impeachment (if Trump is clearly guilty of an impeachable offense) even though this would do great damage to America's image abroad and lead to us being a less respected nation?

Republicans probably won't allow Trump to be impeached, no matter what evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors, for reasons I cannot fully understand. Would it not be worse for our reputation as a nation to keep a criminal in office, if you have verified evidence that he is, in fact, a criminal? Of course it would cause some upheaval to oust him, but is that really worse than allowing him to stay in office, especially when what he's (allegedly) done is much, much worse than simple obstruction of justice? Would it not taint the highest office in our nation, pollute the very office of the presidency itself, cast a huge shadow of doubt and suspicion on the entire GOP and the entire government itself, to let him stay because it's not convenient enough to send him out the door? If Mueller comes out tomorrow and says in his report that, while true that they found a shitload of questionable actions and straight-up illegal shit, that nothing came up about Trump specifically and that's that, I would not be particularly happy, but I'd accept it. But if he says, Trump knew everything, he coordinated it, he told these guys to do these deals with the Russians, he knew about the direct discussions with WikiLeaks and Guccifer 2.0, he knew about the Trump Tower meeting, etc. etc., then he should GO. If he's guilty, why keep him there?? He's already enacted a bunch of terrible policies, why give him any more time to do more damage. If it were a Democrat, if it were Obama, would these same questions get asked? Of course they would - but no matter who it is, Democrat or Republican, I don't care. If they fucked up in that huge of a way, they just need to go.