How Do I Answer A Question On Ya Under This New Format.

What do you think of the "new" Answers format?

It sucks harder than an entire room of vacuum cleaners. I now only use the UK site and if the UK site goes the same way I'll have to give serious consideration to stopping using it entirely. It's horrible.

Yahoo seems to not be very good at new formats. They ruined Flickr and now they're going after Answers.

They seem to be operating on the principle of "If it's not broken, then break it"

So what exactly is "proper question and answer format"?

Look at the Yahoo team Q's...they totally ask for opinion & relate a violation of format only counts for us users....

Really good to see you again (((BRB)))

What should be ideal answer to the question, "Tell me about yourself"?

if someone is asking me this question and if i am in the stage of freshers engineer then i can say like that.......My name is -----------. I belong to ------------ . I am 22 years old. I have done my batchler of ------ in stream of ----------- from ------ University. I have done my schooling from ---- board, ------.My hobby is playing chess, blogging and I am very much interested about reading and writing. In the free time I have taken a free tuition classes in our society. Which gives me respect and positive source of energy.My strength is my stability, my punctuality and I am optimistic in nature. I have also an ability to convince the people.Coming to my weakness I am straight forward and talkative. To improve my ability, I am working on my short term goal is to get a job in reputed mnc like you. And long term goal is to become successful employee in that company.This is the short introduction about myself.Note: - it may be a chance interviewer can ask a question from my given introduction then ?..…If he asks about position- then my answer – sir when I become a successful employee, then company must be reward me with a good position and salary.)Stability in your sense? - I am not scary from any unwanted situation. I Handle them properly.what your are Blogging ? - I am not a daily blogger but when get free time posting a blog. Mostly topic belongs to tech-news, poem, motivational story and essay. This is based on what I am presently doing and reading.thank you

Why am I unable to post or answer any questions on Yahoo Answers?

Clearly, you have upset a Yahoo! god and they are firing you from Yahoo! Answers.I used to work for Yahoo! Answers a decade ago and I used to spend a lot of time asnwering a lot of questions and the company was extremely happy with my work.In fact, they send me a Yahoo! Answers jacket to my home.I still have it.A few years later I was one of the most popular writers on Yahoo! Answers and the founder and CEO of Yahoo! at the time David Filo himself send me a letter with his signature and everything congratulating me for my hard work.I still have this letter.A decade ago, a letter signed by a billionaire was a huge deal for me.Now, I get job offers from billionaires, almost each month and I almost always decline them.I still want to work for Elon Musk, Adam D’Angelo, Max Levchin, Peter Thiel, Luke Nosek and Ken Howery, thought.One day, all of a sudden my Yahoo! Answers account was blocked for unknown reasons.I tried to open a new account and this worked for a little while but eventually my account was blocked again.I tried to open a new account and this worked again for a little while but eventually my account was blocked again.After that, I simply stopped trying and evolved into something else.I was extremely dissapointed by all this and I could not fully understand why they were blocking my accounts.Obviously I was younger and dumber a decade ago.It turns out a billionaire got upset about some of my answers and he simply bribed Yahoo! and they fired me.I was bringing a lot of eyesballs to Yahoo! Answers a decade ago.I was answering questions for them for free, you know.Maybe Yahoo! would still be profitable today if they hired me as a regular employee back then.We will never know.It appears that you are in exactly the same situation I was a decade ago.Just forget about Yahoo! Answers and focus exclusively on Quora.They are losing money for a reason, you know.I suspect they regret firing me from Yahoo! Answers a decade ago.Ironically, I am currently one of the MOST VIEWED WRITERS on the Yahoo! (Company) category right now here on Quora.Welcome to Quora.I think you will enjoy this chapter in your life.

Strange new behavior posting an answer?

Starting a few days ago I've experienced a problem with Y/A where if I post an answer, the browser screen just goes blank. If I hit reload a warning from browser comes up about resending the form, if I do that twice then the answer appears under the question (like normal). i've had this behavior with Firefox on Windows 7 and with Safari on OSX 10.8.4.

Am I the only one?

Is "Yahoo answers" misused in religious questions?

Do you believe that "Yahoo answers" is the right place to seek for a religious opinion (Fattwa)? Or is it better if someone needs an opinion about "Haj, Zakkah or any other topic" to go to a trustworthy religion man "Shikh" and ask him about his case in particular?!

I am asking cuz I noticed that under this section too many people ask for religious opinions "Fattawa" and they get different answers that are probably ALL right according to different Islamic perspectives "Mathaheb" and I believe this is confusing to the person who asked himself.

Need your answers please agree or disagree and why?

Theres no ask button? how can i ask a question normally??

If you don't see a submit button when posting a question try refreshing the page. Here is how to ask a question. Type your heading in the rectangular box top right where it says whatsup? click details under that, enter your details you can click expand if you want more room click add photo or video if you wish click there, follow the prompts to do so click submit it will now show the category YA chose to place it , if is inappropriate click
"edit category" above browse for the
category you want click and choose it, if
you don't see it
in the initial list click "All" top line
left and you 'll see them all to choose a sub category click the main one and from the list choose the sub category, click then
If you don't choose it at that time you can return later and change the category.
It's always good to return and choose best answer to your question that way you get 3 points back of the 5 points it cost you to ask and you made the answerer who took the time to help you a happy camper because they earned an extra 10 points. When you answer a question you'll also appreciate it.

What is the correct response to the question "How do you do"? Why?

“How do you do?” is not generally thought of as a genuine question about your well-being. Instead it’s treated more like a salutation.The proper answer is either, “Fine, thank you,” or “How do you do?” or some form thereof.For example in a formal setting it might go like:Person A: “Good evening, B. How do you do?”Person B: “Good evening. How do you do?”In this case, it’s being used strictly as a replacement for words like “Hello.”In a less formal setting it might be:Person A: “Hey, B. How do you do?”Person B: “Fine, thank you. How are you?”Person A: “Good. Good. See you.”Person B: “Bye.”In this case, it comes out like a question and answer, but in reality, neither person is expecting a proper answer to the question.In general, if a person wants to actually know how you’re doing, they will follow up “How do you do?” with more specific questions.That would go something like this:Person A: “Hey, B. How do you do?”Person B: “Fine, thank you. How are you?”Person A: “Good. Good. I haven’t talked to you in so long. How have you been?”In that case, it’s now an opening to have a conversation about your current actual state of being.