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How Do I Attract Intellectual

This is a great question...  I will be attempting to drive traffic to a website for a full service real estate investment company. These guys do not have 10 million dollar investment options but they do develop entire communities at a time as well as acquire, renovate, and manage property in 4 states around the country. What im trying to say goes for any business that deals with these types of clientele isnt trying to convert on cheesey call to actions all down the page, pop ups on every page. Even if you did they would be useless because it is the type of sale that ends in person anyways. The strategy we are implementing or at least part of it would be to start a meetup group which has grown to 167 members in barely a month. My boss has already purchased a little office that will be used soley for our free real estate investing workshops. The public gets free education on the topic of real estate investing. Full, hands on education with training courses as well as free content in the form of text books. (My boss likes to run with my ideas sometimes)... Anyways the idea behind this strategy is to get people who are interested in investing, interested in learning real estate investing, or looking to fine tune their skills by learning how to invest in markets that might expand their portfolio. For example: An investor that only invests in single family properties... maybe because they dont know what to do with a multifamily investment if it smacked them in the face. We Use meetups to promote to these people so that they can get their free education with the hopes that they will use their education and use it to invest in property through our company. We have not crossed the bridge yet but im sure their will be a special rate of some kind for our students.I did not mean to ramble on about my own ventures but if you are looking for a certain type of audiance, that takes some time to convert in general, it will probably take a little more work to generate them as a lead.  My audiance will not be clicking one of those bright orange buttons on a blue and green landing page.Also have you ever thought, of implementing something like infusionsoft or hubspot? Optins, freebies, all those work but for a high price client our best form of lead generation has been live events.10 Steps To Successfully Market Your WordPress Meetup

Ways to attract highly intellectual men?

I suggest you read real science. It has already been proven that the Y chromosome is highly complex and highly resilient(remember men suffer from fragile X because of defects in the X chromosome, males only have 1 while females have 2). Also your theory is flawed, or the theories you site are flawed. Most of the DNA and evolution that separates us from chimps that also makes us human is found in the Y chromosome. So that is why humans are different from other mammals. The reason why men are uniquely effected by toxic pollution is because of the type of pollution. It is an estrogen like compound(hormones that males do not produce a lot of). If the chemical compounds had been testosterone based it would be effecting women more so then men. But ignoring that one type of pollution and most studies show men are more resilient to pollution. From smoking to really horrible stuff men are less likely to be negatively effected by it as quickly as it effects most women. I remember my freshman year of high school. It was a great year. Most of the freshman males where larger then the senior males(they where really small on average for some reason so we didn't have to put up with there garbage). Also, because our species is highly mobile gene's spread out more slowing evolution down. I could see some weird biological changes once we develop a more advanced presence in space but currently it is unlikely. The reason people are getting bigger is because there bodies have more energy when growing. Americans in particular pay the least amount of money for our food and have access to many many foods that are rich in nutrition. But I would be careful about using the studies of Barbara Seaman as she is linked to many highly radical feminist organizations that have in the past made up "junk science" (like when they tried to claim that the Y chromosome was obsolete.. but those pesky geneticist's...) While it is known that low testosterone in aging males can cause lower brain function and heightened risk of Alzheimer's. As low estrogen in menopausal women can reduce psychological well being as well as mental capabilities. P.S the study in question was only on women and estrogen.

I am an intellectual woman and also an introvert, and I am terrible at this with men. I can't tell when they are flirting or making fun of me, in fact.I find I must be a good friend with a man before I trust him and really become relaxed enough to form a closer relationship. And for me this has often meant getting to know men through charity work, my religious community, or political campaign volunteering (yes, I'm one of those, I'm afraid! Terribly sincere…).If you are interested in such things, or classes, lectures, sport,...I am an introvert but I find that when I am working for a cause, I am fine with like-minded people. Some introverts are even fine in choral groups or theater, so long as it isn't just, or exactly, them.All good ways to be alongside people without that awkward party thing of having to be entertaining.If you are volunteering, I find you never have to talk a lot about yourself.I hope this helps. It's very hard, I know.

People are generally attracted to others because others have qualities they desire. These qualities can be intellectual, physical, emotional, or possibly others.Some may seek intellectual superiors, while other will seek intellectual peers, and others may seek intellectual inferiors. We all seek security in one form or another. Seeking an intellectual superiors is likely by some who believe that an intellectual superior may better be able to care for that individual and are will to relinquish a certain level of control to achieve that. Seeking an intellectual peer is done because they believe someone at their level is better able to understand them and more likely to provide stability in the relationship itself. Seeking an intellectual inferior is done because they believe that it is more likely to provide them with control in the relationship so they can either focus on other things or because they believe the control will give them long term stability in the relationship.I personally did not want to be the sole person of intellect in my relationships and therefore sought individuals who I thought were on an intellectual basis above average(I knew I could never be 100% perfect and would therefore need help at times and would need that person to be capable of that). Other factors such as worldview, physical appearance, emotional maturity, etc… where also a factor in my personal decision. I also felt I had certain weaknesses which I felt could be mitigated by finding someone strong in those areas so that in the event we had children, we could provide balance.P.S. I am happily married for 13 years to a wonderful wife who was 90% of what I wanted and 100% of what I needed(Admission that my presumptions of need as an early adult were wrong).

Is Quora attracting enough intellectuals and experts?In my opinion answers are very good on Quora.Questions are not nearly good enough or is there anywhere near enough of them

The single best way is to become engaging and open-minded. Intelligent people like to talk about many different topics. Don't shy away from non-familiar conversation topics. If you don't consider yourself that intelligent or you want to be with someone more intelligent, just show that you're willing to tag along, follow conversation, give reasoned opinions and, basically, be a partner as an equal.

How to attract a [male] Virgo?

I highly recommend you try and find Linda Goodman's "Sun Signs"'s an old paperback book with a blue cover. Ms. Goodman has a chapter for each astrological sign, then further categorizes them into M/F, adult/child, and so on, along with all possible combo's (each sign as lover or spouse or child or boss or employee, &tc.).

I think Virgo male with Sagittarius female is an excellent combination; I know such a couple, and the Sagittarius wife is the outgoing "meet 'n' greeter," where her husband is the quieter "keep the home fires burning"...

If you show him that you're careful with money (you know he's a penny-pincher); a "domestic goddess"; nurturing; loving; can help him relax and laugh; can stimulate him intellectually--I can't remember all their quirks, although, as a Capricorn female, I've attracted my fair share of Virgo males in the past...

...please look for Linda Goodman's excellent book; it's a good resource to have on hand. Unfortunately, I've loaned my copy out...

You said, "I know I am not as intelligent as them, but I feel like I want their intelligence more than them."Perhaps the reason they are rejecting you is that, being intelligent, they are able to quickly pick up on this? Most people would rather be loved for who they are (which is under their control) than for meeting some random criteria such as height, coloring, weight, or intelligence that is mainly a result of the genetic lottery. (Some, such as body builders or PhDs, have taken that lottery ticket and done something with it, moving it into the realm of things under their control.)My suggestion would be to figure out what you think having intelligence gives a person (entertaining conversation, a different decision making style, connections from a prestigious university, etc.), then focus on finding someone who displays that attribute or cluster of attributes, rather than the raw intelligence. At least then you'll be interested in them for who they are, not what.