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How Do I Buy Stuff With A Debit Card

Can you use a debit card to buy stuff online?

You can certainly use a debit card for online purchases. The sale will still be posted as a "credit" POS (point of sale) on your account like a credit card purchase, meaning it will not clear immediately after you enter the card info. The only way for a purchase to clear as a "debit" is if you enter your PIN. I assume you are already responsible enough to know you should only spend as much money as you actually have in your account and not bank on these holds to give you time to deposit money for something to clear.

Please keep this in mind though: often times, these "small not so known" websites are not secure and your debit card number (which is directly linked to your checking account) can be compromised. After you make any online purchases, be extra vigilant about watching your account for any unauthorized activity. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've seen people file debit card disputes after using their debit cards online at unsecured sites.

Can I buy stuff with a debit card even if im underage?

Banks are changing their policies to cover the new credit regulations imposed by the government.

If you have a checking account you will probably need a parent's name added to it. In the event you default your parent will be on the hook for your purchases. A lender cannot recover from a minor, therefore no adult no line of credit.

If you get the debit card you are free to spend your money, you can use it online and wells fagro will let you open a checking account with your parent. Banks are moving towards charging an annual fee for this service. When you go to Wells Fargo they will tell you.

Please keep in mind that there is a delay when using the ATMs. You may have more or less money in your account than it says. Adults still have problems with this concept.

Good Luck!

Can i buy stuff online with a debit card if im under 18?

If it is your money in the bank account, your mom is on only because you are under 18. So yes, you can use the debit account. Watch for the logo at the website. If you have Mastercard debit, use it where you see that logo..

Can I buy stuff online with a debit card?

Hey I've been meaning to get my bf these gifts for our anniversary but I can only buy online, either with credit card, or cash - but the cash way takes long and I don't trust it as much.
I have a debit card, but I'm not sure if I can buy things online with it, can I?

How can I use debit card to buy music on iTunes?

you can use your Visa/master Debit card to purchase on iTunes. In payment option select as payment using credit card, then enter your debit card details.Thanks

Can I use a debit card to buy stuff online? Like Forever21?

you can use you debit card one some websites

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How can I use my SBI MasterCard debit card to purchase stuff online from international e-commerce sites like and ?

Ur sbi MasterCard must have enabled international payment. If yes, u easily complete transaction. If no,then follow these stepsMust have Android phone and sbi bank registered sim inside it.Now download sbi quicks apps and open the app.Choose atm service,then enter last four digit of card no. and select international “yes”.Sbi quick app send msg automatically and u receive msg of success ( u must have balance in ur registered no. and for convenience,pls remove other sim from ur sim)Then u will able to complete transaction.

Can I buy things on Amazon with only gift cards and no bank, debit, or credit cards attached to my account?

Of course. You can purchase Amazon gift cards at most of the major grocery, convenience and drug store chains and can use them, exclusively if desired, to pay for your purchases at Amazon. Its also feasible for someone to purchase and send to you a virtual Amazon gift card which can be used by you to make purchases. TurboTax, as yet another example, is partnering with Amazon to allow taxpayers to receive their 2014 tax refund in the form of a virtual Amazon gift card. Anyone taking advantage of that program will have the opportunity to buy things at Amazon without the need to link any other cards or banks accounts.