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How Do I Change My Nintendo Network Id Nickname

Who unvented the television show sesame street?

If you mean invented it was Joan Ganz Cooney and Jim Henson.

I have sent a message to a person who is not my friend on Facebook. He has not seen that message still. Now I want to block his account. If I do so, will he be able to see that message I had sent still?

Actually all the messages you send to an unknown person, I mean the person with whom you aren't friend on Facebook, is transferred to a section called message requests. A lot of people still don't know about this and most of the time miss out those messages aka message requests.So coming to your question, now if you block that person, the messages you sent will be still there at the message requests section, they may even read them, but will not be able to reply or see your profile. Hope I helped you with your question. Any doubt, ask me again ready to help you out.