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How Do I Convert To Judaism

How do I convert To Judaism?

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It takes at least a year, and very often longer, to convert. Potential converts learn Hebrew and celebrate the Jewish festivals for a year.

Orthodox and Conservative conversions require immersion in the mikvah (ritual bath), a Beit Din (court of three knowledgeable Jews who decide whether the convert will be accepted), and brit (circumcision) or hatafat dam brit (circumcision by proxy).

Some Reconstructionist conversions may require all that, but most Recon and Reform conversions don't require as much.

The all-important first step is to attend Jewish services and find a rabbi, who will help you through the whole process.

How can I convert to Judaism?

First off- are you talking about converting reform, conservative or orthodox?

Reform conversion is very quick, conservative a bit longer and orthodox the longest and most painful process.

I will talk about the Orthodox conversion (being Orthodox and with no real knowledge of the others)

1) FInd out either from your local orthodox rabbi who to contact about converting- the programs are normally centrally run, rather than by an individual rabbi.

2) Get accepted into the program- this is not as easy as it sounds. Chances are they will make things difficult for you, run you around a bit- and may even be down right rude. Its part of the process as they only want people who are serious about converting- not doing it for frivolous reasons.

3) Go to classes to learn how to live as a Jew and about Jewish law (rudimentary, enough to be able to live as a Jew.) Unless you have a strong knowledge before starting, these classes take 2-3 years and you CANNOT get engaged or married in this period.

Once you have finished the thory there are two more steps. (1 if female)

4) Skip this one if female- get circumcised.

5) You immerse in a ritual bath called a mikveh in front of witnesses (if you are women the Rabbis do not face you since you are naked- but another women ets them kknow when they can turn around). If you were a man that had been previously circumcised for non-religious purposes, before immersing they draw a drop of blood as a symbolic circumcision before you immerse

After this- CONGRATULATIONS, you are a Jew- and a full blown member of the club, and nothing can ever take it away from you.

How old do you have to be to convert to Judaism?

Okay, so I did contact my local reform temple, and, since I do have parental approval, they said they would be happy to work with me. Now, I have another question (sorry) : If I wanted to convert reform now, and didn't particularly care about being recognized by the Orthodox people, could I, later in my life, convert Orthodox?
And if I convert Orthodox, I can go to a reform temple and stuff, right?
Sorry if I seem really ignorant about this stuff! I'm trying to learn everything I can.

How do you convert to Judaism?

Thanks for the A2A.(Original Question) : I WANT TO become A JEWISH for NO SPEICFIC REASON, What SHALL I do TO become A JEWISH?Get over it. Is taking a non reversible, life changing action due to non specific, vague feelings something you really want to do? Suggestions include a cold shower, repeated face palming exercises, endlessly repeating the mantra “I am a rational, logical man with a rational, vice-like grip on where my life is heading”.Find a reason. If your reason to want to be Jewish is: In your heart you are convinced that serving G-d according Judaism is the ultimate way He wants to be served and that you personally must be part of serving Him to this degree, then good. Otherwise, perhaps consider just getting over your feelings? Being a Non Jew and fully keeping the 7 Noahide Laws will gain you great reward in this world and the next.If the above doesn’t work for you, find a reputable Orthodox Rabbi and let him try and dissuade you.If, despite my best suggestions, you do end up becoming Jewish, may I recommend that you move to Israel. Typing in UPPER CASE is viewed as shouting according to Netiquette and you want to live in a part of the world where raising one’s voice in argument is considered brotherly and a perfectly acceptable method of communication. ;)The question was (briefly) changed to: How can I convert to Judaism?Find a good reason to convert. We are not a proselytizing religion.Start learning all about Judaism. May I recommend and www. as good places to start with.Go and find a good Jewish Rabbi and discuss the matter with him. I recommend it be a good Jewish Orthodox Rabbi since only Orthodox conversions are accepted by all segments of Jewry.Wishing you the very, very best in your life’s journey.

How do I convert to Judaism as a minor?

If you want to convert to Orthodox Judaism- it is not possible as a minor. Why not? Its simple, we can only convert people who are in a position to keep Jewish law and while you are living in a house which is not run according to Jewish law that is not possible. The only way for a minor to convert to Orthodox Judaism is if the entire family converts at the same time.

If you want to convert to one of the liberal forms of Judaism that do not require adherence to Jewish law, speak to your local Rabbi. They will most likely not allow it unless your parents give permission and are willing to support your conversion. However, the drawback to that is that your conversion will not be accepted by all Jews. It definitely will not be accepted by Orthodox Jews and depending on who does it, it may not be accepted by Conservative and even by some reform communities!

Converting to Judaism?

I am an orthodox convert and though i was raised in a jewish home (converted on acount of a liberal conversion by my mother) all converts are going to have issues with thier family, it goes with the territory, no matter how supportive of your descision they are there will be a lot of pushing and shoving as you continue to learn and apply halacha in your life and they realize the very real limmitations in your relationships going forward. The jewish side of my family has had a hard time coping as well with me not being able to eat the food they cook or even sit in non-kosher reasturants with them. My wife is also a convert but from a christian family like yours, they took it pretty hard after our son was born and she explained to them that we could not come over to thier house around the holidays even to visit for the sake of his education, they are also less likely to come over on shabbos or yom tov. However my wife takes these issues in stride as is expected, as do I with my family, part of being jewish is always putting hashem first. On a purely intelectual level i recognize most people would see these choices as crazy but to me i can't imagine doing differently, if you find yourself seeing these realities as an unavoidable part of the life you are compellled to live than you very well may be a ger tzedek. Even if your family disowns you it used to be far worse in the middle ages, when xtians who converted were burned at the stake, or today in Islamic countries where arab converts are murdered or put in prison for the same act.

I'd be happy to give you some tips on interacting with your family after converting if you like, obviously having them eat at yourplace is ideal, but make sure to keep them out of the kitchen, having the food ready ahead of times can help you avoid having to explain to them many "politically incorrect" but essential halacha regarding kashrus

Edit: whatever you do, do not get anything but an orthodox conversion, there is no "easy" way to convert, you will eventually apreciate the irony that people born to a jewish mother can be as bad a jew as they want (at least in thier own minds) but a person born a gentile can only become jewish by accepting the entire torah, don't take it persoanlly, when and if you convert you can help us get our collective &#%$ together...

Can I still go to the YMCA if i convert to judaism?

to all the people talking about gender, i've been going to the Y for three years and have seen my share of 80 year old naked woman in the lockerooms, ugh, you definitely do not HAVE to be a man

How would I convert a Hindu to Judaism?

If she is very religious then you are only likely to succeed in annoying her, but you can always ask.By the way, you cannot convert to be Hindu, but you can convert to Harre KrishnaDifference Between Harre Krishna and HinduismIndia is a homeland of all Hindu people, just like Israel is a homeland for all Jewish people, and the Indian government has implemented a law similar to the Israeli Aliyah Law for Hindus. However India does not allow people to convert and then become citizens, presumably because this might result in an enormous number of refugees walking over the border.It is often easy to date someone from a different culture, but bear in mind that stats show that marriages have a higher chance of success with people from a similar upbringing.

How does one convert to Judaism ?

First, you need to go to your local temple and speak to the Rabbi there. That's really the best way to start. It also depends on which sect of Judaism you plan on converting too. If you want to be Reformed, its a lot easier. If you plan to be Orthodox its a LOT harder to convert and it takes more time. It's worth it though. I'm a convert as well. If you're really interested, its very fulfilling.

DO NOT Listen to people that tell you its not for you. If that's what you really want to do, then do it. You're the only one that can determine if that's what you want and need to do or not. I strongly suggest sitting down with a Rabbi and learning what you need to do. It's only discouraged because the Jewish faith is highly involved, and demands a great deal of respect, most Rabbis will send you through personal trials through the meetings to determine if that is truly what you want and if you're ready. I takes time, but its worth it every little bit.


As a Muslim, how do I convert to Judaism?

You should talk to a Rabbi.Fortunately, for Muslims, Maimonides paved the way for acceptance of the words of the “Ishmaelite” (Muhammad) and considering Jewish views of acceptable gentile religions, you would probably fall within most of the Noachide Laws, already.Do Not Deny GodDo Not Blaspheme GodDo Not MurderDo Not Engage in Incestuous, Adulterous or Homosexual Relationships.Do Not StealDo Not Eat of a Live AnimalEstablish Courts/Legal System to Ensure Law ObedienceThere are similarities between Islam and Judaism, such as similarities between Kashrut and Halal, between Sharia and Halakhah, but there are some distinctions, as well.The things that will change for you.While Muhammad may be acceptable as a gentile religious guideline, the age of prophets ended within Judaism, with Malachi. But, Muhammad may not be the worst case scenario. While Islam sees Jesus as the Jewish Messiah and a prophet, Jesus, in Judaism, brings a whole different meaning.Islam’s arguments against Christianity and idolatry (Trinity) would find some association with Jewish interpretation of Christianity, under acceptable gentile religions. However, claiming Jesus was the Jewish Messiah would fall under the Covenant at Sinai (“bearing false witness”), within the parameters of Judaism.While there might be similarities you see on the surface, there are basic premises of Islam you would have to deny, to follow Judaism. As I said, thanks to Maimonides, Islam is an acceptable gentile religion. Once you fully convert to Judaism, you do not follow acceptable gentile religion guidelines - you follow acceptable guidelines of Judaism.Also, the sincerity of your willingness to convert will be “tested”, so your children may benefit from conversion, as how “Jewish” they are perceived. But that would be reflective on how committed to your conversion, you are. Your motives and devotion will be scrutinized. That is why it would be critical to talk with a Rabbi. Not just because that would be the starting point to approach conversion, but also a way to find out why you want to convert to Judaism (are you “running to” or “running from”).