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How Do I Convince My Family Nudity Isnt As Bad As They Think

How do I convince my parents that no nudity is bad nudity?

Ask them if nudity itself is wrong. They’ll likely say that that people are offended by it when and where it’s not accepted and appropriate. But that nudity itself is OK. Then ask them if they thought never being nude, never seeing other people nude, and not allowing other people to be nude was good for people. That will likely stump them because I believe most people deep down inside know that believing that is going make people more ashamed, more embarrassed, and more intolerant of others then they already are. I suspect that most people tolerate nude intolerant people, but are are more tolerant about nudity themselves than they would freely admit to others.Then ask if it’s OK if you are nude in your room with the door closed. They’ll likely assume you’re just experimenting, and that you’ll get over it. Sure. They might even get tired of knocking first and will enter while you’re still nude, if it doesn’t look like it bothers you for them to do that. If they and any siblings you have in the house get that casual about it, you’re free to go to the bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere else in the house they accept it. That can go either way over time from no, only in our room, to some or all of them becoming casual about being undressed to different degrees, too. I’ve seen it happen both ways in different families. Good luck.

How to convince my parents to let me get GTA 5?

So, im 13 and my parents wont let me get gta 5. I talked to my dad about buying it with my own money. He said he would have to talk to my mom about it. So then the next day he told me that im gonna have to wait a few days after it comes out to be able to play it. They want to see the parental reviews. Which i already know that there is some nude scences in the game, that may drive them away from it. But anyways also my mom thinks that the game degrades women as a whole, yadaadada. My dad on the other hand is open to the fact that maybe i might be mature enough to play it. I told my dad that i wont play it for nudity or the drugs but id like to play it like a fps or need speed. Also i have rdr, which is basically gta in a western setting. I also have bo2, halos, and lfd2. How do i further convince them? Please no answers saying: "wait till your older" or stuff like that. I am a straight a's student, an understand video games arnt real and wont go around blowing up schools or something (my parents already understand that video games dont make people violent) please help! Thanks in advance!

Convince my parents to let me play GTA IV?

The sexual content in GTA IV isn't THAT bad. You do NOT see any fully-nude women (or men :P). The strip bar obviously isn't a must, but it heals your health, and there will be some sexual content like the strip bar in some missions.

Tell your parents that the sexual content in GTA IV won't influence you to do anything bad, obviously. You won't go running around and stripping random girls on the street, and you've probably already seen similiar things in your life. You understand that GTA IV is just a game to play for fun, right? "Everything's Fake" is the perfect thing to say to them in a conversation... Lol.

Another good reason - everyone plays it. Everyone. And people who haven't, know about it, and understand it as well.

Try comparing other games again. After all, they're both rated M, the same rating, so why should it be such a difference?

If all doesn't work, then it only means your parents are pretty strict about it. They decide how to educate you, and if they decide to be too strict with you about these things, it's ruins it for both of you.

How to convince my parents to let me watch anime?

Well it all depends on what type of anime you're watching when they are around. If you were watching some ecchi/comedy anime like Haganai or Highschool DxD then of course they'll gun down hard on you.

My advice, if all your parents are concerned about is the fact anime is full of hentai then just switch to more mature genres like action/gore/horror. Start watching hentai/fanservice free anime like Tokyo Ghoul or Attack on Titan. That should convince them hopefully.

Help convince parents to get red dead redemption?

I really love red dead redemption, but I asked my dad if I could get it in best buy and he laughed in my face and said he might as well let me watch porn. Now he will not even let me explain that the game isn't that graphic and there is only one minor scene. He won't let me get it only because of the nudity an strong sex content. How do I talk to him and convince him to let me get it? Btw I'm 15 and own other games like ac Brohood and cod and stuff so m games aren't a new thing.

How Can I Convince My Parents To Let Me Buy Sims 2?

I really want the Sims, but my parents wont let me get it, mainly because they can 'woohoo'. My friend has it she said there's no nudity or anything of the sort. I'm 13, last time I ask my parents for the Sims was last year, I'm older now & I haven't asked my parents for it again since. I'm afraid of what there reaction might be. Last time I asked my mom went off & yelled at me for even thinking about getting such a game. As you can see my parents are very strict. Is there anyway I can convince my parents into letting me buy it? I really want the game, please help.

How can I convince my girlfriend to send her pictures?

If you care about her the tiniest bit, limit your photo request to one in which she is fully clothed. HUGE risks to sexting and that’s just reality.

Is it bad parenting to let your kids skinny dip?

My parents often skinny-dipped in the family pool and my siblings and I always had an open invitation to join them any time we wanted to. Likewise, when it was just us and we didn’t have company over, my wife and I used, and we still use, our pool and hot tub nude (why not?). Our kids were free to join us, but as was the case with my siblings and I with my parents, our kids usually avoided us when we weren’t wearing anything. Their loss, and in the case of myself, I regret not joining my parents in their skinny-dips.Either way, we and my parents certainly weren’t doing anything that was wrong for the kids to see (with them around), and by example we showed that they wouldn’t be doing anything wrong if they did the same themselves.I sometimes skinny-dipped in my parents pool when they weren’t around, and I know, because they’ve told me, that our kids have (maybe often) skinny-dipped in our pool when we weren’t around. As would have been the case with my parents, the only thing that would have happened if one or both of our kids were “caught”, was that they’d be left alone to continue in peace.Our then teenage daughter one time asked if she and her (female) friend could skinny-dip together (probably so her friend could have the experience). We said yes, and left them to do it without us around.It’s not bad parenting to teach your children to respect and to accept themselves and others simply as they are. And frankly, not allowing people to swim naked is cruel. I’m in the middle of teaching my grand-son to swim. He prefers not wearing anything, and I’m happy for him not to.