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How Do I Cure My Cold Do You Guys Have Any Other Methods

Are there ways to cure or reduce varicocele at home?

Yes there is. I've done it.I was diagnosed with a varicocele on my left testicle when I was 22 years old in university. It was of medium size. This was confirmed by ultrasound. I first noticed it due to a dull pain and the presence of a lumpy mass. Prior to diagnosis I was worried that it might be testicular cancer due to my young age at the time. Fortunately it wasn't.The doctor explained that the options were to wait and see or book a surgery. Apparently there was no other solution. He also indicated that it might affect my fertility in the future.Bullshit.First thing I did was to ditch my boxers in favour of briefs. Good ones with tight athletic support.Next, I did a ton of kegel exercises. This went on for about a month.I did gentle massage and inspection of the area for the same month. I would gently palpate the engorged veins. Relax and breathe.I cleaned up my diet and ate lots of vegetables and ruffage.After a month the pain and discomfort I was experiencing went away. The veins seemed to be less distended but still noticeable.Over the next year the only change I kept up was the briefs. The condition seemed to lessen substantially. I basically forgot I ever had a problem. No pain, nothing.I’m 37 now and I do not have a varicocele. Nothing. You can feel all over and there is no difference between my testicles. I have a heathy 2 year old daughter who was conceived instantly on the first try.The human body is an amazing machine that wants to heal itself if you give it the chance. Don’t let yourself get bullied by doctors.

Cold soar remedies??

I have a cold sore (yes I know they are a form of herpes but so is chicken pox) I haven't gotten one in a long time. My mom use to give the horse pill L-lysine. I woke up and had it. I put chapstick on it and am taking a vitamin supplement with B2 and C and maybe some other stuff (can't read it's in Japanese, that is where I live, Japan) any other remedies????

I have cold sores on my hands!?

I know, sounds weird but I have them on my lips and chin which I have heard others say before. However I kept waking up with different blisters on my hands!
I been doing some research on cold sores and I didn't know they were so contagious and I have been picking them etc and not paying any care or attention to them. Then I read about them and got scared. Then I thought about the blisters on my hands.
At first I thought it was because I might have burnt them in the night or rubbed them etc. (Been drunk alot lately, freshers week at uni, so never know what might've happened). However they are alot redder and there's now 4 of them (One on palm side of my thumb, one on back of hand, one on side of index finger and the last on back of my thumb) not to mention I have 3 on my lips and 1 on my chin.
So what do you guys think I can do?
Should I see a doctor?
I bought zovirax today but it says wash your hands afterwards although they are on my hands, does this mean I cant touch anything?

How long does it take to get rid of a cold sore?

so for this whole month, i had these scabs at the corner of my mouth. and just today when i woke up, it turned into a blister (it's not that big though.)
i'm not sure if it's herpes simplex 1 or herpes simplex 2 (or whatever stage it is).
i just applied zovirax today.
but will my cold sore heal in 5 days? because, this cold sore appeared at a really bad time. i start school in 5 days.

oh and if you have any tips on how to take care of my cold sore, that would be great.

Should I confront the person I think gave me a cold sore?

Jess S, you are aware that cold sores are a form of Herpes, yes? You are aware that once the Herpes virus is in your system, there is no cure, you have it for the rest of your life, and that you can expect more outbreaks further down the line, yes? I think a cold sore is a good deal more serious than you give it credit to be. I'm embarrassed for your ignorance.

Nite_Angelica, I found your response rather unkind. No, I did not notice that she had one (or else, I wouldn't have kissed her). You do make a valid point, however, in that she likely couldn't have warned me if she didn't know she had one. So fair enough. But just as a correction, it's not about being anal retentive. It's about realising the actual implications of what this is. If this were just a minor inconvenience, I would treat it as such, but it's not. It is a highly contagious disease (Look it up. Do some research. I did).

As for the rest of you who answered kindly, no I don't intend on kissing her again.

Any good cold medication for infant?

My sister is a nurse and told me a while ago that a regular dose of Tylonol and a dangerous dose are really close. I looked it up, and it's true. I always use Motrin and stay clear of Tylonol for that reason.

Ok that said. Motrin and Tylonol are fever reducers and pain relievers, I don't believe they will do much for a cold.

When my son was 8 months, the doctor had him on Triaminic decongestant strip, half dose (one strip). Maybe you could cut a strip in half. They work great for colds, I always keep them in the house, and according to the doc, unlike Bendryl, Triaminic is not addictive.

You could also ask the pharmacist, they know a lot more about drugs than doctors do.

Also, I found that a cool mist humidifier works better then any drug.

Last thing, have you considered taking your baby to a chiropractor? We did that on someone's recommendation just to see, and it helps tremendously]! Any time the baby has a fever, he gets a spinal adjustment and the fever spikes then breaks within a few hours. It's pretty amazing. For myself when I'm feeling sick, I get adjusted and I feel better instantly.
It's worth a try.

Cold Sore Free Forever By Derek Shepton - Does It Work?

Hey Angela

I bought Derek Shepton's Cold sore Free Forever book by before few days and in general I can say that I'm not disappointed.

The book is a lot more extensive and easy to follow when compared to other popular books on the web that I’ve seen before and there are also some great bonus guides which I personally found to be very useful for me.

I do not think that the Cold sore Free Forever method is a "proven 3 days cure for Cold Sores " like some reviews on the net declare, however the methods described by Derek Shepton inside his Cold sore Free Forever book helped me to cure my last cold sore in only 5 days and without any expensive drugs.
Anyhow, with the 100% money back guarantee and the fact that the Cold sore Free Forever method is all natural and safe I don't think that there is something to lose...

By the way if you like to get about 30% discount from the original selling price and to grab the complete Cold sore Free Forever package with all the bonuses for a special price, then listed below is a link that I have discovered on other answer which enables you to purchase the Cold sore Free Forever book by Derek Shepton for a discounted price.

I hope that it helps,all the best!

How to get rid of a cold/stuffy nose?

If you have a vaporizer, run it while you sleep. It will have the same effect as the bowl of hot water. Sudafed works really well. Try a decongestant that you have to get from behind the counter because those are the ones that work the best. Vicks vapor rub under your nose. Try some Luden's throat drops for a sore throat. Your sore throat is probably due to post nasal drip, so if your sinuses clear, that should go too. Try ibuprofen for the headache. Try to get as much rest as possible.