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How Do I Delete My Messenger Conversations

How to delete conversations on yahoo messenger.?

In Messenger, click on messenger tab, click, preferences. Under 'category' click archives. It will ask if you want to save all messages, Click, no, do not save. Click apply and then ok. If you have saved messages, click 'clear archive now'

If I delete a whole conversation on FB Messenger, will the other person still see the conversation?

Yes they will. You have total control over the messages you have sent or received within your own account, and your messaging partners have total control from their end as well.The only way you can get a message (or entire message thread) deleted on the other end is if they agree to delete it.That’s why it’s very important to be careful about the types of things we send to other folks via Facebook Messenger.We have to assume that anything we decide to place on the Internet could possibly remain there forever, even if we would rather have it removed.

How do I delete all my conversation history on yahoo messenger?

Hi Sunny days -

The following Yahoo! Help article will show you how to delete all of your Y! Messenger conversation history:

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How i delete my conversations n folder?

Hi Bellah Lady,

To delete IM conversations from the Conversations folder in your Yahoo! Mail account:

1. Sign in to your Yahoo! Mail account at:

2. Click the Conversations folder.
3. Select the conversations you want to delete by checking the corresponding boxes next to the conversations.
• To select all conversations at once, check the first box found in the header or click any conversation and then press Ctrl+A on your keyboard.
4. Click the Delete button.
5. Click the OK button to confirm the deletion.

Your selected conversations are then permanently deleted.

Note: It is not possible to remove the Conversations folder itself. However, you can disable your "Conversation History" by following the steps in the following Help article:

"How do I enable or disable "Conversation history" in Messenger for Mail?" (link below)

I hope this info helps! Please let us know either way!

How do I delete a recent conversation?

Highlight all the previous messages ... on the very top It will show you the "Archive Options" ... click on it ---> it will open up a big window with different options for you .... Find a box that says that you don't want to save previous messages (Delete recent conversations) ... There are 2 boxes like that. Make sure you mark both of them. Don't forget to save.

Good luck.

How do you permanently delete old Facebook Messenger conversations?

Click Message on the left side of your homepage.Open the conversation you want to delete a message from              2.A).From the Action  menu, select Delete massages...Use the check boxes to select the messages you want to deleteClick DeleteYou can delete an entire conversation by clicking Delete Conversation... from the action menu. Keep in mind, once you delete your copy of this conversation, this action can't be undone.Note: Deleting a message or conversation from your inbox won't delete it from your friend's inbox. It isn't possible to delete sent or received messages from a friend's inbox.