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How Do I Find The Right Laptop Screen

What is the best way to clean laptop screen?

Thanks for the help. I will clean it properly

Doug, thanks so much for the sarcasm, that's what I love about Yahoo! answers, abused children can hide in the basement of their mother's home and take cheap shots at people in the real world. You lash out at me because I am trying to protect a $2500 machine, thinking you are either compensating for a underperforming PC or just a really small hard drive.

Which laptop screen size should I buy?

If you have no idea what size you should buy. Then go for 14jn for Windows PC or 13.3 for MacBooks of apple.11–12 is not really suitable to daily work but designed for consulting workers who always fly from place to place. Daily carrying need not sacrifice that much for a little extra portability.15 is a good fit but usually too heavy.17–21 are just desktop replacement. No need to carry around.14 inches provide decent battery life, full io ports,light weight and comparable lower price and majority selection possibility.

My laptop's screen has rotated to left suddenly. How do I make it right?

If the display has been rotated, it can normally be corrected by pushing the key combination + + .This capability to invert/rotate the display is a feature of some of the Intel® Extreme Graphics Chipset driver.The following chipsets are affected:Intel® Extreme Graphics 845GE Intel® Extreme Graphics 845GV Intel® Extreme Graphics 845G Intel® Extreme Graphics 845GL Intel® Extreme Graphics 2 865G Intel® Extreme Graphics 2 865GV Intel® Extreme Graphics 2 855GMImage rotation is enabled by default and is activated by the default key combination + + .Once it is activated, you can rotate the display with the additional "Hot Keys":  + + + + + + + +

What will happen if you dropped a laptop right on its screen from a short distance by accident?

One or more of several outcomes in no particular order of likelihood:Creation of “dead pixels” on the screenChassis damage, hinge damage & other outer shell damageTotal screen failure through physical impact causing cracks, electrical connection issuesDamage to hard drive or it’s digitally stored data causing data corruptionDamage other hardware with moving parts, especially if the laptop is switched onModular dislodging e.g. Unseated RAM, disconnected peripherals, causing malfunction or even damage to modular parts, requiring reseating or replacing.Joint fracture at solder points, requiring “re-balling” or replacement of affected hardware.Depending on the force & angle the keyboard keys may pop off and need to be reseated or replaced if damaged or parts go missing.Some LED indicator lights may stop working due to the impactDamage to the cooling fan may stop it working correctlyThis list is not exhaustive however I think it covers a decent range of potential issues.

What size laptop screen would be best for me?

I'm wavering between 15.4" and 17" screens, (both widescreen, manufactured by HP).

This laptop will be my only computer, and I'll often use it to watch movies. I will probably even use it to watch television with a USB TV tuner. However, the laptop will be right in front of me (if not in my lap, it will be at most 4 feet from my eyes... not halfway across the room).

I will also be taking it on trips, and to work via car, bus, and/or train (possibly every day, possibly only once in awhile).

So which screen size do you recommend? Is a 17" too big to be realistically portable? Or, will a 15.4" seem small after awhile, if I'm using it to watch video/TV/DVDs?


Part of my laptop screen is black?

About 3 inches of the right side of my laptop screen is black. I can't move my mouse over into the black part it just stops. How can I fix this?! I tried to restore my system, which worked before but now that's not working. :(
Also I can still use my computer, the right side is just black.

My laptop screen is sideways?

Try pressing Alt+Ctrl+Up.

Some PCs support that, but alternatively, right click a blank part of the desktop, try to find graphics options, then rotation, and then click either "360 degrees" or "Normal".

If that does not work try this (I assume you are using Windows 7?):

Right Click a blank part on the desktop and go to screen resolution, then around the bottom, there will be a dropdown box giving you the option of portrait or landscape. Choose landscape. Do NOT choose landscape (flipped).

Hope this helped.

What is the correct brightness level for a Laptop/PC screen so that it does the least possible damage to eyes? Is it ok to keep the brightness at minimum possible level?

No, you need not to put the brightness at minimum for all the time. This will also affect your vision.Laptop screens do not usually come with an Anti Reflective or can say, Anti Glare displays which is the culprit of damaging our eyes while most of the desktop displays have. If your laptop has one, then its good. If it doesn't have, then you can buy a film which protects your laptop here 3M Anti-Glare Filter for 15.6-Inch Widescreen Notebook - 16:9 Aspect Ratio (AG15.6W9)Moreover, you can create an anti reflective background of your laptop. Which means no light should be reflecting on your display. You can turn off all the lights which fall on your display or shift your computer to a particular place.Talking about brightness, you can lower the brightness according to the time.For example, in day when the natural light is bright, you can increase the brightness to the fullest whereas decrease the brightness to the least in fully dark nights.This will not harm your eyes to much extent because it is a proven fact that computers and other displays with no glare (light reflective) will least or not at all harm your eyes.Also, you can use 20-20-20 rule. This means stare at something which is 20 meters away from you after every 20 minutes for 20 seconds.Doing this, you eyes will never get harmed.Pretty cool hmm? Yes it is.Have a nice day ahead ^_^

What are the best privacy screens for laptops?

Privilege Devil is the best software for privacy screen.If you do not want to let anyone screen your computer run. Then you need the Laptop Privacy screen. It is very familiar and trustworthy.You can get it from privacy devil.For any requirement, you can contact on FacebookWatch the video to know more.