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How Do I Find/meet New People And Make Best Friends

How to meet/make new friends.?

This is completely normal. I remember in high school I had heaps of friends but when I went to college, everyone went to different courses and it all sucked because I drifted apart from my old friends and now I kinda feel awkwrad around some of them, which is sad. But I managed to find new friends in college.

But you need to ask yourself - are ALL the people in your course like that? Obviously you sound like you don't like thos ekind of things, but surely not EVEryONE in your course is like that? Have you tried makin friends with the other people that aren't involved in such things?
Also - how do oyou know they despise you? It's quite a silly thing to "despise" over, I think it's just in your head.
I'm sorry to hear of your situation; but I think, the only way is to just go for it. You say youre attending clubs and socieites that got scrapped, then join others. Take up a new sport that you're not familiar with, start music or something. Sit next to new people in lectures and ask them questions. Sometimes it's also good to be blatantly honest and say - -look, I come from a different place where I left all my friends and it's tough meeting new people.

Another idea is to make yourself look ore presentatble. I know that sounds weird, but make people attracted to you. Not in the sense of girlfriend/boyfriend, but like, have a good attire, look good, and remember to smile. It sounds silly, but it goes a long way.

I know it's hard to "cut through" when there's many groups already, but you need to try. Or else, look for other people like yourself.

Good luck.

Is 21 too old to meet new friends?

All my friends don't even text me anymore and stuff so i guess theres a reason and hopefully a destiny for a whole slot of friends not a lot but i don't have friends are people to closed minded to meet new people by this age and went off have their friends for good and not accepting anyone else into a circle?

Do you like meeting new people?

I love to meet people.Life gives us many opportunities to meet and know various people. Meeting new pueople can be really interesting and you might end up having great conversations and learning new things. It's really interesting to learn how different person view the world , to know their perception and their views on different topics.You end up discovering new stuff. If you are good at it you will end up forming a strong network and popular of course.If we haven't met before, I am Sandip Dutta . Do give it a big fat Upvote if you like my answer. And yeah don't forget to follow me for more such amazing content. Happy Reading!!!

What is the best app for meeting new people and having new friends?

Glynk: your likeminded network​ is a social networking platform that connects people with similar opinions, preferences and tastes. While other social networking platforms connect you either at an interest level or with people you know, Glynk brings a broader set of like-minded people together. Glynk is a new entry point into the social space that enables a unique way of connecting and interacting with people.HOW IT WORKS:-Pick your interests in which you typically make friends and answer a few fun questions. Based on the responses, Glynk automatically creates a like-minded network for you in real time. You can then interact with the group in several ways, such as initiating discussions, asking questions, posting recommendations or even plan an offline social event. Posts and comments by you will be seen by everyone like-minded to you in that interest and vice-versa.WHAT YOU CAN DO:-With Glynk, you can now share your opinions, recommendations and experiences with those who really appreciate your choices, preferences and your way of life. For instance, what do you typically do when you absolutely love a book or a movie or a restaurant? Pick up the phone and call those friends who have a similar taste and share it with them, won't you? Now, imagine being able to reach out to not just your friends but many more who are similar to you and sharing your experiences with them.Glynk is especially useful if you are new to a place – a fresher in a college, new to a work place or a city. So, go ahead make new friends, just the way you do in your real life.

How can I meet new people online?

Hi,Meeting people is a very easy thing to do, because there are many such platforms there to help you. But meeting like-minded people is hard! Facebook, Instagram and similar giants help you discover friends of friends and people nearby. These platforms cannot match you with people since they don’t know much about yourself!Let me introduce you to Opin. Opin helps you discover and chat with like-minded people. The way it works is simple:Respond to polls created by users on topics you love such as movies, music, travel, philosophy and many more. The responses you give helps Opin to understand you.Based on your responses, Opin matches you with other users in the platform.You can also chat with your matches and get in touch. As you respond to more and more polls, the better Opin understands you and the better quality matches are found. Opin also has filtering option on age, gender and location to help you find the right person.

How to make a best friend?

ya thats a toughie. wed all like to have that one person we can depend on.

problem is, most people DO have a best friend but that person really ISNT their best friend.

i think most people want a person in their life who will say what they want to hear. know what i mean? i mean, try it out. go hang with some people and agree with everything they say, and bam!.. they love you! ever notice that?

but say one 'wrong' thing to them; something that they dont 'want' to hear, and your new best friend just because your worst nightmare.

that happened to me all the time growing up. i thought i found my best friend... everything is going great...and then i saw something such as, "Ya, i really like the yankees" or something. well, my 'best friend' hates the yankees, so he says, 'the yankees? they stink!'. and then its all down hill from there.

so, my advice to you is, dont try to find an acquaintance. theres a big difference between an acquaintance and a friend.

most people in your life are acquaintances; that is, they know you, like you, but when it really comes down to it, theyll leave you when the going gets tough.

a friend on the other hand is someone who will say something you dont want to hear but you know its in your best interest.

try not to use the term 'best friend'. it makes it too hard. ever hear of someone who has 4 best friends? that makes no sense.

instead, start with people you know. can you tell them how you REALLY feel without them judging you? if your gut says, 'no', then you know right off the bat they arent a best friend.

then, do you go to church, believe in God? if you do, pray about it. If God see's youre looking for a true friend, He won't ignore your request. you just have to be patient.

What is the best app to meet new people, based on location? I've only used Foursquare and Facebook Places. These apps let you see nearby friends, but not all nearby people. Are there apps that let you to see nearby people and facilitate meeting them?

You should try VoyageUp Mobile app.VoyageUp is a platform to discover people, businesses and online content around you. VoyageUp helps you make real world connections. You can even see the approximate distance of the people who are nearby range so it become more easy for you to go and have real interaction with them.You can network with people, catch up for a meal or a drink or just hangout. You can also use VoyageUp to ask for help or provide help to others.VoyageUp also has Communities which is a very powerful way for people to connect and interact with each othe.And the best part is you can find a activity partner anytime be it for morning run,badminton or to just for a drink.It is available on both iOS and Android.VoyageUp: Meet people nearby - Android Apps on Google PlayVoyageUp - Meet people with similar interests on the App Store

Why is it so hard for me to meet new friends?

I hate this question. Maybe take a good look into yourself before asking this type of question? I find it easier if you could ask yourself a few questions, such as "Is it human company that I am after", "I have friends but I want to have new experience", "I want to expand my social circle", or "I find who and who interesting and I want to befriend them". The questions above overlap with each other, but they are different at the same time. If you are lonely and are desperate enough that you are indiscriminate, it's actually quite easy. Go to clubs, bars or do some community services and strike conversations with people you meet along the way. Tag along for lunch or drink. Enjoy the human company and flow long. As along as you are not creepy or rude, it's very easy. Now if you want to network, chances are that you will have to befriend people who you don't quite click with. You have to invest time and energy into this. Observe, observe and observe more. Make yourself invisible first and investigate them from inside out. However, this kind of interaction tend to make people feel more lonely and stressed out. Be careful. In my personal opinion, the last situation is the best. You are intrigued by another human who is in possession of great qualities. In an ideal world, the friendship would grow organically and hopefully the other person will accept your offer of friendship and reciprocate. However, this kind of friendship is hard to come by for anyone.

What would you do if you were too shy to meet new people?

Some people can make friends very easily cause they just connect to others. But not everyone is that open when it comes to talk to strangers and introduce themselves to new people. That’s why we want to know your opinion, tips and tricks to overcome a situation like this.

How effective is for making new friends?

Thank you for the A2AI join whenever I move, I’m active currently in two, and I just started one of my own.Depending on the focus of the meeting you are attending or hosting, you will no doubt meet lots of great people. Even if you just meet someone at the meeting and don’t see them until the next meeting, they are friends (but not *close* friends).I’ve met some extremely nice people through, but I’ve also met some who, let’s say …….. needed their own groups (wackos). After you attend one meeting, you’re sure to recognize people at the next one.If a group doesn’t interest you or you don’t care for them, there’s nothing to stop you from “unjoining.” Most are free, I prefer them. Also, someone is paying $$ per month to keep each group going, so if no one is attending, they wouldn’t be paying it (at least in theory).Start with one group, one which has the most potential of meeting someone as excited about the topic, and there will be different types of people and personalities, etc. It’s often not possible to speak to everyone, but you can mingle or whatever during them.Have some fun — you might not meet anyone exciting, but then again — I meet the strangest (in a good way) people in the strangest places. I’ve shared some ridiculous conversation and laughs with people I had absolutely nothing in common with except we were at the same meeting.I spent a horrible half-hour explaining (kindly, at first) to the leader of the group (after, not during his explanation) that his information was incorrect. He kept insisting I was talking about something else, until I physically showed him (it was a document). Then, instead of admitting he had been giving out incorrect information, he said, “Well, that must be new, I’ll have to look into it.” That was a friendship (or attempt) that wasn’t going to happen.(Sorry, I wrote too much and took it out — future blog entry).I highly recommend Meetups to connect with people. From what I’ve seen, many of the people only come out to actually attend the groups, so some might be socially awkward. Almost every area has an Anti-Social Social Group (I’m serious) but some never plan a meeting.