How Do I Get A Toned Body

How to tone up your body?

wow im exactly ur age, height but a few lbs lower:)
well if u want to get that firm stomach u want, firstly do cardio 2-3 times a week and work with weights 2-3 times a week.
now that would help ur upper body and remove that "blubber" u say that sticks out.
now to define it.
here are ab exercises i do:
25 crunches
75 reverse crunches (3 sets of 25, meaning 1 set u do 25 reps rest 30-90 sec)
75 bicycle maneuvers (3 sets of 25,meaning 1 set u do 25 reps rest 30-90 sec)
3 sets of 1 min planks (1 set, 1 min)
obviously ur gonna hav to look up some of the exercises
as for diet, just keep drinking water and STAY AWAY FROM THE SODAS AND SUGARY DRINKS!!!!!!
eat relativley heathly, dont indulge in sweets, only on sundays(thats what i do i eat whatever i want on sundays ONLY)

How to get a toned male body?

If you are skinny then eat alot food

Focus on heavy compound exercises like deadlift, Squats, bench press

Don't workout more then 1 hour and 3 times a week

Take vitamin c after workout

Sleep more and deep quality sleep

Eat more Saturated fat (saturated fat increases testosterone)

Eat alot of carbohydrates after you workout (very important for gaining mass)

Take supplements like Fish oil, Multivitamins, ZMA daily

Take creatine and cycle it

Take an Indian herb called ashwagandha (this is anti-catabolic herb, this increases muscle mass)

Take vitamin D3 supplement

Do intermittent fasting (google it, if you don't know what it is)

Eat more butter

Eat proteins but not too much

How can i get a toned body in 3 weeks?

1. Make your muscle tone show through by decreasing your body fat. Reduce all sugar intake, especially refined carbs. Examples are white bread, soda, candy and white rice. Replace those foods with whole wheat bread, brown rice, whole wheat pasta and fruit. Depending on how many calories you're taking in from sugar right now, this could help you lose two or three pounds of fat in two weeks.

2. Commit to working out most, if not all days of the week according to the American College of Sports Medicine's recommendation. Set aside 30 to 60 minutes for cardio and 30 minutes for strength training. The cardio will burn calories immediately and the strength training will revv up your metabolism for the rest of the day.

3. Follow this exercise plan which requires no equipment and can be done anywhere. Do each of the following exercises for one minute each: push-ups, sit-ups, squats, calf-raises, leg lifts and triceps dips on the side of stairs or a bench. These strength exercises will increase your muscle mass and improve your muscle tone in as little as two weeks.

4. Repeat those exercises at least four times per week. Start with one set and work your way up to two or three sets. Use weights for even better toning results. With the combination of body fat reduction and muscle toning, you'll see a more lean, toned body in two weeks. Don't stop there, though. Keep going and make fitness a way of life.

How do I get toned?

3 Rules for a Toned Body (Men and Women).If you are looking to Build a Physique that makes you look not just in Clothes but also when you strip them off, here are 3 Rules to get a Toned and Aesthetic Physique.1. Train 3-4 Times a Week with Weights - yes Weight Training is what will build Muscle and Muscle is what will make your body look Toned. Introduce weight training 3-4 times a week, focussing mostly on compound movements like Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Presses, Overhead Presses. Do 3-4 sets of Each and 8-12 reps in each set for Muscle Growth.2. Portion Control - The 2nd Most important aspects of Nutrition. Start using Portion Control to your advantage. Keep a Fixed Eating Plate and divide it in 3 sections. You will eat all your Meals in that same food plate. 1/2 of that Plate will be filled with Lean Protein Sources like Chicken Breast, Egg Whites, Fish, Tofu etc, 1/4 with Complex Carbs like Brown Rice, Chapattis, Quinoa, Brown Bread, Sweet Potatoes etc And the remaining with healthy fats like Almonds and nuts, Flaxseeds, etc. And yes, no cheat meals until you reach your goal.3. Cardio - The last thing that will help you lose that fat to reveal the Toned Physique is Cardio. Nothing too extreme just 30 mins of Empty Stomach Cardio first thing in the morning every single day is what you need at the moment.Now finally you have the 3 step formula on how to Get a Toned Physique.Stop being lazy now and get your ass to lift some heavy ass weights and get a physique you've always wanted.Cheers

How long does it take to tone up your body?

It's first important to understand what 'tone' means and how it is achieved. A toned body is one where the muscle definition can be easily seen. There are three components to this:

1. How much fat you have.
2. Muscle size - if you have very small muscles it is harder to make them show, even if you have low fat.
3. Skin tone.

Fortunately, the same activity is best for building muscle and burning fat - weight training. You don't have to become an olympic weightlifter - just go to the gym and ask the trainer there to design you an all over body program. Then you won't need his/her help anymore. Spent 30 minutes 3 times a week doing the exercises he/she has taught you, making sure that you work hard and introducing some common sense variation like different numbers of sets or reps. Perhaps sometimes do a round robin (circuit) where you do one set of each exercise with not much rest in between.

Don't get too tied up in what is the right and wrong thing to do - if you spend 30 minutes working out hard three times per week, you will lose fat and gain muscle provided your diet is right. If you fancy it, so some work on the aerobic machines - but make this interval training not just a 30 minute slog - for example, 6 lots of cycling hard for 2 minutes then rest for 3. Intensity is the important thing, not duration. Doing lots of low intensity cardio just makes you hungry and is not the path to fat loss.

Diet: eat healthy, whole foods and let appetite be your guide. Avoid complex carbs like rice, bread, potatoes and oats - this will help your appetite to function better. Don't worry about having healthy fats like nuts, avocado and oily fish - these will help you feel full. Avoiding fatty food to lose weight is a myth and will only make you hungry. It's the complex carbs that are the bad guy.

Finally - darker skin always looks more toned because it helps the light to accentuate the curves of the muscles. If you already have dark skin then you are lucky! Otherwise, consider getting a tan - clearly you must respect the dangers of too much sun exposure, especially if you are fair skinned, but there is always the fake tan option...

Fully Toned Body in 6 months?

Yes your diet is shocking, try to stick to natural foods such as eggs, chicken, fish, steaks, beans etc. Snack on nuts and fruit, drink 4- 8 glasses of water a day. Avoid fizzy drinks and all processed foods as much as possible, the odd one wont hurt much but try to get your diet better.
Don't over analyse the exercise part, you want to be doing full body bodyweight exercises that will get your heart rate right up which will also improve your fitness levels. This workout will work for you and there are loads of other on youtube you can check out