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How Do I Get Back My Music That Itunes Lost

How do I recover lost ripped music in itunes?

I've never run into the situation that you described, but if your music is still on your iPod you can follow the steps below to hopefully get it back onto your computer. I'm not sure if this method works for DRM protected music, but it worth a try.

>Connect iPod to computer.
>”My Computer.”
>Double Click iPod icon.
>”Folder Options.”
>Select “Show Hidden Files & Folders” and click “OK.”
>Right click “iPod Control” folder.
>Select “Properties.”
>Unselect “Hidden” and click “OK.”
>A window will pop up. Select “Apply changes to this folder, subfolder and files” and click “OK.”
>Double click “iPod Control" folder.
>Double click “Music" folder.
>You will notice folders labeled “F00, F01, F02, F03, F04, etc.”
>Open up iTunes side by side with this window. Make sure that the “Music Library” is displayed.
>In iTunes select “Edit>Preferences>Advanced>and make sure that ‘Keep iTunes Music Folder Organized’ and ‘Copy files to iTunes Music folder when adding to Library’ are checked and click ‘OK.’” You should also make sure that your iPod/iTunes is set to “Manually Manage Songs” so that you have control over what you want to add or delete (to do this select the iPod icon under “Devices” on the left column of the screen and select “Manually Manage Music” under “Options.”).
>Drag all of the yellow folders (not the Read Me files) directly into iTunes “Music Library.” I’m talking about the part that has song name, artist, track number, etc.
>You will notice a progress bar indicating that the music is being transferred. Sometimes a message will pop up saying that a song is not compatible with iTunes and that it needs to convert it. Just click “OK” when this message appears.
>Note: If you have slower computer you may want to only drag a few folders at a time so that your computer doesn’t freeze up.

LOST ALL MY MUSIC! Need Bands to add on my itunes?

Ok so I lost all my music on my computer. I've traced it all back there is nothing I can't even begin to remember half the bands I had on there. So I would love the help of you all to suggest groups and bands too look up. I love literally all music (Country, Rock, Metal, Pop, Rap, R&B) The sky is the limit.. so everyone can help. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME GET MY MUSIC BACK. 10 points to the one with the most bands. Thank You!

If I lost all my music from my iTunes account, can I port all my music from my phone back to the computer?

Yes. I found the iPhone transfer called iMyFone TunesMate that can meet your needs. It is an all-in-one solution to transfer music/videos/files between iPhone and computer/iTunes.You can export all the music from iPhone to computer/iTunes.It supports the iTunes music, music downloaded from CDs or other music services.It has a free trial, just give it a shot by following below.Method 1: Transfer Music from iPhone to ComputerLike the screenshot shows, click on the “Music” tab at the top on the software after you connect iPhone to computer.Select the music you want to transfer and hit “Export > Export to PC”.Browse a folder on computer to store the music and hit “Open Folder” to start.Of course, you can choose “Export to iTunes” to export the music in your iTunes library.Method 2: Transfer Music from iPhone to iTunes in 1 ClickOf course you can transfer music from iPhone to iTunes using above steps. Or you can use its 1-click process.Once you connect your iPhone to computer, hit “Transfer iDevice Media to iTunes” from the home interface. Then hit “Start” to continue.

I lost music in iTunes library, how to recover my music?

Here is ways how to Recover Songs in iTunes Library:1.Rebuild iTunes LibraryLaunch iPhone Transfer, connect your iOS device to computer.Find "To iTunes" at the bottom of the main interface,click on "Start" to rebuild your iTunes library.Recover Deleted Songs Selectively: If just want to recover the deleted songs only, then go to "Media" > "Music" to find out the songs missing in iTunes. Select the items and go to "Export to"> "Export to iTunes Library". You can open iTunes to check once the transferring is done.2.Recover Deleted Songs in iTunes LibraryDownload the free trial version of TunesGo. Connect your device to computer. Select "Copy Music from Device to iTunes", and select "Start" from the pop-up interface. When the program finished scanning the media files on your device, all categories found will be checked by default. Uncheck the items you don’t want, and click on "Music" > "Copy to iTunes" to recover deleted songs in iTunes library.Besides, it would be recommend that backing up your device regularly especially before any kind of servicing or repairing.

I lost all my apps after update even after I backed up on iTunes?

I have a similar issue, and I unfortunately can not help. I don't have a jailbroken iPod touch but an iPhone. I needed to restart my iPhone just now with my new mac and it said "You have not backed up your iPhone, all unsaved files will be lost blah blah blah". I recognised this issue before and hit backup with my old mac which effectively did backup and restore my iPhone to its normal state. This time it DIDNT! And I looked up (Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup) but there was no MobileSync folder in my application support folder. It is a complete disaster. Lost all of my Apps.

How do I get back lost media files (photos, music, video, etc.) from an iPhone 6 device?

Note that Photos, Videos and Notes are supported to be recovered right on iPhone withinn 30-day-deletion. So, check out your deleted ones in “Recently Deleted” album/folder before you proceed.In the case that you have iTunes/iCloud backups, you can recover lost media files from backup files as the following steps show.Restore from iTunes Backup.Launch iTunes and connect iPhone to it, then go to "File" > "Devices" > "Restore from backup".Restore from iCloud Backup.Reset your iPhone via "Settings" > "Reset" > "Erase all contents and settings". It will prompt you whether to restore data from iCloud.Please note that if you're trying to restore data from iTunes or iCloud backups, current contents on your iPhone will be overwritten.It's recommended to try on iPhone Data Recovery, for this software can not only restore previous iTunes/iCloud backup without overwritting the existing data, but also recover data right from iOS device itself.That's how I get back lost media files from my iPhone 6. You can check it out on iFoneTips.

I lost 90% of my itunes library, but my ipod is intact- what's the easiest way to restore my library?

try doing this (it works if you have a pc): Connect the iPod to the computer.
Open iTunes, do not change the library link to your library, click on the iPod in the source list.
Check ENABLE DISK USE, and click APPLY
Open My Computer, and click on the iPod
Go to TOOLS->FOLDER OPTIONS->and click the VIEW tab
Click on the IPOD_CONTROL folder, then the MUSIC folder inside
Highlight all of the folders “F--“ and copy them into a new folder on your hard drive somewhere.
Open iTunes, click FILE-> ADD FOLDER TO LIBRARY, and click on the folder you just made with all of the F-- folders in it, click OK
iTunes should start adding the music into your library

I restored my Ipod & lost my music!?

I restored my Ipod because Itunes told me to. So i did that & i see that my music,videos, and apps were all gone. So i thought it would just sync right back when i plug it in. It didnt. It keeps saying it sync it all back but there nothing there! And it keeps saying i have 4.6GB of other...they wiped my ipod out how is there "Other" to take up allll this space! Please help.

Lost all my contacts and Apple Music??

So I went to go change the email on my iTunes account, and then after doing so, I lost all of my contacts and all the music I had downloaded with Apple Music!! I changed the email back to the original and I even restarted my phone, but my contacts and all music (I had over 1,000 songs) are still gone! Idk what to do to get it all back? All I did was change the email and I had no clue it would delete all of this! Also I don't use iCloud for anything so I have no clue what to do

So somehow I lost all my music files from Frostwire. How can I get them back if there's a way?

My friend was logged on to my computer under her own login thing and I guess Frostwire asked her does she want to transfer files and she clicked yes so when she did that, the next time i got on the computer, all my music was gone. What should I do to restore those music files.? I already tried some program called restore my files or something like that but idk what i was doing. HELP!