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How Do I Get In Touch With Shalom Segelman The Eb-5 Funding Guy

How do I get in touch with Shalom Segelman, the EB-5 funding guy?

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How do I get in touch with Shalom Segelman, the EB-5 funding guy?
Shalom Segelman...I have heard his name quite a bit. However I can't seem to Find a way to get a hold of him. Can anyone help?

It has become much much easier to reach out to capital these days. You can attend any of the TiE / NASSCOM events and they usually have a pitch session. You can apply and be part of it.You can also leverage platforms like LetsVenture or Ahventures to raise money. If you are in Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi or Hyderabad - you can try Mumbai Angels, Chennai Angels, IAN or Hyderabad Angels respectively as well. (they all have websites and an application form you can fill to get a call to take it forward).Hope that helps, and Good luck!

It is never too early and never too late to get angel funding. The more proof you have of a successful business, the better the terms that you will be able to get from angels. During pre-revenue phases, valuation for your company is very subjective and you likely will defer this valuation by issuing either convertible debt or a SAFE where the investors get a discount of 15–25% on the first priced round. In addition to assessing you and your management team, investors look for proof of problem as evidenced by paying customers, and try to assess the likely growth and scalability of the business by looking at early growth (e.g., does it appear viral?).David Rose’s book, Angel Investing: The Gust Guide to Making Money and Having Fun Investing in Startups provides the investor perspective that will help you answer your questions and decide who and when is the best time for you to raise money.Keep in mind that for the ~2% of companies that are able to raise money, only about 20% return 1X or more to their investors.

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I would say one word Venture Capitals. But this is not a good way because you will have to work under some other hands and you will not have full rights. Rather I would suggest you another way. I really don't know whether it works or not but just throwing a stone. If you really believe you startup idea, prepare a complete document about it, forecast it, study its feasibility, and put everything on paper. Try to minimize the cost as much as possible and try to find out a guy who can invest you from your locale (by your network like family, friends, friends network). Meet him/her as a professional and have a discussion with him/her. If everything goes well, he might believe in you and give you grants. Hope it works Cheers :)

Please see the following blog post regarding escrow release conditions, which details when a project can release your EB-5 capital to the job-creating entity / real estate developer:EB-5 Escrow Release Conditions – Everything EB-5 – Medium

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First of all, there are two general ways of filing an EB-5 case: (1) you file through a regional center; or (2) you use your investment to create a new company. (You can actually buy an existing company, but this usually is a terrible idea for EB-5 purposes.)Most people use the regional center -- this allows for more flexibility regarding job creation (i.e. indirect jobs created by the regional center count toward the 10 employee requirement.) Further, you essentially act as passive investor, in that you would not be responsible for the operations of the center.Creating your own company allows for more flexibility, but it requires the investor to be involved in the business (i.e. a person could run the day-to-day operations; or, the investor could, say, be a member of the board of directors who oversees operations from afar.) Also, only direct hires count toward the 10 employee requirement.As for getting back your investment, by definition, your money must be at risk. So, theoretically, yes, if you made a terrible investment, you would lose all your money. But, if you chose a more conservative investment, you presumably have a good chance of getting that money back some day, and perhaps even a bit of profit.One final note -- the EB5 program has a lot of very complex rules. If you're serious about this, I highly recommend you use an attorney to oversee the process. It makes no sense to spend $500,000 or $1 million dollars to get a green card, only to skimp on the $15,000 it will cost you for an attorney to make sure you actually get to become a permanent resident.