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How Do I Get My Dog To Stay By Me In Open Land And Two Other Questions

Stray Dog Whining & Scared...Let Her Wander Off or Make Her Stay?

Every night stray dogs come through our property and look for garbage and pee on our stuff.

BUT TONIGHT, a lone, young, not full grown black lab came and she's incredibly sweet and clingy and whining constantly for me to let her inside.

Her coat is shiny and she has a collar but no tag SO no contact information. My first thought was she'd wander back home...but it's 2:30 in the morning and she's still sitting at my front door (since midnight) and whining and waiting for me to let her in.

Do I get a leash to make sure she's still around to take her to get scanned for chips or knock on neighbor's doors in the morning....


Do I leave her out there unleashed and hope she's NOT lost and that she'll wander home tomorrow?

If it was my puppy and I had lost him, I'd be angry if someone let him wander away.

Why is a Fenced Yard mandatory for dog adoptions?

I feel your frustration. I have nearly 15 years experience with my breed. My oldest dog passed last fall at age 14+. I didn't have a fence and he obviously wasn't neglected. All the breed rescues demand a fence and I can't get approved either. My rescue Scottie was from an SPCA and that group was willing to overlook a fence and find a home that understood the breed. I was lucky--she was the best dog and I gave her a wonderful home.

So, we want to give a home to our breed, but get denied. The result is we go to breeders for our dogs. I would love to welcome a new dog or pup to my family. The only logical option is that I'm on a rather lengthy list with a quality breeder. I'll get a dog--sometime. I can wait. But I do feel that I can offer a great home.

And, we were finally able to build a fence this week. It took 12 years to be in a financial place to do this. I will practice agility with my current dog. I can sort of understand the rescue rules, but it is frustrating. Especially when you have a breed that digs. I would not leave a Scottie unattended in a fenced yard. Fence or no fence, I will continue to leash my dog and take her for long walks. We both enjoy it.

Help! My dog can't keep her eye open?

You need to take her to the vet today! We can't do anything to help her here and please don't mess with her eye at home! You will make the situation worse than it already is! ! A number of things could have happened to her eye and if there is mucous building up then it's probably infected and she needs Antibiotics to clear it up. Don't let this go any longer! If you do, your dog can and probably will go blind. She's in pain and very uncomfortable and it would be cruel to make her suffer any longer than she already has. The longer you wait to take her to the vet, the worse she will get, the more intense the pain will become and the chances of her going blind will be much higher.
ADD: You say that you did not take her to the vet because you did not think it was serious. Not being able to open her eye all the way for a day and a half and having mucous or puss coming out of it are obvious symptoms that it's something that needs to be seen by a vet. Poor dog must be in pain!
ADD: I'm glad your taking her to the vet! I hope she's better soon!

How do I stop my dog from running away once I open my gate?

I see to question here I believe. First always have your dog on a lead before you open the gate, therefore he cannot run away. Next a few questions: Does he know sit? Stay? How to walk on a lead/leash? If so the next step is much easier. Get him to sit before you open the gate, tell him to stay open gate, walk out and tell him to come. If he doesn’t know any of these commands start by teaching him. Until he has these command down keep him on a short leash (a foot long) until you get outside the gate, moving him outside at your side. Once outside the gate you can release the leash to whatever length is normal (usually about 6 ft.)Now at the dog park you have two options. Either allow him free run at first to go and explore or place him immediately on a long leash (25 to 50 ft.). You will need him on the long leash at first to start training fetch. Bring a ball or stick or any toy along with you. While your dog is on the long leash show him the object to be fetched and get him excited about it. Toss the object a short distance, obviously shorter than the lead, say fetch, go get it, or what ever your clue is going to be. When he picks it up say “bring it” or whatever. Slowly gather up the lead as he comes towards you. You can put a small amount of pressure on the lead to encourage him but don’t pull. Once he gets the toy back to you cup your hands under his mouth but don’t grab the toy. You don’t want to be training tug here. Once he drops the toy in your hand, and he will drop it and because your hands are cupped under his mouth it will land in your hand, praise him and give him a small treat that I forgot to tell you to bring. Do it all again. Unless he really appears to be loving it don’t do too many repetitions before you let him go play on his own.

If you could spend an entire day (or two or three) exploring any city in the world on foot, where would you go and why?

I'd compromise on walking and cruise for cool and fun with one foot or none as we trot, roll, scamper, frollick, pull and push each other along on my long board dog and me.A  companion protector and guardian dog would be who I do not have or own.The city would be the city of my heart which dog and I would roam all our dog born days chocking, soaking and living by all the love of the people who  greet us and allow us shelter in their homes and invite us to sit with them as our hosts and we share the very best of our manners and bread.Here Dog says is his first choice grab your boards,  and lead on plot a line from one city to the next while our hearts are bound together in the dream s of a man and canine occupations. WALKIES ;Q, What are the best things about living in the SF Bay Area?A. There is another city there.AJ Granderson,  Thank you for your linked answer. It looks and sounds like a place everyone should visit . Scarborough Fair."Walk together at peace in the cities of our hearts..." Me month one 2016.♪☻♥☻♪

What is the best way to deal with an over-dependent dog?

A dog that's been through several homes or a shelter experience will often bond excessively when they find a human who really cares about them. Don't fuss over him when he's nervous or insecure - you won't be reassuring him; you'll be rewarding his neurotic behavior. Don't punish him, just ignore it or put him on a down-stay. Praise him when he's calm.

Make your comings and goings very serene - no frantic rushing around when you're leaving for work. Keep your schedule as regular as possible, so he can realize that you ARE coming back. Do not talk to the dog AT ALL for at least 15 minutes before you leave and after you arrive home. It's very stressful for the dog to be petted and praised and all wound up - and then you leave! Then the dog has to wait for who knows how long for your hyper-excited return. No wonder dogs have separation anxiety!

Make sure he's getting a LOT of exercise - Brittany's are real athletes that need a thirty minute strenuous run every day. A lot of anxiety is pent up energy. Do some obedience training every day, especially sit-stay and down-stay. Get him used to being 6 feet away for a minute or two. Gradually work up to where he can stay on his dog bed across the room for thirty minutes or an hour. Teach him to wait inside the house when you open the door and go in and out. Have other people take him for walks without you sometimes. He'll gradually learn that he doesn't need to be so needy!

I'd also suggest reading some really good books on training. Try not to do it randomly - there are a lot of bad books out there also! These are some of my favorites:
Don't Shoot the Dog - Pryor
Training Your Dog: The Step by Step Method - Volhard
What All Good Dogs Should Know - Volhard
Good Owners, Great Dogs - Brian Kilcommins
Dog Problems - Benjamin
Cesar's Way - Cesar Millan

Also, watch the Dog Whisperer on the National Geographic Channel. Cesar Millan is the best trainer I've ever seen on tv.

How long can my dog go without eating?

Your dog is descended from wolves. Wolves typically hunt every day, but only catch something one day in three. So your dog can clearly go 3 days between meals. But if you are going to do that, you need to let him eat as much as he wants when he does get food.Actually, that’s every 3 days on average. I doubt it will do a dog much harm to go five days without eating. Just keep in mind: that’s 2–5 days without eating, then the pack eats as much as they can get down. Then they sleep for half a day, then they start hunting again.Dogs also have more self-control than you’d give them credit for. There was a news story a while back: somebody had left their (largish) dog alone in the house with a baby, and for some reason not returned to feed the dog or take care of the baby. (Don’t remember if they died or were in an accident, or what.) The dog ate the baby, but — according to police analysis — only after the baby had died of starvation.Humans are part of a dog’s “pack”, and you don’t kill your pack members for food. (Deaths do sometimes occur in dominance fights to determine who gets to be pack Alpha.)

How long does it take for a large dog who is buried to fully decompose to skeleton?

A large sized Dog’s Body will weigh same as a mid weight Human being!Decomposition pattern of Dead dog is not different from Human body despite the fact that Dogskin(Chamois) if thicker than Human skin.Having said this, the rate at which different bodies disintegrate/Decay depends on how the body is buried(whether in a casket or direct to soil,with or without covers) , availability of water at the level of burial (if the land is very dry it will take more time), Temperature levels, acidity of the sand etc.However in some”Industry” where the skeletons are re-fabricated for use in Biology labs for students etc(with special Government permissions like funeral parlours) the burial is done not in sand but in Concrete Boxes filled with LIME made out of Bones themselves(called bone meal) or from sea shells(!) under very high heat, and by applying limited quantity of water and some acidic chemicals for bleaching for better appearance. The time taken is usually 6 months from date of burial ! A very weird Business!May be, instead of a human body, if a heavy weight Dog’s body was buried, it may also take 6 months.Incidentally, many bodies procured by the business are from casualties in flood - like natural calamities and most of them are more than decayed, while real burial takes place!