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How Do I Get My Laptop Speakers Working?

My laptop speakers have stopped working. What should I do?

If you don't want to take the laptop to a repair shop and pay to get it fixed, and it is off warranty... have you tried headphones?  If they work, you can always use external speakers.  They make portable ones that are amplified, requiring to be connected to a USB and the headphone jack.Otherwise, if the entire sound component is damaged on the motherboard (no sound from the speakers or the headphone jack), you can purchase a USB sound card for less than $10 Syba SD-CM-UAUD USB Stereo Audio Adapter, C-Media Chipset, RoHS: Computers & Accessories and connect external speakers to that.All this assumes you have first performed a factory recovery to rule out software as a possibility... that, or booted to a Live CD of an OS like Main Page - Linux Mint to see if the speakers work there.  In which case, if you did install Linux on a flash drive, with something like YUMI - Multiboot USB Creator, and then booted to Linux and found that your speakers worked just fine (by booting, connecting to your router, and going to YouTube or something)... then you could fix your sound problem by performing the factory recovery.

Can laptop speakers work well on a PC?

Thumbs up to what Karthik Rajasekaran wrote.  I'm actually at a loss as to how you'd plug laptop speakers into a desktop.  Dismantle the laptop, salvage the part of the case that houses the speakers and solder on a 3.5mm plug?  I'm typing this on my old Dell 1645, which has a nice built in sound system:But nothing compared to my desktop which is plugged into a Yamaha receiver driving Klipsch speakers.  So this is what I'm thinking of when you mention laptop speakers.  But maybe you're not talking about built in laptop speakers, but the portable kind of speakers, typically used with presentations to small rooms.  Something more like this:If that's the case then it depends on the portable speakers.  I've used some that were *amazing* and I've used some that were a waste of time for everyone.

Laptop speakers not working?

My laptop speakers just stopped working over night and I was using them fine yesterday without any problems.Now they make no noise. I was check my computers sound settings thing and it thinks when im playing music they are still making noise and working fine. Are their any easy quick fixes for this or should I take it into a shop?

I bought a new HP laptop but the speakers aren't working. What could be wrong?

From the HP support website:n Windows, type find and fix audio into Search, or right-click the speaker iconin the taskbar and select Troubleshoot sound problems.Select Find and fix audio playback problems or Find and fix audio recording problems from the Search results.Click Next.Select the device you want to troubleshoot and click Next.Wait while the troubleshooter detects problems and makes changes (or prompts you to make changes).Figure: Detecting problemsWhen the troubleshooter is done, the Troubleshooting has completed page is displayed, listing any problems found and what changes were made to the computer.NOTE: For detailed information about the troubleshooting, click View detailed information in the troubleshooter window.Click Close.Figure: Troubleshooting completedIf a recommended action is displayed, select Apply this fix, or Skip this step to continue to search for other problems.

My Laptop's Speaker isn't working correctly?

If the sound cuts for milliseconds and comes back very fast then this is one of two

1. Proccessor 100% ( If you are opening too much applications with the song )
2. Harddisk Bad Data or bad sector [ IF it's the same songs in the same parts do this problem ] you should download/RIP the song again and try to play it better from a different hard drive or from a USB Flash memory card

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The speakers on my laptop stop working after a few seconds of playback, a restart allows it to work for only another few seconds, how can I fix it?

Here my friend How to Fix Computer SpeakersThat is a link go on it

Spilled water on laptop, speakers not working.?

Ok well, obviously you learnt never to have anything of a liquid nature even remotely close to your laptop. Why? Because when something goes wrong with a physical component in a laptop, it's not even remotely as easy as replacing the same kind of thing in a proper PC.
The only thing you can do - and unfortunately both options cost money - is either take it to a repair center to have a technician fix it - or you can buy a speaker set...some are relatively cheap but they are best avoided if you don't like rubbish sound. It is quite possible to set up a reasonably respectable speaker set to a laptop using the line in jack - which is what I've done with my Toshiba laptop. My speaker set is nothing amazing but it was kind of cheap at the time and it does give me the level and quality of sound I want (it's an Acoustic Solutions set with three separate speakers you have to hook up to a main sub-woofer speaker). Be prepared to by an appropriate cable to be able to allow you to hook up a speaker set with it though - as lots of them still tend to use wire connections rather than plug to jack connections. And next time...don't feed your laptop instead of your plants.

Laptop speakers crackling?

you mustve blown it..

first of all check your system too see your volune contol and make it's mute.

second of all it must be blown, laptop speakers are not make to be put on full blast, (if dont' put on full blast u can't even hear it :()
thats y u need headphone or speakers for it.

also speakers will blow on you if the weather condition is right :). my speakers blow up on my car all the time. and i still stock stereo and i dont' even put the volume up high. usalling if it gets too dry on the speaker it will blow up.

thrid of all: sinice it's a laptop, and you carry it, it must've got loose it wires, you can either open it up or take a computer shop to get it seem.