How Do I Get My Old Email With All My Important Saved Stuff Back Gettin Aggrevated

Instagram-Am I hacked?

Why is instagram requesting I should do this- Help...It says your account has been secures and requires account validation
Upload Your Photo ID

To help us validate your account, please upload a clear photograph of a valid, government-issued photo ID. Acceptable forms of ID include:

Driver's license

If you do not have a passport or driver's license, please upload a single photo of your birth certificate or social security card AND your school or work photo ID. Together, these TWO documents should show your full name, birthday and picture.

Please cover up any personal information we don't need to verify your identity (ex: social security number or address).

If you are unable to upload your ID at this time, make sure to complete this process before February 1st, 2013. You can upload your ID at any time by navigating to

Important: If the information you provided is incorrect or incomplete, you will not be able to recover your account.

Why Does my Ex want me back? After a Failed Rebound Relationship?

Congrats on getting your old job back! That's wonderful!

As far as your g/f...she may still love you and really miss you. But, to ensure that you two are really meant to be together and that it would work this time; it would be best to not move right in with her again, or vice versa, and just date for awhile to see how things play out.

Have you ever begged an ex to come back or have you seen anyone else do that?

YES! I did the mistake of begging my ex to come back to me. I did so because she was the key to my happiness. Such an idiot I was. I kept calling and texting her. I was with her for 2 years. And that feeling of letting her go was blowing me away. How could I? She left me for another dude. I just decided to go no contact. You know, no contact does one of two things : Either make you move on or bring your ex back. In my case, it did the former one.I realized one thing, Begging never works! With the simple act of begging you are putting yourself in a position of weakness. Because if you’re at the stage where you’re having to beg, chase and plead then you have already lost them.The truth is every relationship and every situation can be fixed if two people who are in love are committed to fixing it. So if one person walks away, then it’s because deep down, the love isn't there anymore, no matter what excuse they give.If you don't beg and your ex does come back, it's only out of curiosity, an ego boost or because their other relationship didn’t work out. And if you do get back together the chances are it would never last anyway.So, if you have begged, chased or pleaded....don't be too hard on yourself and take comfort in the fact that if the other person really was right for you, then they would never have let you do that to yourself.

Where can u watch full episode of the korean drama "Wife's Back" with english subtitles?

I have been looking all over the website to watch the korean drama "Wife's Back" but i cant seem to find it with english subs....
i looked for it on,, but cant seem to find at least one website.....

How do I get my possessions back from an ex's house (i lived there 6 months ago) without breaking the law?

Hi, You can go to the police department and talk to them about this situation. You may be able to get them to accompany you to get your belongings. Local police should be happy to standby to prevent a confrontation and ensure your safety while you gather your stuff - IF he lets you in. However, police cannot and will not force him to allow you into the residence, or to have access to get the stuff. If he says "buzz off", then that's what you'll have to do. Police can drive up and sit for a few minutes, and that's the limit of their involvement. A deputy sheriff (who is, by definition, an officer of the court) can help you accomplish the return of your items, but only when you have an order from a court, which you get by suing. You can do this through small claims court. Theft charges may be able to be brought but, that would be up to the police. They may talk to him for you. That's where I would start. I would also let him know that I am going to the police and intend to do whatever it takes to obtain the return of my property. You'll need any and all proof you can get from friends, receipts etc. It's not necessary but, will help. JOSA

Speeding ticket at 17 what do I do?

My 17 year old son got a speeding ticket for going 40 above the limit. This was his first infraction and has changed his ways majorly. We still have to show up in court. I have never gotten a ticket or had to show up in court. What is the procedure? What will happen to him?
ps we live in Illinois

What are some slang terms used among police officers?

The most derogatory terms for the bad guys and citizens who are just pains in the rectum:A.H. = Adam Henry (A-dam H-enry) If you don’t get it…..sometimes you will hear it as “Jack Hole”… what starts with an “A” that ends with HOLE ?RICHARD CRANIUM= What starts with a “D” and is a nickname for Richard ? What is the non-medical layman’s term for the Cranium ? Do these clues HEAD you in the right direction ?