How Do I Get Over My First Breakup We

How to get over your first break up?

im not a guy I don't no if this will work for you. for me and my first break-up, I did something I loved to take my mind off of it. yes it will hurt and you will wonder why, and how, and why again. try something new, or something you love like a hobby or a sport until your ready to get back out there.

How can I get over my first breakup?

How do guys do it? We've known each other for 5 months before we were dating for about 2 weeks, and I believe he lied about everything, even when he said he meant everything he said to me. Like we would always be together, he loved me more than anything, and that he wanted everything to work out between us because he had the worst luck with girls. It was kind of a long distance relationship after I moved. But I still made the trouble of driving an hour and a half to see him 3 times a week. Twice during the week and once on the weekend (sunday). We chose the song "Smile" by Uncle Kracker and everytime I hear it on the radio, I always think of him. He was my first official boyfriend and also my first kiss. And everything I do reminds me of him. I just need to get him out of my head. He has a girlfriend now, and I haven't even thought about trying to meet someone new. I "liked" his facebook relationship status when it said he was in a relationship and he asked me why I liked it and I said I was happy for him, but I didn't like the idea. Was he trying to make me jealous? Does he still really care about me? How do I move on? Oh and by the way. I did try going out on a date, but it felt wrong because I still had strong feelings for him. And now I don't want to try again because I don't want to piss him off. I also told him that I was "violated" a while before we broke up but I told him after. And he got pissed at me for not telling him right when it happend. If I would have told him, would we have stayed together longer? Or was it going to end anyways? Oh and he said that he couldn't keep saying goodbye to me and I lived to far to be in a serious committed relationship. What does that mean? Do you think if I move back down closer to where he lives, that we would think about getting back together? Or does it seem like this ^^ relationship is done and over with? Sorry if it's too much.

How do I deal with my first breakup?

Use this as experience, did you ask him why he thought you weren't working together? It also depends on how long you were together..if it wasnt long then he wasnt serious about you anyway.

Remember that when people brag its usually to make themselves feel better, he might be getting flirted with but is he taking up any offers? Why is he telling you...just to make you feel bad and him feel better?

If he says anything just tell him you wish him well but you would prefer to wait for the right person which he wasnt and have a meaningful relationship, not be used and tossed aside all the time like he will be in the end That should get him thinking.

Its hard to get over this, I know I have been dumped before by someone I really liked (yes my first kiss too) but I was lucky I found out that he was going to try to get into my pants then dump me...dont know why he told me first. I see him at school and he isnt with anyone but I now have a bf who is great and I just think Im the lucky one after all, I hope in time you will feel the same way.

How do i get over my breakup..?

I hav been in a very serious relation with a guy for 1 year & 8 we had a breakup coz of some reason, he broke up with me & said that he hates me & my family & he says that its r final breakup...he said me to not even call him...
I dont know, i m so shattered coz of breakup, i am so damn attached to him, i still love him & i cannot get over him...
I feel like i am alone, i dont wanna eat anything, i dont want to talk to anyone, & i feel like killing myself cause he's only my life, i just wanna sit in a dark room & cry seeing his photos & his things....
I truely believed in r relation & r love, & now i am like shocked...
I am very attached to him, i feel like my life is nothing without him...

I wanna get over him but its not possible..i cant remove him out of my brains & heart...

Someone help me...i cannot hangout with friends or family, i am nt at all in the mood to do so...

Suggest me something..i trust yahoo answers a lot, people on this site have helped me everytime i was in a situation...

Let me know some books regarding ''Getting over from an intense love relation''


How do I get over my breakup?

My girlfriend whom I loved with all my heart broke up with me on our nine month anniversary and started talking to another guy two days later. My life has been nothing but horrific pain since. everything seems to remind me of her and it kills me. That and we both live on a very small campus so I see her with this guy every day. How can I stop this pain?