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How Do I Get Rid Of This It Looks So Bad. Pics

This looks bad - how do I get rid of it?

Try some of the soaps and lotions that are used for eczema, poison ivy, and very dry skin. If that does not work I would google information for skin home remedies or Chinese remedies they sometimes work. If it is something that does not go away it's more like a rash. Try to monitor and watch what is near that area you could be breaking out.

How do i get rid of it? HELP! it looks so bad?

First thing you do in the shower is wash your hair. When that's done, make a bun and secure it on top of your head. Then wash your body. I get "backne" from shampoos and conditioners and stuff. Use the neutrogena body wash.

Ask your mom if she would please put some acne fighting toner with a cotton ball on your back for you after you get out of the shower. My mom did that for me. Helps a lot. Once the toner dries, ask her to put some acne-fighting lotion on there too. You don't want the skin to be dry and get more irritated.

Another thing, don't wear dirty clothes. Personally, I will re-wear clothes that don't smell. I just pick them up off the floor, particularly, my favorite outfits. I'm not gonna lie, lol!

Drink more water. I know people say it all the time, but it has been proven that drinking more water is really good for your skin.

First and foremost thing is that stop thinking that after shaving or haircut its bad look. instead its new look, or fresh look. so its not you just look good in big hairs or looks great before haircut only.You will be the same person befor hair cut and after hair cut so comes out of these small negative you will say, people said you looks odd or bad after hair cut, look on movies bro everytime actors and actress looks different in different attire. and thats why they were accepted by people film after films. just think once why stereotype didnt work for long.chill, all the best for fresh looks.

Thank you for the A2A Ashay Salvi and Ankit GaikwadYes that is Blood under your Nail. It is termed as Sub Ungual hematoma.The term subungual means “under the nail.” The word hematoma means “pocket of blood.”There are many causes of it:This is most often seen in the toenails of distance runners. When the nail hits the end of the shoe during extensive walking or running, it is often slowly affectedIll Fitting shoesOr a hammer, a heavy jar, or even a car door being slammed on a fingerHere’s why it happens:The skin under the nail is very thin and so it bleeds easily.The Treatment:If there is no pain no treatment is necessary. You can just leave the injured toe alone and the darkened spot will grow out eventually.If there is pain, Do consult a Doctor.

How Can I get rid of this ACNE? (Pics Included)?

I don't know if this would help, because i only get one or two really bad zits at a time, rather than actual acne, but this is what i use and it works.

So i find that some guys get kind of embarrassed about buying acne stuff made for women--but i find that the best kinds usually are made for women.

I swear by my clinique acne soap, and their step 3 clarifying lotion (i don't really know why they call it a lotion because it is really just a liquid solution that dries out really oily spots on your face), and both my Proactiv Repairing Lotion, and Advanced Blemish Treatment. While the whole Proactic set never worked for me these individual products are awesome for spot treatments. These are all fairly expensive, but i think that they are amazing

My body, basically, PICS! do i look fat to you?

You do NOT appear to be fat anywhere but your tummy. Try doing sit ups 5 min a day every day either before bed or after you wake (remember not to strain your neck just raise up as far as you can go). Take a 20 second brake every time you get tired. Try to raise up and hold for 20 seconds. If you can't do it yet start with 5 or 10 seconds and work your way up to 20 or 30 seconds. Also, only drink water, 100% juice or milk. No soda. You are so NOT fat you need more confidence. Go to Target and buy a few T-Shirts one size larger than what you are wearing. Practice better posture (pretend there is a string attached to your head pulling you up). And last but not least suck in your tummy because this is the best ab exercise on earth (check it out online it has been proven buy science).

How do i get rid of this (pic) inside

You certainly aren't loopy, relaxation specified on that. Everyone wants, it's only that a lot of guys and females do not remember them after they get up. It's believed via many who 'unhealthy' wants are the outcome of the mind seeking to form out the complete potential it has been fed via sight, sound, taste and lots of others within the course of the day. Try very difficult to not center of attention on what you've gotten bought dreamt involving the prior night time time, alternatively snapshot quality simply correct, confident matters as you lie in mattress. If you occur to ought to in finding yourself dreaming of anything you do not like or are scared of, with ease hold saying to your self 'that's most potent a dream and i am going to rise up now'. It'll take quite of time, nevertheless keep at it. Prior than you understand it, you're going to be dreaming of meadows filled with vegetation, or a satisfactory friend, or what ever you worried with as you drifted off. Sweet pursuits.....

Hmm. Where to start..Animals will build nests in the attic - this happened to me once, bats of all things. If not in ceiling, sometimes mild or fungus growth due to water damage can do same. Do other rooms in house have same door? If not, concentrate on your room. Could be matters as well as even the common, cute house mouse can best, create very strong odor. How about other furniture? See if that might be source.Once you identify source, get rid of it; then,wipe down walls with Clorox solution, prime walls and ceiling with KILZ paint, then buy good paint with one application primer builtin paint, clean floor with clorox, good mopping. Next call last friend over to did your new lair. Good luck and Godspeed, charles

If you adopt some simple treatments, you can control the sweat of the underarm very much. Let's learn about measures to avoid underarm.Baking sodaAfter bath take a little baking soda and mix it with water and apply it on your underarm and body.After this, wipe it with a clean towel.You can also use baking soda after applying the deodorant.Spray the deodorant and then put a little baking soda on top of it.CleanlinessKeep your underarm clean.It helps in preventing sweating.This causes personal hygiene and your skin also prevents infection and disease. Whenever you wear clothes, then dry your underarm before it is dry.Less sweat will come out.Cucumber useAfter bath take the cucumber slice on your armpit.The cucumber contains antioxidants that prevent bacteria from coming out of the body by the destruction of bacteria.Pay attention to dietThe digestive system is also affected in this season.Eat fresh and light meals in summer.Take cucumber, mint, orange, watermelon, and seasonal, these thirsty ones are extinguisher, because the amount of sodium and calories are very low and anti oxidants, calcium and vitamin A are in great quantity.Together, they make them a good food-producing food.In addition curd and buttermilk also provide the body coolness.Apple vinegarBefore applying the apple vinegar, put the apple vinegar on your side for 30 minutes daily.Then wash with mild soap.To get a good result, put it before sleeping at night.LemonThe use of lemon helps to keep the sweat away.However, in this way you can also change the color of your black armpits.The use of cottonYou can always wear sweat that you wear on wearing a light cotton.So always try to wear light fabric like cotton.It absorbs moisture immediately.Drink more waterDrink more water in the summer than the stench of sweating will decrease and you will feel refreshed.Stay Healthy Stay Fit !Good Luck