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How Do I Get Somebody To Stop Sitting At My Desk

Posture: How can I stop slouching when I sit at my desk?

Some people find that using a foot rest helps them to sit up straighter.  There are plenty of bio feedback and postural cue products.  Check out  You might try a kneeling chair.  Some people find air cushions helpful as a reminder to sit up.

Have you ever done something (besides telling your boss) to stop someone from advancing unfairly?

My first job was a college work study. I was a secretarial assistant in the Department of Educational Services. I loved working there. I loved working lol. I got my first check and thought “wow and I get paid too!”There were several counselors in our office. Some were nice and helpful. Some just ignore us college workers. And of course, the sleeze ball. I had no experience on how to deal with people who try to make unwanted physical contact. I came out of a small, all girl, religious school and I was dumb as a doorknob. One day, my supervisor was out of the office. There was some staff training thing going on. I didn’t mind-I had paperwork to do. Along comes Mr Sleeze. He leaned over me while I was sitting at my desk. I got up and moved away, pretending I was busy. He followed me saying “come on! You’re over 18 and that makes us adults. I’m sure you want to learn more about the world.” Even in my innocence, I caught his drift. We had a huge filing cabinet. I stood by the wall and threw it open to the max, using it as my protector. As my fingers moved along the files I said “I’m very busy right now. And when I’m ready to learn more about the world, I’ll let you know. Besides, I think my supervisor is due to come back at any time now.” Sleeze made a face and stomped out. I breathed a sigh of relief. I didn’t know how to tell my supervisor but I guess someone said something because she called me in and asked if anyone acted inappropriately in the office. When I found out that Sleeze was doing the same to another female student, I told my supervisor what happened. She couldn’t understand how I used the filing cabinet to save me so I showed her. She laughed and said that was a great maneuver. However, I did not have to allow another person, staff or student, to make unwanted advances towards me. I was honest-as a student, I didn’t think I would get believed. My supervisor said “I’ll believe you. If you ever have any problems, even when you aren’t working here anymore, let me know.” Needless to say, Mr Sleeze was told to leave.PS-that maneuver with the filing cabinet saved me years later when another pervert-my boss’ cousin no less-tried to touch my shirt buttons, saying look how pretty. I threw the cabinet open wide using it as my shield and said I was too busy and his cousin was due any moment.

How do you set up an ideal keyboard for the ideal sitting desk posture?

What is advised most of the time:Personally if you want an ideal, then you should use voice recognition since any keyboard can contribute to RSI anyway and typing is very slow in comparison to voice recognition [1]. Also, in the rare cases I need to use my keyboard, I prefer to rest my arm on the white articulated arms you can see in the following picture:Regarding the keyboard itself, the ideal would be a flat mechanical keyboard, but as far as I know this doesn't exist. (there have been also much work on the keyboard layout to make it more comfortable, but qwerty is enough for me since I don't use it much).[1]Statistics: The average rate for transcription is 33 words per minute, and 19 words per minute for composition.An average professional typist types usually in speeds of 50 to 80 words per minute.Using speech recognition, one can easily achieve over 100 words per minute with more than 95% accuracy.

How do I make my desk chair stop rotating on its own?

I know, that sounds odd...

I have a chair from Staples - your basic high back faux leather wheeled chair that spins, adjusts height and rocks back.

When I sit at my desk to read or watch something on my computer, I like to take my feet off the floor and cross my legs on the seat of the chair - but this chair keeps slowly rotating on it's own whenever I do that! Any ideas on how to make it stop? Because I hate having to hold one hand on the desk to keep myself facing the right way - it's kind of annoying and defeats the purpose of me simply relaxing in the chair....

How do you politely say, Stop sitting in my chair?

Alright well here's the deal. My boss likes to come over to my desk when I'm not sitting down & sit in my chair. The thing is I have a little person's chair & the max weight capacity on it is 250lbs. And he weights about 425lbs. He sits in my chair spins around in it & even bounces in it. I've watched him do it! I've had to replace my chair 3 times in the last 2 years. He always breaks it. Then the company won't buy me a new one for months & I'm stuck in a broken chair sitting a foot maybe off the ground with my nose to the computer screen. The obvious solution would be to get a sturdier chair however the company will not buy me one. They get the cheapest thing they can find.

How do I tell my boss TO STOP SITTING IN MY CHAIR. (he just broke my new one & I've only had it a couple months!) I've asked him repeatedly to 'please not sit in my chair.' He doesn't listen. Any suggestions would be great! Especially before I start boobie trapping the thing.

How do you get someone to stop kicking your chair?

There's this dude behind me in class and he keeps kicking my desk omfg! It's so annoying! I told him to stop twice already but just In case he does it again.. How do I stop him (no yelling involved since I sit so close to the teacher) ?
P.s. he is a bit stubborn to listen to people.

How can I stop looking so serious?

I am the same way. It has reached the point now where if I'm in a job interview and the interviewer asks "What would your friends say is the most negative thing about you?:", I tell them right away "I don't smile enough. It makes people think I'm angry or disinterested, but in fact it means that I am just deeply involved with the work I'm doing and I'm not aware of people being around me". I just tell people right up-front so that they aren't surprised by it. If I force myself to sit at my desk smiling all the time I feel like one of those ventriloquist dummies with a wooden smile painted on my face forever. Some people just naturally have a sunshiney appearance all the time, and others look more serious. It doesn't mean you are mad at someone or not interested in having them come up to you and introduce themselves. If people question your seriousness, tell them the truth.