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How Do I Get Started In Star Trek My Friends Love It So I Want To Start Watching The Original

I just started watching the hills. Can somebody give me the background information on the characters.?

lauren moved in with heidi and they were best friends, then heidi started dating a guy named spencer, who treated her like crap and hung out with like playboy bunnies while heidi was supposed to be away, and then he realized he wanted to be with heidi and he kept pressuring heidi to move in with him and leave lauren because she hates him for what he did to heidi, and she ended up choosing spencer over lauren and then audrina moved in with lauren, because while heidi and lauren were fighting, they got closer, and now audrina and lauren are best friends...then recently there was a rumor going around that lauren and her ex bf jason had made a sex tape, and lauren and audrina are convinced that heidi and spencer made up the rumor...i hope i helped a little! :) lol

Just started watching Star Trek TOS on youtube, why is television today so different from television before?

I've just graduated high school and decided to waste my entire summer doing nothing but relaxing until college starts. What better way to relax than to waste your life watching an old TV sitcom with crappy fuzzy graphics like Star Trek TOS? (OK now I'm just being shallow)

Its strange though, almost every single episode I've watched so far poses some kind of philosophical, ethical, question and has some kind deep theme in it. Most shows I watch today (well I don't watch TV anymore because everything on nowadays is sh1t my television set has been broken for 4 years) are either reality TV shows or episodic sitcoms like Star Trek. However, it would be an insult to compare something as beautiful and meaningful as Star Trek to something as disgusting as modern day TV now would it?

Reality TV is anything but "real" and serves no point other than to give people the security of being in reality while still, at the same time, escaping into some form of fantasy. The episodic sitcoms are just melodramas once again serving as other people's way of escaping fantasy. Both are meaningless.

But Star Trek, when I click on that URL on youtube and watch an episode of Star Trek, it makes you...think about things. Now this might only be because I took 3 years of analytical reading in high school, but almost every episode seems to pose a philosophical, thought provoking question.

So my question is, why isn't modern day TV like this? What do you think about Star Trek? And is the new movie just as deep or is it just another joy ride with pretty faces, booty booty booty, sex, sex, sex, violence, violence, and more violence? (not that there's anything wrong with that, I mean when I go to the movies with friends, I want to be entertained, not thinking).

Anybody a "Star Trek" fan? I mean the original series with Kirk and Spock?

I am a huge Star Trek fan!! I think I actually like the original series better than any of the spin-offs because it's so damn cheesy but so damn good. My favorite episode is the one where they land on this planet ruled by that guy who's got it set up like ancient Greece or Rome and makes Spock have emotions and kiss O'Hura--seeing Spock laugh for the first and only time was hilarious, even though I knew he might die from emotional overload... My favorite character, now, that's a toughie. Every one of them has something very appealing in their makeup--Kirk with his giant dramatic pauses, Spock with his deadpan eyebrow-raising logical self, Bones McCoy with his alcoholic tirades... I also love the episode, which I just saw for the first time like a month or two ago, where Dr. McCoy accidentally injects himself with waaaaay too much of this drug and it makes him go crazy (He runs around screaming "Murderers!! Killers!! You're all murderers!!!") and he jumps through this time window into the early 20th century, and Kirk and Spock have to jump through to find him, and they're trying to act all slick about stealing some clothes off a clothes line and of course get totally busted... it's got Joan Collins in it, and they end up having to let her die so history will stay the same as it was before McCoy jumped through. No, as you can see you are not the only one who loves that show. So stand tall and proud! And live long and prosper, lol.

I want to start watching both Stargate and Star trek, where do I begin?

I would say that the Original Series, now in it's Remastered incarnation, is pretty much the best of all of the series, and that's in spite of the weak third season. Why ? The quality of the stories. For the times, they often did push the envelope of network TV, in ways that the later series really didn't. Beyond that, well TNG was OK, DS9 became a war series (The Dominion War, which dominated the arc of the last half of that series. Voyager had a few moments, but they were buried in too many years of, well mediocrity. Enterprise showed promise, and was best in it's first and last (4th) seasons. Now, if we're gonna talk about SF TV series where the *writing* was at it's best, then the series you really need to get your hands on is Babylon 5. It was entirely plotted out to it's end before the pilot was filmed. So, it had a direction that was quite intentional. Individual episodes handle well, and they also contain major arc pieces. It is fair to say that it was a true novel done in 100 chapters. Now, the universe of B5 is very different from the Star Trek Universe. In Trek, there is warp drive, where starships fly faster than light. In B5, ships use Jumpgates to travel between star systems. So, get the Star Trek (Original Series) Remastered DVD sets, and the Babylon 5 season sets. As a PS to the poster who refere3nced 'Star Trek Universe', no such show exists. There was StarGATE Universe, which lasted, unfortunately, only two seasons. And, modern Dr. Who rocks !

How should I get started in Star Trek?

The Next Generation is a good start. You don't really need to know about TOS to enjoy it. Voyager is also a lot of fun, as is Deep Space Nine. Both of these ran for 7 seasons so there is a lot of Star Trek there. If you like special effects don't shy away from Enterprise, but there is a lot of stuff that refers to the TOS, like alien races etc. Finally, don't forget the movies. many of those are good, yes including the redone Star Trek The Motion Picture, but make sure it's the redone one, the theatrical version didn't make much sense. Enjoy! there plenty there to satisfy the biggest of trek appetites,

Why do so many Star Trek fans hate Into Darkness?

I have been a Star Trek fan since I was a toddler sitting next to my parents as they watched the reruns of the original series back in the late 70s. I can probably quote verbatim the lines of the original films with the original series cast and the Next Generation cast sad to say lol, and am well versed in Star Trek lore. I enjoy the new J.J. Abrams movies. I think what the "purists" hate is the fact that the new movies have pretty much, in their eyes, ripped to shreds the artwork that Gene Roddenberry created so long ago and instead of coming up with something original and not mucking around with established characters and storylines. Many argue that it does not have the Star Trek feel, just merely slapping the name into the title the way Enterprise did while merely being just a run of the mill, generic sci fi flick.Sure, I wouldn't have minded a fresh story with fresh characters the way TNG was when it came out, but these new movies were well made in my opinion and knowing it is an alternate universe opens my mind to these movies. I don't personally feel anything is getting screwed with and I think the creator of the original Star Trek would be smiling.

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Suggestions on anime to introduce to my non-anime fan friend?

I've got a friend who isn't into anime but I want to introduce her to it, but I can't think of many that I think she'd like. The closest thing to anime she likes is Avatar: The Last Airbender. She's really into Marvel comics (X-men especially, also likes Batman, superhero stuff) and Star Trek/Wars, and lots of mystery action shows. The only anime I can fathom her not disliking at the start is Black Cat (people with powers, fun characters). I was gonna say Alive: the final evolution manga but that's too depressing for her tastes I think, so nothing TOO serious/gloomy. I think she might also like Yu Yu Hakusho (if she can get passed Koenma's pacifier and Kurama prettiness lol)

Can anyone suggest anime/manga any my friend might like?