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How Do I Get To Be As It Was I Super Hate This New Look

New yahoo I hate the new look get rid if it?

You can use Outlook with AOL as well as Gmail and others. Do a search for compatible email provider for outlook. Outlook is compatible with other providers. New Yahoo is so bad so many are changing providers. Wish there would be more that posted what provider they are moving to.

Good luck. I am looking as well. I've also heard that Mozzilla (?) is a better Internet provider and that you can also get email through them... but, I have not tried that myself yet, so can't say for sure. Hope you find what you are looking for, and I hope I do too

I hate how food makes me feel.?

okay, don't try to starve yourself!!
this is bad especially if you are trying to lose weight because it slows down your metabolism because your body will think you are stranded on a desert or something and try to preserve all the fat and what not, so if you binge after you starve yourself, your body is still in starvation mode, so you'll just end up gaining weight.

i know how you feel because thats how i was for a year.
it's really difficult but you'll get the hang of it. my weight was my motivation. like i go to a school where the girls there have perfect bodies so that also motivated me. i found fruits and vegetables that i like. such as carrots (i LOVEEE carrots), strawberrries, kiwis, bananas, apples, etc.

as for chips i have them SOMETIMES, but i make myself run it off by the end of the day or in the morning.

focus your cravings on running or something- that's what i do and it works.

also, food is like nicotine. seriously. i have been off of my favorite cookies for 4 months, and i don't even crave it anymore. like you have to go cold turkey on this at first. replace all your junk food with veggies, fruits, and lean meats. eat as much of that as you want so you are full. when you have your diet under control, then you can incorporate the junk (only a LITTLE) into your diet as a treat. like 2x a week or something.

i don't know what else to tell you. you just have to find the willpower to conquer it.. hah that sounded weird.

1. focus your energy on wanting food to something like running/sports, yoga, journal entries, art, etc.
2. replace your junk with veggies and fruits and healthy good foods and eat until you are full so you cant stuff any of the junk any longer.
3. find something to motivate you to fight this.

you can do it! seriously if I OUT OF ALL PEOPLE can YOU definitely can :)
its a gradual process though, okay? you can't expect major change in a week. i'm still struggling but i'm getting there.

good luck.

How Do I get back to the "Old" Yahoo Home Page look ?

You can try and see if that helps. Also at the bottom right corner on the homepage, you can send feedback to let them know how you feel. They will not respond. The new CEO is taking credit for the new homepage. She came over from google.

How do I forget about these girls? (SUPER LONG QUESTION!)?

first things first, you should NEVER change your outward appearance in order to impress other people. it hardly ever works and if it does, you have to maintain this charade of someone you are not. you need to be confident in yourself and should never let anyone feel superior to you.

secondly, you're letting these girls have too much power over you. regardless of whether you're "annoying" or not, you shouldn't keep on asking to hang out with them. they're spreading mean rumors about you and if they're capable of doing that, they were probably never your friends in the first place.

thirdly, if everyone hates you, its either because of a dumb rumor or something you did. if its because of a rumor, there's not much you can do. just keep your head held high and ***** them out. stand up for yourself, because you're the only one who can. if its because of something you did, well, you need to remember. how do you act around these girls back when you were friends? did you talk too much about yourself or fawned over them, etc? maybe something happened at the sleepover because it was shortly after that when they turned into total bitches. try to remember what happened then, because it's never good to not know.

i hope this helps. good luck :)

OMG What should I do????? Help!!!!!?

Hey! Wow.. That's like a novel-worthy story! LOL...

Anyway... My sister had something like this happen to her when she was in high school. It sucks to be confused like that. I know you are probably panicking and checking this page for a good answer. I'll give you one.

For starters, it seems like you and "Goofy" are good friends, maybe more. He seems pretty cool, but a little player-ish. I'd be careful.

"EyeGuy"... Where to start? He seems nice, but almost not your type. But I'd choose him if I were you. He's definitely a good person, who truly likes you. You seem really sweet, and I hope you do what you think is right.

Also, "Soccer" has me thinking... Does he maybe have a little crush on you that he can't admit because he as a girlfriend?

Just follow your heart and you'll work things out. Sleep, drink some hot chocolate. Tell your mother or some motherly figure. They always know the right thing to say.

I hope you find your love... And like the person said: focus on your schoolwork! LOL

Good Luck! I hope things turn out...

How do I fix this awkward relationship?

here are numerous reasons why a once committed relationship would degenerate to one partner asking for a divorce. how to save your marriage

It could have been:

- an affair
- having been separated by a long distance for lengths of time
- conflict
- behavioral issues or psychological problems of one spouse
- even unmanaged addictions.

Whatever of these problems may be what is seen on the surface, the bottom line is that usually, barring any abuse or psychological problems that are best handled by a professional, a couple find themselves in danger of divorce when there is a loss of:

- communication,
- love
- and intimacy

in the marital relationship.


Well actually it isnt that long once you read it..
where is the rest of it.
do you like Alice...or gavin, whichever.
it is good though, you had some grammer mistakes
but i like the story, hmm interesting
is this for fun or for school?

Please expand upon what you think is "garbage".While waiting for that, I'm going to hazzard a guess and assume you mean celebrity stuff, thinks about the Kardashians, and other such stuff.It's on Yahoo because people read it. It draws eyeballs. That, in turn, draws ad impressions. When you click on an article you don't like, even if the purpose is to go comment about how much you hate the topic, do you really think Yahoo cares what you comment?They care that they got your click. Furthermore, what you see on YOUR Yahoo homepage is not what I see on mine. There's a pretty complex algorithm that determines what you see. Things like your previous clicks and reading habits. So if you are seeing "garbage" content, blame yourself. Change your browsing habits.I haven't seen a Kardashian article in months, and I rarely see celebrity-based articles either.Additionally, what YOU think is garbage is not the same as what others think is garbage. That article that you can't stand? Others might be interested in. That's how it works. Not everyone likes the same thing. I guarantee that articles you find interesting are mind-numbingly boring to me.

DEPRESSION: How do I get my positive feelings back?

Pl. join Yoga and Meditation classes and learn all these techniques. Contact the nearest Yoga center.

Then it is easy to nurture healthy and wise thoughts, habits, traits and behaviors, which will give lot of self-confidence, courage and boldness. Side-by-side, if you want, there is no harm in consulting a professionally qualified doctor also.

While I was watching it I was pleasantly surprised. I had heard such terrible things about it, and I am enormously cynical about Hollywood these days, so I my expectations were as low as they could possibly be.Sure there were some stupid aspects of characterisation, but that is just par the course with superhero movies, and it was certainly better than most.About 90 minutes in, I remember thinking, I don't really know why people are so upset about this film. It's going to be really good once it gets going. They just dispatched the villain for a short-lived victory at the midpoint of the movie. I wonder how he will come back and become a formidable opponent?And then immediately it ended. They crammed pretty much the second AND third acts into the last 15 minutes. They introduced and then defeated the villain in as much time as it takes for me make and drink a cup of sweet milky tea.And it was an incomprehensible 15 minutes. I have not read the comics, but I shouldn't need to. What the fuck are Doom's super powers? Is he a magician, like Harry Potter? Is he supposed to be able to make rocks sticky? What was happening? How did he make Richard's body melt? Is that psychic control over flesh or something? I don't get it. And what was his motivation? To destroy all of humanity because, ooh, he is a villain and villains do bad things, right? The movie didn't give me the information needed to understand what was going on.I would say it is a frustrating movie. It clearly had the potential to be a very solid film, but it's like they released only half the film and just claimed that it was a full movie. I heard the production had lots of problems and that the director was an arse, but I don't care about any of that. I just want to see a good film. And this movie taunted me with promises of a good film, but ultimately smacked me over the head with a non-ending.