How Do I Handle A Work Situation Where The Employees Are Running The Department Rather Than The

How do I handle this work situation? Was professional now personal?

I work in a very stressful environment. Not because of the actual work but because of the people! There have been various problems over the course of my employment, but for financial and insurance reasons I can't leave quite yet. Most of it is professional and left at work. The problem I am running into is that a co-worker of mine seems to be having a problem with me. We werent seeing eye to eye on something one day, and since that issue things have taken a very personal tone. After that disagreement, she has said something almost weekly that was mean, hurtful, or spiteful. In the past 3 weeks she has told me I wasn't worth talking to, called me judgemental after I made an observation, and made comments to a stranger about me (a pregnant woman came into our workplace and said it was hot, when I said I was fine she told me to get pregnant and see how I coworker replied with "Someone would have to want her first....." and then said some things about how they were trying to get rid of me). All of this....makes for a less than thrilling work environment. Where I really run into a problem the fact that she has been googling me and looking me up online. I'm signed up with a program that tells me what people look me up and view my profile. A woman her age, from her small town apparently searched me and viewed my profile-not Facebook though I know she attempted to look me up on there too. Obviously she doesn't know that I know this....I'm just not sure how or if I should approach this and I can find no reason for her to be looking me up. I make it a point to not add co-workers to my FB account, and I also refrain from making comments specifically about or directed at work....while she may be looking for something like that, I'm confused as to why she would feel compelled to. I'm just really feeling under the microscope of this woman and unsure as to why or how to deal with it. Also, she's personal friends with my that's not really an avenue or outlet that I can take as I know that there are things happening there that probably shouldn't be.

Any thoughts?

How do I handle an awkward situation at work?

If this is how she is, then her opinion, of anything at all, is completely irrelevant to your existence. Be grateful that everyone else has her number too!
Since everyone else knows she was full of it, then she did nothing to you at all, but only succeeded in making herself look like a complete idiot.
And she probably doesn't even have a clue.

If she deserves any sort of emotional response from you (and that's doubtful), it would be pity.

Let it go. It's not like she ruined your reputation or anything, She just acted like you all know she acts. Shrug it off and move on.

Next time you are her target, simply shrug, say, "Whatever you say, Sally" and turn your back and discuss the weather with whoever is next to you.

Don't discuss her gift to you with her.
That's tacky, and it shows that she got to you, which was her goal.
Let it go or she wins whatever little game she needs to play.

As to your gift to her, give her something nice that you think she'd like.
Be the nice, gracious person that you are.
Don't let her drag you down to her level.

How do i handle this situation at work legally?

I am in a job where my supervisor literally does not like me. Shes withheld my raise from me, constantly lectures me, and now another manager somehow knows personal information about my review and its all bad. I show up everyday and do my job as a manager and its never enough. Before i took the position, there were managers coming and going left and right. Now i see.

I had an employee show up to work intoxicated and i quickly got the shift covered and made sure the employee was sent home safely and notified my supervisor about the actions id taken in the moment of haste. Instead of acknowledging me for fixing the problem, she attacked me verbally and said i should have just called her, but she doesnt live nearby so i took action first. As a manager i thought thats what im paid to do...? Anyway...the situation is getting bad, she wont drop it, im apparently in trouble, shes taking time to question my workers about my i want to tell her ive had enough of this and to fire me if im that bad. I cannot take this anymore. I need to let her know this is stressing me out and to please stop lecturing me all the time. How should i legally give her an option without "quitting"?

How do I handle this employer situation at my job?

First of all, analyse the situation: you say you're doing the work, but you're not giving your 'all' anymore. Could your attitude be the reason that your employer does not feel it necessary to give you any extra credit?

This isn't a criticism. I'm asking because it seems as if there is a misperception of what you do and how well you do it--and usually this stems from a false impression of one's attitude and work habits. If your employer feels that you are just "putting in your time" she's not going to recognize anything more about you until you ACT differently to her--and let her know that not only are you willing to take on more responsibility, you have the ability to do so. You seem unhappy that the advisors put the folders on your desk to file for them, but you could at that point, take the initiative and say, "I'm sorry, I really don't have time to re-file that--could you do it?" And you also seem unhappy that they are not helping you--but is that their job?

In other words, perceptions are everything in a workplace. You need to approach your supervisor and let her know that you are ready, willing and able to do whatever is necessary to make her life easier--yes, that sounds like "brown-nosing" but it's what is necessary to make her see that you're wanting to be MORE than just a team-player. When you turn around your perceptions with her, you'll see a difference in how she treats you.

And if you don't, then you have something to document for turning over to HER supervisor.

How would you handle employees like this?

I've owned and ran a greenhouse for 3 years now. I hire a few local teenagers to help with the work, along with two regular employees that help me run the business.

I recently hired a young girl who is really into plants and gardening. Great, right? Turns out that she is a big time animal rights activist and a vegan. That is all fine by me.

But there is another employee (who's been with me for 2 yrs) that she does not get along with at all. Apparently, while they were inside the little store ( Where we ring up customers and sell gardening items) , he was swatting flies and completely disregarding the fact that she thought it was wrong.

Now I feel that they are both entitled to deal with flies as they see fit, I'm not going to force one's opinion on the situation onto the other.

How would you handle this?

They're both great teenagers and excellent employees, and I do not want to lose either of them.

One of my employees uses bad grammar that is reflecting poorly on our department's performance.?

bad grammar has nothing to do with performance. to improve performance, you must increase employee satisfaction, meaning you have to make their workspace inviting and make your staff ready to tackle a demanding workday by equipping them with the best of the best of everything whether that means making pertinent information available so they are more knowledgeable, or giving them state of the art terminals to work with. a department's performance is reflective on leadership. poor leadership will result in poor performance and low job satisfaction and if it is a customer-based business, customer retention will be low as they will find alternative businesses that are more attentive to their needs. who likes going into an establishment where the employees are grouchy?