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How Do I Know Someone Has Bought Off Of My Amazon Wishlist

Is there a way to track amazon bought wishlist items?

SHE can track it by logging in to her Amazon account and viewing the details of her order. YOU can't track it, because you are not the one who made the purchase.

Someone purchased two items off my amazon wishlist for me, but how do i get them?

The guy just marked your list. He may not have actually bought it or he have may have bought if for someone else. This is one of the problems with 'open' lists.

If someone buys you something from your Amazon Wishlist, do you have to pay gift taxes? If so, how so?

No, gift taxes kick in for things bought off your Amazon wish list. Now if you had something over 14000 on your wish list bought for you, then the GIVER would have to file a gift tax return. But the recipiant does not TurboTax Tax Tips & Videos

Can someone purchase something on an Amazon wish list and then cancel it?

You can cancel anytime before it ships. Check your recent order history on the Amazon site to see if that order has shipped yet and if you can cancel it.

After it ships, if it's being sent to you you can refuse the package and it should be returned and credited. If it's being sent to someone else you can ask them to refuse the package though that may not work for you :)

I believe if you cancel it, you didn't buy it, so it won't show up as purchased. I'm not sure b/c I've never canceled a wish list order.

Buying off of an Amazon wish list question?

My boyfriend doesn't know I know of his amazon wish list. I searched to see if he has one and he does. I wish to buy something off it for him for Christmas but don't want it to send to his house. Will he be notified something was purchased off of it? I don't want to ruin a Christmas surprise. Thanks in advance!

How can I track a package that someone else bought for me on Amazon?

Hi,You can simply visit Parcel Monitor. This is a very useful and hassle-free parcel tracking website as it will auto-detect the carrier and pull the tracking updates for you, and all you need to do is to enter your tracking number - no need to go to the specific carrier website to track your parcel or enquire through Amazon. :)

Amazon Wishlist duplicate items question?

I'm setting up a wishlist for people to use when Christmas rolls around. But i cant find any information about whether if i set the list to not spoil my surprises, it will warn other people if they try and buy a book that someone else has already bought off my list. Would seem rather useless if it doesn't but I need to be able to say one way or the other when people ask.

Has someone ever purchased one of your 'Wish List' or 'Public list' items (products) on Amazon for you, without you knowing them? Have you bought something for a stranget, instead?

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