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How Do I Know What Type Of Oil Filter To Use On My Car

How do i know what the right oil filter to use is.?

so i do my own oil changes every 3kmiles i have a 2002 ford f150 V6 that takes 8Qrtz. ive always used castrol GTX oil with an STP Filter. i always buy the same exact oil filter because idk what size i should be looking for. the filter come in a bunch of different sizes and idk which i can use. if i wanted to get a different brand lets say FRAM or K&N how would i know what size to get.?

Car oil filters - how do you know what kind to get?

How do you know what kind of oil filter to buy for your car? My manual just tells me about the kind of oil to use and how to change the oil and filter, but says nothing about the filter's specifications.

The car is an 02' Acura RSX. I don't just need to know of some filters that work with my car, that's easy information to find. I need to know how to tell what filter is right for a certain car, and why.

On most cars the viscosity is printed on the oil fill cap. GM vehicles after 2012 must use oils designated with the DEXOS label.However, viscosity is not the only criteria when selecting oils. Unfortunately the owners manual only gives you the viscosity rating but not the specific classifications. Name brand oils such as Mobil or Castrol have manufacturer specific classifications ILSAC,  (International Lubricants Standardization and Approval Committee) at the back of the bottle.

The type of oil that your engine manufacturer recommends. The brand does not really matter but the weight of oil is all important. Synthetic oils are superior to organic types but are more expensive. Organic oils do protect surface areas, but need to be changed more often because they break down over time and lose their protective abilities. Synthetics also break down, but over a far longer period of time. Where you live and how you drive the car may also affect which oil you use. If you live in a very hot area, then perhaps a heavier oil might be used. If your engine calls for 5w 30, then that is what you should use. Your owners manual should tell you what weight of oil is right for your car, if not; most auto parts stores or your local mechanic can look it up for you.

How do you know what type of gas your car needs and how much of it?

What type of gas and how much really depend on the car. Most vehicles that run on gasoline will run just fine on regular unleaded. Higher performance cars need premium, since combustion temperatures are so much higher due to higher compression in the cylinders. Unless you are driving a car with a high-horsepower engine you will be fine on regular unleaded, or 87 octane; you may even be throwing money away if you fill it with premium.

How much depends on the vehicle. For instance, my car has a 12 gallon fuel tank, while my truck (runs on gas) has about a 34 gallon tank. Your car's owner's manual should have a list of capacities in the back near the maintenance section. If you don't have the owner's manual a dealership should be able to get you one, but you're going to pay for it. You might also try checking online to see if there's an electronic version of the owner's manual. Hope this helps.

What kind of oil filter do i need for my car?

Go to Autozone, they can set you up in the right direction. You can show them your car and they'll tell you if you have the I4 or a V6.

You'll probably be fine with a Fram or STP oil filter since it is just a Honda Accord. You can go for a K&N but I don't think you'd notice any difference.

You might notice a difference with a K&N air filter vs a Fram air filter, but not an oil filter.

What happens if you put the wrong oil filter in your car?

It either won't fit or won't seal properly. The person from Autozone has made a bad suggestion. Even if it is not leaking right now, the seal may be only slightly covering the required area. If that is the case it will fail when you run the engine at speed when the oil pressure increases. You would do well to just replace the filter with the correct one. Put a catch tub under it, remove the wrong filter, install the correct one according to the instructions and then top off the oil level.

Does it matter what type of motor oil you use?

Nasty is correct the W is for winter new conventional oils have temperature sensitive polymeres in them and allows to activate as the engine warms,thus allowing for a dual viscosity oil,most new and late model cars and trucks require 5w30 and 5w20 motor oils,and they run fine on these weights the old way of thinking was to step up to 10w30 in the summer as the thicker oil would withstand the summer heat better that is no longer true as most conventional oils have a thermal rating upwards of 600 degrees,they just last long and preform better today,as far as your warranty no it will not void your warranty,many dealers try to tell you this so you will return to the lot for their expert service the truth is most dealers buy the cheapest oil they can with some even using conventional oil in the place of synthetic blends,but in the end it is up to you as to the oil brand you trust but in reality all oils that want to compete for new car business must meet the minimum standards for most of the major auto makers anyway so in effect they are all pretty much the same in formulation,as long as we are talking conventional to conventional,synthetics and synthetic blends are all together different.

What type of motor oil should i use for my 383?

motor oil - I have a 72 chevelle with 383 in it, I'm not sure what size oil pan it has as the last owner had no idea on any of the specs on the car. I see the car wasn't taken care of, so I wanna use a REALLY good type of oil for it, but my question is (I live in Florida) 1. what type of oil is really good? 2. what type of oil (10w 40? 10w 30? ETC) and also, how many quarts aprox should I buy to be safe?

Now, I'm also changing my trans oil, so same 3 questions as the motor oil but with transmission fluid and so on, now it's a 350 trans with a torque converter( don't know if it's a 10" or 11") so another question is how to change the fluid step by step with the trans, how many quarts to buy, what kind? and with it having a toque converter, what steps are added with that if there are any, please answer all the questions for both motor and trans oil changing I have provided. THANKS!

It is Interesting that you choose to use 0w-40 and live in a warm climate. The recommended oil for a 996 Carrera is 5w-40. I can understand the logic of switching to 0w-40 if you live somewhere very cold, but Porsche don't recommend this, essentially the oil you are using is too thick and is therefore not acting as the engine designers intended.Recommended oils for this car include:Mobil Super 3000 X1 5W-40Castrol Magnatec 5W-40 C3Castrol Edge Titanium 5W-40 FSTOh and get that IMS changed for an uprated replacement as soon as possible, it just not worth destroying the engine by ignoring a known problem that has an easy fix.