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How Do I Log Other Devices Out Of My Gmail Account

How can I sign out of my Gmail account from multiple devices?

Sign out from another computerIf you forgot to sign out of your email on another computer, you can remotely sign out of Gmail.Open Gmail.In the bottom right corner, click Details Sign out all other web sessions.Tip: If you’re using a public or shared computer, sign out of your Google Account before leaving the computer. Learn more about signing in securely to Google.Switch accounts without signing outYou can use multiple accounts on the same browser using multiple sign-in. Then, you can switch between your accounts without signing out of either of them. Learn more about signing in to multiple accounts.

Gmail account being used by someone??? help!!!?

OK, dont worry ! If you still can access your Gmail (mails and ..), it can be solved.

1- on the bottom of the GMail inbox , there is a phrase says "Last account activity: ..minutes ago on this computer. Details".

2- Click on "Details". A popup window will be opened showing your last activity history.

3- Click "Sign out all other sessions" (the list of IPs that have connected to your Gmail will be shown too).

4- after step 4, change your password and security questions Immediately.

5- remember to log out your account when you use your gmail on other computers.

Good Luck

How do I log out of all the devices I am logged in with my Google account?

You will be need to Follow the laid down steps to Log Out of the all devices-First of all, Login to the Google Account.Click on the Security into the Google Account page.Find the Your Devices tab.Click on the Manage Devices into the Your Devices tab.Select a Device which you want to Log Out.Click on the Device.Finally. Click on the Red Remove Button.

If I change my email password will it log me out of all devices?

Change your password in your gmail and change your personal information such as an extra e-mail or phone number so if anybody that wants to guess your new e-mail will not be able to get it with your old existing information. Once you do that it still is not safe. Go to all your applications and change the personal information and questions too then it will be safe if you choose to keep your old profiles in your applications such as facebook

You can still keep your old phone number by calling the phone company they will just cancel out the phones iemi so it will not work with the phone number they assigned to it. Then on your new phone they will place your old number. The person that has your lost phone will not be able to activate the phone in that particular cellar company. For instance if you report it lost in ATT then no one will be able to use that phone for ATT. but if they flash it or unlock it they can use it for Tmobile or another phone company.

Depending on the phone company they may be able to give you the location of the phone if it is lost. Getting your phone back will be up to you.

How do you sign out of Google on all devices?

Go to Sign in - Google Accounts (myaccount*google*com) then navigate to Sign-in & Security. You can bump any devices off here as well as change your password in case the devices have passwords saved (in which case, they’d simply log in again). You can also setup 2-factor authentication and learn about device specific passwords which makes it easier to bump specific devices without having to change your password which would then require you to login to all devices and Google products again.