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How Do I Make 30 Videos In One Day

Is 70 views in a day on my first YouTube video good?

I know this YouTube business and trends from personal experience.First of all, for first day on first video… THAT’S ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I'm even a little jealous myself. My first video’s views took ages to kick off above 20–30 views.Just remember to keep to your trends (that's where I fell down recently) and look for new popular trends to do with what you do so that you can get more subscribers.Just a quick point - Don’t use click bait or misleading thumbnails! Although this will result in gaining more views, people will know you well for that and you will not get as many subscribers or likes because the audience didn't get what they wanted or thought they would see. Try not to fall into this trap.

How many videos should I upload on YouTube in a day to promote my channel. is promoting 4 videos a day better than 2 per day?

hey there!!Thanks for A2A.seems like you are too eager to kick start your youtube journey!A good sign!!Number of videos you upload does have an impact on your growth as a YouTuber but that is not the only criteria ….The relevance and quality of your uploads have a much higher importance !and if you do choose to upload many videos daily/weekly then make sure you follow your schedule because you have your subscribers waiting for your uploads failing to which you might loose good will!so choose a video upload schedule that suits your lifestyle and you don`t run out of ideas!Happy YouTubing!!

How long does it take to produce 2-3 minutes of video?

Most 2-3 minute videos are completely done anywhere from one day to a year.But let's try break this down:3 minute very  low budget corporate video:  3 days  planning, one shoot day, one day in editing.  Approved and posted to the web/youtube in one week. Warning: we are likely talking a very high high smell content.3 min med budget corporate.  2 weeks planning, two shoot days (or one with bigger crew) 3 day edit, posted in 3 weeks3 min higher budget corporate:3 weeks planning, two shoot days,  3 days rough cut, approvals, two days fine cut, posted in 6-8 weeks. 3 minute high budget corporate video: likely 4-6 months of planning, numerous shooting days, lots of VFX (digital visual effects) multiple cuts, music rights etc.  Posted within 6-9 months 3 minutes of a short film, could be anywhere from a day to a year.  There are 4,500 frames in 2.5 minutes (@30fps)  if the production is done at a high level they will care about each and every frame and each and every audio bit in the mix. To just shoot something and slam it together takes no time.   To create a piece of visual art or effective commerce takes a long time.  So time and money questions about videos are very hard to answer.  Sort of like the following questions:How much does a painting cost?How much does a good meal cost?How long will I live?What does a good car cost?Etc, etc.So much depends on the content.  Your best bet is to figure out exactly what the video is about, what the goals for the video are, how much budget can be allocated  and when the video is needed and then work backwards from there.  A video production company can help lay out a time frame based on your particular situation.There is a great line about videos:"A video can be three things: good, fast and cheap... But you can only pick TWO!"Good and fast but not cheap, cheap and good but not fast, or fast and cheap but not good.    Wise words.

Videos on youtube only load for about 30 seconds and stop please help?

i checked my internet connection speed and it is very good.every other aspect of the internet is working properly. this never used to be the case a week ago. please help

Mobile app showcasing video. How much money do you pull from video ads? On an app? (I know depends on views) explain

Showing video ads to your app users is one of the best ways to make money with your app because of the higher eCPM.eCPM – Is defined as the effective cost per mille or revenue you earn per thousand impressions shown to your users.If you have 50,000 users watching about 2 ads a day that will give you 100,000 impressions. Average eCPMs for this format are around $8–$5 which would bring you in. $24,000 - $15,000 / month.Simply put, the more ads you show in your app the more money you make.But, unfortunately, it’s not that simple.Video ads are the most popular format today because they usually give a great user experience and pay higher eCPMs to the publishers. The ads are usually 320 x 480 and cover the entire screen. They also play for either 15 or 30 seconds and can be skippable or non-skippable. This article will show you all the other types of different mobile ad formats.eCPMeCPM is higher because they ads are long and they cause the user to click on them (intentionally or accidentally) which drives your revenue. This is also a very popular format with big brands because they usually already have this format ad ready and available to go. Just take a TV commercial and hand it to an ad network.Fill RateFill rate is how many ads will be served over how many ads you requested. The fill rate is usually good because it is a popular format and there is a lot of inventory to go around.User ExperienceUsers don’t really like video ads but they tolerate them, especially if they are skippable. Making them skippable will lower your eCPM and revenue but it might be worth it to keep your users happy and coming back to you use your app.Ease of IntegrationPretty easy to integrate and there are usually a lot of natural breaks which are perfect places to add this type of ad format.TerritoriesIt is important to match the ad networks you are using with your audience. You need to make sure that the ad networks you integrate have video ads as an option and they they have ads in your preferred territories.

How much time does it take to make an animated video of 2-3 minutes duration?

This could range from a few hours to several days or months depending on the subject matter and complexity of the animation. An animated Explainer video that uses simple cut-out style animated characters, and very limited movement such as a hand wave or shake, and a simple walk cycle can be completed with predesigned puppets in vector animating software (using narration - no lip sync) in a day. However. This style of animation is better known and described as Motion Graphics and not actual animation.However. A complex fight scene or other detailed scenario (crowd running, castle siege, etc) involving multiple characters, you could be looking at a couple days, if not weeks or months, depending once again on the design and style of the characters and overall animation. (Vector) - Digital is faster than Frame by Frame (Hand Drawn), 3D is slower than 2.5D Paralax (Motion Comic Style).Some studios can produce 2 minutes of animation in a much shorter time frame. The guys down at South Park produce a full 22 minute episode in six days, from concept to writing, voice acting, storyboards, animatic, animating, editing and final cut. Six days. That is unbelievably fast. But they are a large team of very skilled individuals. This is also not common practice. Most animation studios produce a 22 minute animated cartoon episode in 10 months, with the use of in house animators and artists, and a second team overseas in places like Korea or India to complete the bulk of the work. It is more cost effective and they have larger teams which helps.3D animated films that have a surreal amount of realism in them - notably the Pixar and Dreamworks features take years to develop, because of the amount of attention to detail in the films backgrounds, layouts, props and character designs. Other studios producing 3D animated features complete projects in a fraction of the time but are less realistic and lack detail. These have short theatrical runs if any at all, as most go direct to DVD and Digital Download.Bottom line, I would say from experience that this will take a skilled individual working independently two weeks or more to produce 2 to 3 minutes, using simple techniques. A complex animation (frame by frame) will take an individual a good month if not more.Hope this helps.Jim

Removing audio track from a video?

Hi. I downloaded the Sony Vegas PRO 30 day trial software for one reason only and that was to be able to remove audio tracks permanently from videos, thus, making it look like the video was like a Charlie Chaplin movie or making it look like the movie was on mute mode. To do this in the Sony Vegas PRO, you had to import the video, go to the sound bar, click on it, click on group, choose remove from u and then click delete and it worked.

The Sony Vegas will only last me another 24 days. I went on Youtube and watched every video on how to get Vegas for free and crack it. I ended up downloading and uninstalling 6 times. It just wouldn’t work for me.
My question is this: does anybody know of another program /SOFTWARE (free) that will remove the sound track from any type of video – be it avi, mp4, flash, wmv (windows movie), that you can get free on the internet without having to register or does anyone know of a programme that will do it and that I could crack? ( could you explain briefly too, the steps I would need to take to remove the sound with this new programme that you are about to kindly suggest? )

Also, I am looking for a free programme or programme I can crack that is better than windows movie maker. Basically, what I want to be able to do is the following. You have a motion cartoon of two people talking to each other face to face – animated characters. What I want to be able to do is cut out photos of real people’s faces with windows paint or other, and set the real faces of real people into the animated cartoon as it moves, meaning the human faces would be in the film covering the original cartoon character’s faces. (the faces would move around in the film as the characters move) I would also like to be able to put special effects like lightning and beams like the lightsabers you see in Star Wars and be able to make it look like still photos are talking – by moving the mouth and then putting voice to it (manipulating the mouth area)…………that kind of stuff.

And how to add a track into a film and still be able to hear the original conversation.

Can anyone help me?
I have a HP WINDOWS 7

If push comes to shove, I am willing to spend 40 dollars/60 euros on software – one you buy in the shops. I could afford to spend that much but would rather not……… if you want to suggest one.