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How Do I Move From The Us To Europe

Is it meaningless to move to the US from Europe?

I have lived 12 years Europe and 10 in the US.Quality of living : Relative. Both societies offer great quality of living if you however lack the education to get a good job, you will have to do harder work in both. Europe however is better if you don’t have too much money.Culture : Europe. Most of the US outside major and very EXPENSIVE urban centers like NYC offers little culture. Most of the United States it’s a recollection of big houses, big roads, big stores, big cars and nothing else!Friendlier people : Spaniards, Italians and other Southern Europeans. You seem to think all of Europe is like Germany and Americans are nicer. However know that Americans just because Americans smile a lot does not mean they are friendlier, they aren’t. Beyond the smiles most Americans also will still consider you a stranger just like Europeans. In the US is also VERY HARD to get friends, mostly because people work and live busy lives and most will have little time to sit around and try to befriend you.Taxes: Europe. In Europe you pay taxes but you get all sorts of benefits. In the US you don’t pay taxes and you don’t get any thing from the government. Medical care and school in the US is VERY EXPENSIVE, while in Europe is not that pricey.Underpopulated : The USA. I do not know where you got the idea that Europe is underpopulated. Europe is far more crowded than the US. In the US you can go hours and days without seeing a single town or many people around. Most cities in the US are very big and spread out and you will need a car to move around.Work. You’ll be working on the internet, that doesn’t mean you can just move to the US and live. You need a proper residence permit and with Trump as president, you’ll have a hard time legalizing your situation once you become illegal.ME? I would live in Europe. The US is nice, but Europe is nicer. You’re probably idealizing the US because you don’t know it that well. The US can be terribly boring, most of the cities are spread out and suburban without public transportation, you need a car, I wouldn’t live like that.If I was you…. I’d move to Madrid Spain!! NOW THAT IS A GREAT PLACE WITH GREAT WEATHER, FANTASTIC FRIENDLY PEOPLE, OFFERS EUROPEAN EASY LIFESTYLE, AND SPANISH IS EASY TO LEARN.

Europe vs Usa?

mac, i exactly know how you're feeling.

This's a vicious cycle, not knowing what you want and being held hostage by your own mind and good memories!

I also lived happily in Europe for a decade, mostly in Denmark!

I travelled around a lot.

Going to Germany was like a week-end getaway.
Or take the ferry to Norway and Sweden, or train to Austria( one of my favourite places!), France,...............

By explaining, I'm just being agreeable with you and how easy travelling was, less stress, more time for yourself,.......

But here in north America, it's a endless battle with life and competing with others. It seems like, nothing is ever enough!!

In my case( in Denmark ), i also remember how life gets unbelievably boring after some time thus you start developing a sense of Exodus!

Therefore, 6 years ago i went back and stayed with my brother and friends ( in whom, they always like to move to North America, but they're so tied up with their businesses, wives and children ) for 3 months.

I loved every second of it but in the end of my trip i started to realize why i moved to another country in the first place!

Years later, and i still haven't been able to balance it out or forget Europe and it's life style.
I believe, it's a endless struggle!!

Try to look at all the aspect of it and ''best of luck'' to you!

Why do Europeans move to the US?

Why do Europeans move to the US?I cannot speak for every European but for me personally it was quite simple: the weather is much nicer in California than it is in Finland.Oh, fine, there was also that chance meeting with certain someone. She was not from around here originally either, but we got along quite well and seeing as how we both work in high tech, Silicon Valley seemed like a good enough place to stay together.In retrospect, that weather thing is overrated. Besides, at the rate we’re going with climate change I'm guessing it won't be long until the long cold winters of Finland will be a thing of the past.So that really just leaves her as the main reason. Maybe after both kids are off to the horribly overpriced colleges, we’ll rethink our lodging.

Should I move to Miami, Florida from Europe?

Hello, It's my first question =)

I'm Poland (a not-so-small country in central europe) and I'm thinking about moving to Miami.
I wanna do that for only 2 reasons:
- I really don't like politics in the whole Europe (IMHO its terribly unfair economical system)
- I love high temperatures and great weather conditions.

I'm IT specialist and I shouldn't have any problems with getting a job with $40000 annual salary. I'm not sure however if it's enough to live in Florida. Ppl say Miami is very expensive and I'm rather used to comfortable places, so not sure if I'll be happy at the beginning :(

Could you elaborate a bit about the conception and living in Miami in general please? Is it a nice place? Are people friendly in there?

BTW: I'm afraid of all type of insects, spiders etc., As far as i know they somehow enjoy warm places?

Thank you in advance for reply, and sorry for my bad english - I'm still learning!

Do you regret moving to the USA from Europe?

Yes and No.Europe and U.S. has similarities and differences. By differences I mean very distinctive ones. Let me give you an example:Making money in U.S. is easier than in Europe but getting a job might be more difficult.You work to live in Europe whereas in U.S. you live to work. That’s the system.You leave behind your parents and friends and it gets bothersome to travel back and forth whenever you miss them.Money and Work are big topics in a casual chat in U.S. where in Europe nobody cares how much money you make and why the hell would you brag about it at all.Americans tend to make a living with less luxury needs if not rolling in dough and do not seek comfort as much as Europeans. Most of them are happy to live in 60m2 private houses or condos with average plumbing and appliances. You may miss that.The relationships between friends and couples differ at that part of the world. Most people can be a bit individualistic and think of themselves above anything else. Get ready to be impolitely turned away when you ask a favor. Also if there is a money issue between you and a friend, it will eventually be an issue of friendship.Forget the historical views and vistas. U.S. is a considerably new country as opposed to European countries and have never felt thousand year old architectural impact or even an artistic movement as in Renaissance. Expect those to be on a simpler level.Last but not best, you can easily transition between broke and rich in U.S. there is a constant battle between money making and spending levels. It is Capitalism after all and you have to “tip” even the Starbucks barista. You lose money before you realize it where tipping in EU is optional in most cases.Comparing those few you usually end up weighing down pros and cons constantly over the course of years. In my experience, I chose leaving U.S. because my comfort and lesser need for money hunger surpassed the necessity of having to work like crazy to be away from friends and families, live in mediocre conditions and to get retirement at the age of 70 something (usually when you are dead).I would say one should not choose one over the other if they can and live in both simultaneously over the course of years. They both have ups and downs.

How easy is it for an American to move to Europe?

Actually, if you’re a US citizen it’s pretty easy, thanks to a little know reciprocal agreement that the United States has with the Netherlands, one of the most prosperous and beloved countries in Western Europe. You can get a visa for an initial two years and so long as you continue to meet the requirements that allowed you to immigrate in the first place. After five years, you can apply for permanent residency and Dutch citizenship. In additional, some Americans can even qualify to immigrate to the Netherlands WITHOUT a visa. There is literally NO easier way for an American to immigrate to Europe. If you’d like to learn more, you can visit for more information.

Is moving to Europe from USA realistic?

For what it's worth, I moved from the US to Iceland. It's difficult and takes a long time but not at all impossible like Ms. Piggy portrays it. You need to be in an in-demand field, though. I'm not sure whether pharmacy is one or not, but you can try. I'm a computer programmer, we're in demand almost everywhere.

You'll find pro and anti-immigrant people everywhere. You just need to accept that. But I'd have to say I've never sensed a strong anti-immigrant sense here, at least for those who are doing their best to integrate. If you want to live as a different culture here you may get different results.

Yes, people are tolerant of others learning the language. Unfortunately, some are too accomodating and will switch to English when they hear an accident or if you make a mistake, which can be kind of insulting (even though it's not meant as an insult). It comes across as "you're an outsider and you suck at our language", even though it's not at all meant that way, they're just trying to be helpful. You have to use the language always and be the one to insists on speaking it, or you'll never get good at it. And it's important that you get good at it if you ever want to integrate. But in the meantime, yes, folk are quite tolerant.

Just to let you know, Icelandic is Nordic but not Scandinavian (in case you weren't sure).

And as for which is best? Only you can figure that one out. TRAVEL. Come on, a move takes forever and costs a small fortune - surely you can spend a few weeks and couple thousand dollars to make sure you're moving to the *right* place for you. :) I second the Couch Surfing concept to get to know locals.