How Do I Open In Yahoo Mail In Firefox

Starting yesterday I receive the following message when I start Yahoo Mail under both IE9 and Firefox.?

Flash Required for this operation

Your browser is blocking Flash. You must have Flash 9.0 or higher installed and unblocked to run an open mail application. You can download and install the latest Flash Player here

I installed the latest Flash Player and checked for blockage and could not see anything disabled. If you hit ok everything works fine until you exit mail and go in again.

Any Ideas?

If I open Yahoo mail on both Firefox and Google Chrome; and login to yahoo mail, I have to login there separately. Then how does my University's wifi require login on only one browser?

Yahoo stories your authentication details in a cookie which is a persistent database specific to the browser. Refer HTTP cookie.Your university WIFI authentication system might be based on the MAC address (or IP address) assigned for your WLAN/Ethernet card. Once you provided your credential in the wifi user login page, your MAC address is added in white-list. So that further incoming requests from your MAC address will be allowed by the router/gateway present in your university premises.

Why can't I open my folders in Yahoo Mail?

I have performed maintenance on your account that may correct this issue. If you still encounter problems, there may be a problem with your browser. Please try the troubleshooting steps in this Yahoo Help article.

Fixing common problems in Yahoo Mail:

Make yahoo my default mail carrier and open with Yahoo?

Easiest way? Use Yahoo! Mail on Firefox 3. When you do, making Yahoo! Mail your default mail application is this easy:
(download firefox from here--

1. Click Options.
2. In the pull-down menu that opens, select Set Y! Mail as default webmail.
3. Next time you click on a mailto link, you'll see a pop-up asking you which email client you'd like to use ( Yahoo! Mail), and if you'd like to make that selection permanent. Click Yes, and you're all done!

If you use Internet Explorer...

The tiny program that allows you to select Yahoo! Mail as the default email application for your PC is included as part of Yahoo! Toolbar version 7.2 and up for Internet Explorer (not Firefox).

If you don't have Yahoo! Toolbar v.7.2 or later for Internet Explorer installed, you’ll need to download it before proceeding with these instructions.

Here’s how to set your PC to open Yahoo! Mail when you click an email link on a web page.

1. From the “Start” pop-up menu in the lower left corner of your desktop, select “Settings” > “Control Panel”.
2. In the Control Panel, select “Internet Options”. This opens the “Internet Properties” window.
3. Click the “Programs” tab along the top.
4. Click the “E-mail” pull-down menu, and select Yahoo! Mail.
5. Click OK. Done!

I get a login error from yahoo mail beta with firefox, but it works with internet explorer.?

When I try to login to yahoo mail beta using Mozilla Firefox I get the following: Yahoo! Mail Beta experienced a login error: Login error: name:ReferenceError
message:gZ is not defined

I have no problems when I use Internet Explorer 7.0 or if I switch back to old mail. I have sent a broken webpage report to Firefox, but hoped there might be a fix at the yahoo end. This all happened after I upgraded my bios as requested to do by Dell automatic upgrades. It upgraded Internet Explorer at that time also. I would really like to be able to use Firefox as my default browser and I like mail beta better than the original yahoo mail. Thank you for any help you can give.

Why can't I open yahoo email attachments that are zip files?

This issues is not that difficult just follow these instruction, please note there are so many different ways of doing it. go to this link and download Winrar32 bit version follow the instructions to install the file.
download your zip files from yahoo save it some where in your computer *desktop* is easier, right click the file and choose the "extract here" option from there you will able to see your files in side nearly created folder.

hope this helps

How to open & download photos from Yahoo email on MacBook Air using firefox?

Thanks for all the details. In fact, none of that matters. YahooMail works the same on all systems. The only difference is that Firefox offers more choices than Safari for download action.

{BTW, all NEW Macs come with "Mountain Lion" (OS 10.8), not Lion (OS 10.7). If yours has Lion, call Apple and ask about the "Up-to-Date" offer for Mountain Lion.}

Any attachment in Yahoo email appears as an icon in the body of the email. Click it and wait a couple seconds for the built-in Norton Anti-virus to scan. Then it allows download. Nothing to it.

All your downloads are there. You just don't know it. Look in the Downloads folder of your user folder. Bingo!!!!

"When it is opened, the toolbar and doc go away."
That's because you set Preview to be full-screen. When Preview opens, click the double-arrow icon at the top right.

"it opened immediately in a nice size right over the email page."
Do you mean "over" or "in"???? If you set your YahooMail preferences to show HTML (a security risk), it can show embedded photos right in the page. This is not the same as an attachment. It is an object included in the message, so it allows you to see it in the page. You can also download it. If you love the embedded photo idea, you will have to convince all your friends to turn on that feature of their email client so they all send photos embedded. You have no control over the embedding process, only for the option to see embedded photos in the body or not.

As for Firefox either opening an attached item immediately or asking you to choose what to do, that is a preference setting of Firefox. You choose either to download a file to the default location, or to ask each time what to do. Probably you change the preference setting and didn't realize what it would do.

If you need even more details about how Yahoo Mail works, put your question in that category instead of "Computers & Internet > Software".