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How Do I Prank My Friends

What are a few pranks that I could play on my friends?

A few that comes to my mind:Get a few friends to post messages on their Facebook page like "Congratulations","We are so proud you did it!", etc. so that people start pinging him/her about the reason. What bugs more than explaining to a hundred people that's its about nothing?Blank calls from random numbers at night, and not let them sleep.Singing the birthday song whenever they are near you so that everyone joins the chorusPrank anyone and be a sport when someone pulls one on you!Thank you for asking Durgadas! :)

What are some good pranks to pull on friends?

We all know April's Fools Day is coming up and I need some pranks to pull on my friends at school. At school, so it can't be one at home. Anyways, one of my friends is deathly afraid of ants. Please help! April's Fools Day is coming up!

What is the best way to prank your friends?

Very simple. This is epic way to prank your friends, colleagues or even the people you just dislikeSkid marked undies

How do I prank a friend in another country?

Well, is your friend a douchebag? Because if he is, you could send him a douchebag ideally to a place where people will see him open it. Like school or the office?

I want to prank my friend with Laxatives?

The problem it could cause is that it is a felony crime no different than putting LSD or rat poison in their drink. Even if your friend did not get sick from it, it would still be a premeditated battery charge and you would go to prison and have your first felony strike. Not jail, prison.. If something did happen and she got sick or died from an interaction with alcohol or something else she had taken,or allergic reaction you would be looking battery with serious bodily injury or death and face years in prison. When you get out you would have your right to vote taken away, any hope of a professional career because therapists to pilots to nurses to kindergarten teachers all get finger printed these days and background checks performed. Even McDonald's wouldn't want you and you would not only have to write on every job application that you are a felon, you would have to explain the whole story and convince them to hire you anyway. No federal grants for college. No federal scholarships. No public assistance or food stamps if you got ALS tomorrow, was confined to a wheelchair, could barely move your arms, and needed welfare to make it through the day. No entrance to a good undergraduate college. No entrance to any graduate school period, and all these things are not something that they will give you a clean slate after so many years. From today till the day you die this will hang over your head like a rain cloud. And not to mention the fact that you are trying to say that you care about this person and yet you are ready and willing to poison them with chemicals that you don't understand the effects of or know anything about as a funny joke. The next time I need a shoulder to cry on remind me not to call you.

How can I prank my friends who are travelling?

christmastree78 : I will call or text you to make you seem busy or to prank someone for $5 on

What are the best trick websites to prank friends?

The most synonym of friend is Prank… Enjoy these amazing websites collection to prank your friendsPrank Websites on the Internet - Top 10 Best Picks [Updated 2018]