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How Do I Repay This Favour

How do I repay my co worker for doing me a favor?

I unexpectedly had to work late which was a problem for me. My 15 year old daughter needed a ride home from school. I asked a co worker and friend Bob if he could take her home form school and he agreed. He picked her up from school and was driving her home. He asked her if she had any food for dinner at home and she said no. He ask her if she would like to join him for dinner and she immediately said yes. She thought they might go to Sizzler. He took her to Ruth Chris. She told me it was the best meal she ever had in her life. She was so excited about the great meal she called me a work and told me about it.

The next day at work I thanked Bob for driving my daughter home from school and especially for the great dinner they had. My daughter said beside the great meal Bob was a lot of fun to be with. I told Bob I would pay him for my daughter’s meal. He said “No Way” would he take any money. He said I was happy to be able to help you.

Would it be appropriate for me and my daughter to take Bob out for a meal? The problem we can not afford anything near as expensive as Ruth Chris.

How do you return a favor?

I never return an empty container, always make sure that you take something to that person. Listen closely, in a conversation they might just say "gee, I wish I had one of those", and give you a clue as to something they have been wanting. Certainly "thank you", I owe you one...thank you

A friend did me a huge favor. How do I repay him?

Wow! Awesome friend!
You might consider getting him something he likes or that he's had his eye on if you know him pretty well.
You don't necessarily have to buy him anything. You could also do something for him like perhaps some chores that he absolutely detests or might not have time for like washing the car, running errands. Just anything he might consider to be very thoughtful for doing, that even though you weren't obligated to do so, you did anyways. And I think he might appreciate that more than money or a gift.

How should I accept favours?

Make a list of the responses people have said to you. Choose the ones that suit your personality, change them if you like and beginning using them. My monks say ‘You are most kind, thank you’. I like this I use it often.When I was in India, many say ‘May I know . . .’ as the opening to a question of a personal nature. I have adopted this too. It comes across so genuine and people respond well. While this is not a response of gratitude, it is a place to begin learning how you want to respond to people’s kindness towards you.

If someone made you a big favor? How would repay them?

depending upon what the favor was (as you know it to be and the relevant importance it holds to you) I would at least consider a card.

In the card provide a hand written note of thanks, expressing in words what it meant to you. Additionally, I would suggest that when the person opens the card they only see the pre-printed words "Thank You". Your hand written expression will be much more appreciated.

Hope this helps and best to you!

How do I pay someone back for a favor they did for me?

if you know the person.. then a thank you note that you apprecated this very much... I believe that is all those people ever want.. not to be taken for granted... but they don't expect a gift in return.. the best thing you can do.. if ever you see anybody in trouble, no matter what kind of trouble.. help that other person.. as you were being helped.. if there should be a situation that is out of your control and you cannot get involved in person because it would endanger yourself.. then dial 911 it might save a life... I believe that would be a good way to pay back the favor.. to do the same for the next person who ever is in need of help.. to not turn a blind eye but to help out. either personally or by dialling 911 and get that person help.. xx

My girlfriend wont repay me the favor in bed how can I get her to do this?

Ok, well, if you would like further discussion you can email me...ill try to make this post as short as i can.

first let me tell you i completely understand you. before i go further, are both of you virgins? are you eachother's first?

basically when you are young and inexperienced girls and guys can be a little insecure. maybe she doesnt want to because she feels stupid. maybe you do it to her so good she feels she cant compare. tell her you miss the way she makes you feels. be romantic. kiss her neck tell her you love her...assuming it is true...if you dont love her dont say it.

another could be your wiener smells funny and she doesnt want to tell you. it takes a long time for a couple to become really comfortable with eachother. sex is complicated especially when youre inexperienced.

she needs to learn to enjoy going down on think about the last time she did it to you...was she doing it experimenting, did she like it? its all about practice, desire and esteem. if she is not feeling you she wont do it, if it smelled funny, she wont do it, if she feels she doesnt know how she wont do it.

Boyfriend problems.... Please Help!!!! I repay the favor....?

Communication is always best... Let me rephrase that a little, effective communication is even better.

We all know to never have an argument when angrey, we also know that almost never happens.

Try this: get a jar, box, bowl etc. Whatever u'd like to use. Anything that both of u want to talk, discuss, argue about write it out and drop it in the box. at the end of the week, go through it together and talk things out even if it that u just simply need to vent about whatever.

What I'm getting at is just make time for each other to both equaling talk about things that bug u in and out of the relationship. Most important, let that time be a safe haven for the both of u. Being able to say what u need, listen and find solutions together.

Repay him by listening when he needs to be heard. Ask him what he'd like the 2 of u to do. Think about something u remember him telling that he'd like to do, experience, try... Whatever it is and suprise him with it.

Good luck!!! Wishing the both of u love and light!
Happy New Year!

How to ask God for favors?

Christians often ask their mythical deity for "favors" ..... and most of the time they deny that they do that. Christians = selfish (they want their deity to save "them" and do "their" bidding regarding requests)